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Trader Joe’s Discontinued Hot Sauce (Explained)

Trader Joe's Discontinued Hot Sauce

Who doesn’t love the great service, wonderful range of variety in product to product, and overall cleanliness of America’s grocery store chain, Trader Joe’s? One of the things customers love most about Trader Joe’s is their hot sauce products. With that being said, some customers have been disappointed to find Trader Joe’s discontinued hot sauce.

Trader Joe’s has discontinued some of their hot sauce products despite popularity, including one of the most notable: Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce. This hot sauce was discontinued in February of 2022, likely due to low selling rates.

In this article we will go over the history of discontinued hot sauce products at Trader Joe’s such as the Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce. We will also cover the impact of these products going missing from Trader Joe’s shelves, as well as the company’s response to fan outcry. We will even answer some of the questions most frequently asked about hot sauce!

The History of Discontinued Hot Sauce Products at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has always sold great examples of hot sauce over the years. Some of their most popular products were the Jalapeno Hot Sauce and the Chili Pepper Sauce. 

The Chili Pepper Sauce, made with the deliciously tangy chilis giving it the name, was a great favorite with shoppers thanks to it’s versatility. The taste of the peppers within went well with savory or creamy dishes.

The Jalapeno Hot Sauce, on the other hand, was some of Trader Joe’s finest work in terms of spiciness. The jalapeno is normally a pepper that cannot be divided from the idea of intense spice as well as a fresh flavor, and that is precisely what this sauce brought to the meal table!

However, Trader Joe’s has been very open with customers that when a product fails to meet certain selling standards around the world, it is liable to be replaced by a different product. 

This may be thanks to Trader Joe’s commitment to bringing as many of their customers a top-notch experience as they can, but sometimes it backfires. Customers have been very upset since the disappearance of this sauce!

The Impact of Discontinued Hot Sauce Products on Trader Joe’s Customers

Trader Joe’s customer base was certainly not happy to learn that their favorite hot sauces had been discontinued. For many, the Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce had become a regular member of the kitchen and was the only type of hot sauce the family favored.

For others, the Chili Pepper Hot Sauce provided a taste that couldn’t be replaced the same way in other products.

Social Media pages became flooded with unhappy customer responses. Some even emailed the corporate office, or made use of Trader Joe’s Discontinued Product spot on their official webpage, to register how disappointed they were.

In reality, as much as these complaints may have been justified, Trader Joe’s only response has been to produce different kinds of hot sauce. This has forced customers to either adapt to the new brands, or go looking in other grocery store chains for something comparable and more long-term.

Trader Joe’s Response to Discontinued Hot Sauce Products

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Though Trader Joe’s was forced by their own policy of excellence to discontinue some products that customers really loved, like the Chili Pepper Sauce and Jalapeno Pepper Sauce, they have not left their customers without alternatives.

After all, the main reason Trader Joe’s has stated that they remove products is that they believe they can come up with something that will sell even better as a replacement.

With that in mind, here are some of the new and popular hot sauce products Trader Joe’s is selling by way of replacing the old ones:

  • Italian Bomba Hot Pepper Sauce This sauce is sold in a squat orange jar, providing a tangy flavor from citric acids and a pinch of red pepper combined with olives. It is great for pairing with Italian dishes or even seasoning chicken for Italian flair!
  • Jalapeno Sauce Trader Joe’s is selling Jalapeno sauce, which may go a long way in appeasing people who miss Trader Joe’s Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce. It does have an intense jalapeno flavor and heat, and makes for a great topping on enchiladas at medium spiciness.
  • Green Dragon Sauce Another sauce that works to replace what we lost with Jalapeno Hot Sauce, the Green Dragon Sauce is also made with jalapenos as well as tomatillos. Rather than being Mexican or Italian in flavor, it pairs best with Asian foods, though it does not measure up to Jalapeno Hot Sauce’s spiciness level.
  • Habanero Hot Sauce The spiciest of Trader Joe’s most recent hot sauce offerings, the Jalapeno Hot Sauce is great for it’s habanero ingredients and flavor. It can bring such intense heat and goes so well with a variety of meals, you may find yourself getting addicted to it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering if there is more to know about Trader Joe’s hot sauces and their discontinued state? Check out our answers in the section below containing Frequently Asked Questions!

Is Trader Joe’s Hot Sauce discontinued?

Trader Joe’s still sells it’s own variations and brands of hot sauce; however, some of their previous styles of hot sauce have been discontinued due to low sale numbers. 

The company has stated on their website that their mission is to give customers a great experience with each product, so to make room for better hot sauces, Chili Pepper Sauce and Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce have been discontinued.

What Happened to Trader Joe’s Chili Pepper Sauce?

Trader Joe’s sadly discontinued their customer-favorite, the Chili Pepper Sauce. Customers loved the product for it’s more mild approach to heat and great chili flavor.

However, it did not sell well enough for the company to justify keeping it in stock. Therefore, Trader Joe’s discontinued their Chili Pepper Sauce to create room for something new.

Final Thoughts

To sum everything we’ve learned up, Trader Joe’s has sometimes discontinued a few of it’s most beloved hot sauces, including the highly sought-after Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce and the crowd pleasing Chili Pepper Sauce. Customers loved the way that they could experience either mild or intense heat on a wide variety of meal types.

However, Trader Joe’s has found that these hot sauces, though unique and important to many customers, did not sell well enough to remain on the shelves. Therefore, they were discontinued. 

Customers have since been forced to try alternatives, like Italian Bomba Hot Pepper Sauce, or get their jalapeno fix from Habanero Hot Sauce. Though Trader Joe’s provides alternatives, there is still hope that these favorites may return if customers make their voices heard online!


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