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Trader Joe’s Return Policy Alcohol (Explained)

Trader Joe's Return Policy Alcohol

Trader Joe’s has a generous returns policy especially when you look at all of the major grocery stores in the United States, but what is Trader Joe’s return policy on alcohol?

The same policy applies if you are returning alcohol. You are free to return any alcohol  that has been bought from the store, no matter the condition. There is no need to bring a receipt with you. 

If you have never heard of Trader Joe’s return policy before, then the rest of this page is going to be an eye-opener!

Trader Joe’s Alcohol Return Policy

As we said, the returns policy at Trader Joe’s is incredibly relaxed. You get cash back on anything that you have purchased from them in any condition that you want. This means that, in theory, you could return an empty bottle of alcohol to them and they would give you a refund.

It is pretty crazy stuff, but Trader Joe’s claims that it really helps in ensuring that their customers stick around for the long-term.

It does not matter which store you purchase the alcohol from. You can return it to any store under the Trader Joe’s banner.

If you have a receipt, then you will be given a straight refund or an exchange (in the form of a gift card). You will be refunded the price that you paid.

Without a receipt, then you will be given an exchange only (the cash will be placed on a gift card, which you are free to spend).

However, you may not be refunded the full amount. In order to stop people from buying stuff on sale and returning it when the price is much higher, Trader Joe’s will only ever refund you for the lowest price that the product has sold at (within a reasonable amount of time) which is fair enough.

The policy is already generous enough. It wouldn’t be fair if people were trying to profit off of it, would it?

Can I Return Alcohol To Trader Joe’s?

Yes. You can return alcohol to Trader Joe’s. You can even return alcohol that you have already consumed, although it is suggested that you only do this when there has been a serious issue with the alcohol.

While Trader Joe’s does not really seem to put a limit on how much you can bring back to them, it is likely that there will be a cap at some point if they constantly see you returning empty bottles of alcohol to them.

Trader Joe’s Alcohol Return Procedure

If you can find the receipt for your product, then bring it along. It is not vital, but it will ensure that you are refunded the amount of cash that you are entitled to.

You can return the alcohol in any condition that you want. For example, you may have a half-consumed bottle of wine that you were not a fan of.

Trader Joe’s will accept this back and give you a refund for it. Although, you are encouraged not to do this too often to ensure that you are not taking advantage of the return policy. 

When you head into the store, all you need to do is keep an eye out for the customer service counter. There, a person will walk you through the process.

If you have the receipt, then you can be refunded to the payment method used for the initial purchase. If you do not have the receipt, then you will receive a gift card that has your refund on it. Remember, without a receipt, you may not always be refunded the full amount. 

Trader Joe’s Alcohol Exchange Policy

Technically, there is not exchange policy at the store. If you take in alcohol that you did not want for whatever reason, then the money will be refunded and you will have receive a gift card with the cash on.

This gift card can be used to purchase alcohol in-store. It is technically an exchange. 

Trader Joe’s Alcohol Refunds

If you do not have a receipt, then the alcohol cannot be refunded. You will only be given credit on a Trader Joe’s gift card. If you do have a receipt, then you will be refunded to the original payment method (wherever possible).

Remember, you can return the product in whatever condition you wish when you head to Trader Joe’s. Some people have even managed to return bottles that they have completely drunk although, once again, it is not recommended that you do this too often as there may be a cap on the policy.

You can return the alcohol to any store with the Trader Joe’s brand name. It could even be on the other side of the country from where you originally made your purchase!


Can You Return Alcohol at Trader Joe’s?

Yes. You can return alcohol in any condition to Trader Joe’s. This means that it can be opened or unopened.

Can You Return an Unopened Bottle of Liquor?

Yes. You can return to Trader Joe’s with or without a receipt. However, the nature of how you receive your refund (and how much you are given) will be determined on whether you hold a receipt.

Can You Return Unopened Wine to a Store?

Yes. You can return both opened and unopened wine to Trader Joe’s. If you have a receipt, you can be refunded the full purchase price to your original payment method.

If you do not have a receipt, you will be refunded the lowest sale price to a Trader Joe’s gift card. 

Final Thoughts

Trader Joe’s has a generous alcohol return policy.

You can return alcohol to Trader Joe’s no matter what condition the product is in. This means opened or unopened. You could even have consumed some of the alcohol.

You do not need to have proof of purchase with you. However, without a receipt, then the amount that you are refunded may be limited. You can only ever be refunded to a Trader Joe’s gift card without a receipt too.


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