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Why Are Trader Joe’s Products So Expensive On Amazon? (Explained)

Why Are Trader Joe's Products So Expensive On Amazon

A popular and cheap grocery store chain in the United States is Trader Joe’s. However, there seems to be a phenomenon where you can find their products on Amazon for much higher prices. Why are Trader Joe’s products so expensive on Amazon?

Trader Joe’s does not sell their products on Amazon. Thanks to this, resellers are the ones who sell those products on Amazon. Resellers will sell it at a higher value to make up for Amazon fees and also how much they originally spent on the product. It’s better to avoid buying Trader Joe’s products on Amazon unless they’re out of a product you want in-store.

The rest of this article will cover possible reasons for the higher prices of Trader Joe’s products on Amazon, impact of higher prices on Amazon, and potential solutions for finding more affordable Trader Joe’s products on Amazon.

Possible Reasons for the Higher Prices of Trader Joe’s Products on Amazon

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The main cause of higher prices is because of resellers. Trader Joe’s does not have an official page on Amazon. They do not officially sell their products there, so if you buy Trader Joe’s items from Amazon, you are buying from a third party.

Resellers want to make money. For example, if a popular musical artist comes out with limited edition merchandise, resellers will bulk buy the merch.

After buying the merch in bulk, they’ll resell it for two or even three times the original price.

However, there are other factors that influence the price outside of resellers. Amazon also has fees and taxes included on their websites.

It’s possible there are extra fees Amazon charges sellers, meaning the product cost goes up because of those fees.

Shipping costs are also a factor. The reason why buying Trader Joe’s products on Amazon gets so costly is because shipping costs make it more expensive than it has to be. 

To check the current price and availability of Trader Joe’s items, click here to view the selection on Amazon.

Impact of Higher Prices on Amazon

The issue with the higher prices is that it’s not a cost-effective way to shop for Trader Joe’s products. You’ll lose money by shopping for Trader Joe’s products on Amazon.

The reason why is because Trader Joe’s products are very cheap, and buying them for higher prices on Amazon isn’t worth it.

The impact it has is that not as many people are going to want to buy the Trader Joe’s products. There are certain nonperishable products customers will still want to buy, but otherwise, there are much cheaper alternatives that won’t break a customer’s bank.

Along with that, customers will get fed up with the higher prices. Instead of shopping online, they’ll go to the actual stores to see if the prices are better.

When they see the prices are much better in-person, they won’t shop as much on Amazon.

There are alternatives you should try instead of ordering Trader Joe’s products on Amazon. There’s no reason to give more money than necessary to resellers who mark up the item price two times higher than they should be.

Potential Solutions for Finding More Affordable Trader Joe’s Products on Amazon

The best solution is to not buy Trader Joe’s products off of Amazon unless you have to. If so, look up the product you need and search for the lowest price.

Even amongst resellers, there will be resellers who mark the price lower to get more sales.

Use different resources to find the products you need for cheaper. For starters, if you have any Amazon gift cards, consider using them if you really want the Trader Joe’s product.

Along with that, you can monitor the prices using Chrome extensions like Honey.

Track how the prices change and wait for it to hit its lowest before buying.

Chrome extensions like Honey can also automatically apply coupons to your cart and see if you’re eligible for any savings. It’s free, so why not give it a shot.

You can also try joining food communities dedicated to helping each other find the best prices. You can share any questions you have about the Trader Joe’s products on Amazon, and the entire community can help you out.

Lastly, you can look up food blogs and food reviews to help give you a better idea of what type of stores you should be shopping in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since Amazon and Trader Joe’s both offer grocery items, there are a lot of frequently asked questions about their prices.

Why Is Trader Joe’s So Expensive?

The Trader Joe’s store itself isn’t very expensive. It’s known for being cheap. In fact, you can even get wine for under six dollars there. Along with that, their prices are ten to twenty percent lower than the average grocery store’s prices.

On Amazon, you’ll notice Trader Joe’s prices go up. This can be for a variety of reasons, like shipping costs. However, the main reason is that Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell their products on Amazon or third-party websites.

Trader Joe’s does not sell any of their products online, meaning if you see Trader Joe’s on a shopping site, it’s not them unless Trader Joe’s specifies on one of their verified social medias that it is.

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Through Amazon?

No, Trader Joe’s does not sell through Amazon. Trader Joe’s is not partnered with any online website to sell their products.

The only place Trader Joe’s sells their products is in-stores. They like to keep their products only in-stores.

Final Thoughts

The reason why Trader Joe’s products are more expensive on Amazon is because Trader Joe’s isn’t selling them. Resellers are selling the products at a higher value so they can make money off of Trader Joe’s items.

It’s best to avoid shopping online for Trader Joe’s products. If you want to become a smarter shopper, consider all the alternatives you have at your disposal.

Don’t buy the first product you see on Amazon. Consider what gift cards and coupons you have along with what online resources you can utilize to find the best products.


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