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Trader Joe’s Return Policy for Flowers (Explained)

Trader Joe's Return Policy for Flowers

We love to shop at Trader Joe’s for a variety of reasons: great food, a wide selection of products, and sometimes best of all, beautiful flower arrangements! However, if you have ever gotten a bouquet at Trader Joe’s and found yourself needing to return them, the question is: What is Trader Joe’s Return Police for Flowers?

Trader Joe’s is popular for many reasons, one of the reasons is it’s return policy: at Trader Joe’s, a customer can return nearly any item purchased to the store and receive a full refund, including flowers. Customers are usually not even required to return the item along with a valid receipt.

Trader Joe’s is more than happy to take back any of your flowers purchased from them. In this article, we’re going to go over the matter of Trader Joe’s return policy in more detail, including what the procedure to return is, as well as how to get your refund, and some answers to frequently asked questions!

Trader Joe’s Flower Return Policy

Trader Joe’s is, as we’ve said, very popular: not only do they have a wide variety of foods and products to offer, but they are known for exemplary customer service. One of the most impressive examples of this is their return policy. Below are some of the bullet points detailing Trader Joe’s Return Policy:

  • You Can Return Any Item – Trader Joe’s does not care which of their products you are trying to return. Whether it comes to flowers or milk or cookies, Trader Joe’s will offer you a refund or an exchange.
  • You Do Not Need Your Receipt – Many companies insist on asking you to bring back not only your original item, but the receipt offered. They may even ask you to bring back the original packaging, unharmed. However, Trader Joe’s will accept flowers without a receipt.
  • You Do Not Need The Flowers For an Exchange – Actually, you don’t even need to bring Trader Joe’s your damaged or discarded flowers in order to get a refund. According to online experience and manager policy, most managers at Trader Joe’s will give you new flowers or a refund even if you don’t bring them the old bouquet!

This incredible return policy is thanks to Trader Joe’s desire for all their customers to feel at ease purchasing something new or different, being allowed to try it, and bring it back free of consequences. For this reason, their flower return policy is a cut above the rest!

Can I Return Flowers to Trader Joe’s?

The bottom line is, will Trader Joe’s accept flowers as readily as they will food, or other potentially more expensive products? The answer is, yes, Trader Joe’s will let you return flowers to them!

Even if the flowers are broken, squashed, or damaged in other ways, Trader Joe’s will happily take them off your hands and offer you your money back, or even a new, fresh bouquet!

Trader Joe’s Flower Return Procedure

All you need to do in order to return flowers to Trader Joe’s is to return to the store you purchased them at.

Simply take the bouquet with you, go into the location, and ask to speak with a manager for the very best results. The manager will often take the flowers off your hands, no questions asked.

Trader Joe’s Flower Exchange Policy

Maybe you don’t want your money back, but you need a brand new bouquet. No worries! Trader Joe’s normal policy is to take your flowers back and offer you a whole new set of your choosing.

All that is required of you is that you come in and explain that you purchased flowers you didn’t like or couldn’t use, and you need new ones.

In fact, you don’t even need to bring the old flowers in with you!

Trader Joe’s Flower Refunds

If you do not need new flowers and you don’t need the old ones taken off your hands, you can still get a refund.

Again, Trader Joe’s is generous enough and maintains enough good faith with their customers to allow you to go into the store, explain your situation to a manager, and receive a full refund. 

You do not need your receipt, and in some cases, you do not even need your damaged or discarded flowers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps you have more questions about Trader Joe’s flowers, their return policies, and how to get your own refund when returning the flowers to the store.

Don’t worry: we have included a list of frequently asked questions for topics related to this one, as well as their answers! Check them out below.

Can I Return Something to Trader Joe’s?

When you purchase from a large chain store like Trader Joe’s, especially when dealing with perishable products like flowers or food, you may be prone to dread a return process.

After all, it may make a certain kind of sense for a big company dealing with expiring products to refuse to return something.

However, Trader Joe’s has a very reasonable, and some may say generous, return policy.

Not only do they allow returns of almost all products, but they do not require you to also bring back your receipt, and they are likely to give you a refund of all the money you spent into the bargain!

Which Returned Flowers Will Trader Joe’s Accept?

There are plenty of bouquets in a great variety offered at Trader Joe’s. If you purchased a bunch of flowers recently, you may wonder if certain types of flowers are more likely to be accepted for returns at Trader Joe’s than others.

Don’t worry! In addition to their generous return policy, Trader Joe’s does not discriminate between flowers; you can return any type of flowers you purchased from them and they are likely to give you back a full refund. 

Do I Need a Receipt to Return at Trader Joe’s?

One of the most horrible things about trying to return something to any organization is that many of them require a receipt as proof, not only of the original purchase, but of the original time of the purchase. 

The good news about Trader Joe’s is, as we previously mentioned, Trader Joe’s does not require customers to bring back receipts for most of the things purchased in their store! This includes any flower arrangements you purchase and decide to bring back.

Are Trader Joe’s Flowers Ethical?

One of the most ethical ways to grow flowers is to do so through sustainable growth. This means that the flowers are grown using less water, more natural types of fertilizer, and no herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides while being grown.

You may be happy to learn that Trader Joe’s does grow their flowers using a sustainable method through a company called VeriFlora. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Trader Joe’s will accept any of their purchased products back from customers. They are unique among stores in that they do not require any receipt or original flowers to give you your refund. 

Because Trader Joe’s really wants their customers to enjoy a risk-free experience, they are happy to allow you to purchase flowers, try them out, and then offer you an exchange or refund without any questions ask if you simply explain to a manager that you couldn’t use the original product.

Thanks to this generous return and exchange policy, even for a perishable item like flowers, Trader Joe’s maintains it’s popularity!


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