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When Does Trader Joe’s Restock Frozen Food? (Explained)

When Does Trader Joe's Restock Frozen Food

In the United States, there is a popular and cheap grocery store chain called Trader Joe’s. They have many seasonal products and a wide variety of options to choose from. Thanks to that, their products are high in demand. When does Trader Joe’s restock frozen food?

Trader Joe’s stores receive new stocks daily, meaning employees are stacking the shelves throughout working hours. If one of your favorite products is out of stock one day, try coming back the next day to see if it’s been restocked. Trader Joe’s tries to restock daily, but there are cases where it can take longer depending on supply.

The rest of this article will cover Trader Joe’s frozen food selection, Trader Joe’s restocking practices, tips for finding in-stock frozen food at Trader Joe’s, and alternatives for finding frozen food.

Trader Joe’s Frozen Food Selection

Trader Joe’s is known for their wide variety of products. That includes products in the freezer section. Their frozen food has a huge selection of both common and seasonal products.

If you go onto the Trader Joe’s website, you’ll see a selection of items to choose from.

One frozen product Trader Joe’s has plenty of is ice cream. For example, they have chocolate and vanilla sandwich bars.

They also have non-dairy desserts for you to try. If you’re not in the mood for a treat, then you can try their frozen meals as well.

They have countless frozen meals from other cultures. They have a frozen meal called Korean beefless bulgogi. If you’re looking for something more classic, they have frozen pizzas in their freezer section as well.

Unfortunately, many frozen foods have been discontinued by Trader Joe’s over the years. They choose the frozen products they put on the shelves based on supply and how many people are buying it.

For example, another Korean meal called the bibimbap bowl was discontinued. It was a frozen dish, and although it was loved, it wasn’t selling enough.

Frozen foods are selected based on popularity, so make sure you try different frozen foods from Trader Joe’s to support them.

Trader Joe’s Frozen Food Restocking Practices

Trader Joe’s works off a universal restocking schedule. Since the Trader Joe’s stores are open from eight in the morning to nine at night every day, there aren’t many hours left to restock. However, they manage to restock daily.

They’re able to keep up with the demand because they restock during working hours. When it’s slow, workers will go around restocking. It’s the easiest solution since it gives workers something to do when there are no customers.

Every Trader Joe’s is different. Some Trader Joe’s will get one or two shipments daily while others can get three to six daily.

Which stores get the higher shipments depends on how big the store is, the location, how popular it is, and supply.

Tips for Finding In-Stock Frozen Food at Trader Joe’s

If you want to find in-stock frozen food, you should go to the store early on a Tuesday or Wednesday. On Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s, Trader Joe’s isn’t as busy since it’s the middle of the week. Not many do their grocery shopping in the middle of the week.

The best time to go would be between opening to ten in the morning. The reason why is because the quicker you get there, the fresher the products will be.

They will be freshly restocked, meaning unless they get a giant surge right at opening, most of their products will be in-stock.

This also prevents damage done to the products. As most shoppers know, when you shop later in the day, many boxes and other goods are damaged due to getting dropped or other customers being careless with them.

If you go early, the freshest products will be available, meaning you’re less likely to encounter damaged boxes and other goods.

Alternatives for Finding Frozen Food

Trader Joe’s isn’t the only store with lots of frozen food. There are plenty of other grocery stores you can try if Trader Joe’s isn’t an option for you.

It’s better to go to an in-person store where you can see a wide variety of options. You can also see seasonal options, if the store you go to has seasonal items.

However, if going in-person isn’t an option, no fret. You can shop for frozen foods online as well. The best site to go to would be Amazon.

The reason why is because they have verified that they have the proper equipment to safely transport cold or frozen goods.

If you have another trusted website you can go to, try ordering from them as well. Just keep in mind that prices may be higher online than they would be in-person.

The reason why is because online sites have additional fees, such as shipping.

If you want Trader Joe’s frozen food, but they keep selling out of what you want, ask an employee about their frozen food stock and when that item will be back.

Sometimes, Trader Joe’s staff can even order specific products at the request of customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Frozen Vegan Food?

Yes, Trader Joe’s has several frozen vegan foods you can find in their frozen foods section.

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Frozen Kosher Products?

Yes, you can find many frozen kosher products in Trader Joe’s.

Final Thoughts

Trader Joe’s has a huge selection of frozen food that they restock daily. Trader Joe’s gets daily shipments of new products to replace what was sold.

Depending on factors such as location and supply, certain Trader Joe’s stores will get more shipments than others. To ensure you get all the products you want, make sure to get to Trader Joe’s early in the morning on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

It’s less busy during those hours, so you can get in earlier. However, if you can’t find the product you want, try other grocery stores or a website.


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