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Trader Joe’s Discontinued Cookies (Explained)

Trader Joe's Discontinued Cookies

Trader Joe’s is an American-based grocery chain with over five hundred locations. Cookies are one of those products, since it’s a lovable treat. However, sometimes cookies get cut from the shelves, leaving customers with disappointment. But has Trader Joe’s ever discontinued cookies?

Although cookies are a very popular snack, Trader Joe’s discontinued many cookies, including ones that were loved by customers. Trader Joe’s customers were and still are very disappointed about the discontinued products. Cookies are extremely famous for being such a tasty treat, and customers voice that to urge Trader Joe’s to bring certain cookies back.

The rest of this article will cover the history of discontinued cookie products at Trader Joe’s, the impact of discontinued cookie products at Trader Joe’s, and Trader Joe’s response to discontinued cookie products.

History of Discontinued Cookie Products at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s was established back in 1967, leading to many products getting discontinued throughout their growth. Unfortunately, quite a few of those products have been cookies. In some cases, even popular cookies have left the shelves permanently.

One discontinued cookie is the Trader Joe’s chocolate chip sandwich cookie. These cookies were thin little sandwiches of cookies. Two cookies were pressed together and had a fudge filling in between them. It was a beloved product thanks to the simple but tasty nature of it.

The reason why they were discontinued was because of how little they sold. Reviews play a big part in whether or not a product sees shelf life. Whether the reviews are positive or negative, if a lot of people are buying and reviewing the product, the product will stay.

The chocolate chip sandwich cookie had all positive reviews. There was just one problem: there were only ten reviews.

Not many people were buying them, which meant there was no reason to keep them around since Trader Joe’s already has an endless variety of cookies.

Chocolate Joe-Joes are another cookie brand Trader Joe’s discontinued. These cookies were Trader Joe’s take on Oreos. They were discontinued thanks to a need for other flavors. Luckily, you can still find other flavors at the Trader Joe’s store.

Impact of Discontinued Cookie Products at Trader Joe’s

Since cookies are so popular, the disappointment toward Trader Joe’s is a trend as well. The chocolate chip sandwich cookies were beloved despite how few fans they had. On any top ten Trader Joe’s discontinued list, you’ll find the infamous cookies listed there.

Somehow, despite all the outrage, Trader Joe’s hasn’t returned them to shelves. Unlike other discontinued products, you can’t even find this one on Amazon. No customers have found an alternative to them in other stores.

The only alternative customers can think of is making them themselves. However, they most likely won’t come out as good because the recipe wasn’t made readily available. Now, customers have to guess how to make them since they can’t get them anywhere else.

Customers have recommended similar products, but none are quite the same as the fudgy goodness the sandwich cookies provided. Whenever you look for cookie sandwiches, you’ll find ice cream sandwiches instead.

The closest product would be an ice cream cookie sandwich with chocolate filling instead of vanilla. This way, you have the two cookies mixed with a chocolate taste. It’s not the same, but it’s better than nothing.

Trader Joe’s Response to Discontinued Cookie Products

Other than posting on Instagram to announce their discontinuations, Trader Joe’s hasn’t made any official statement on the cookie products they’ve discontinued. Still, fans are determined to bring them back and are constantly posting on social media to get Trader Joe’s attention.

Trader Joe’s doesn’t discontinue products for no reason. There are a variety of reasons, but the most common one is that the products just don’t sell. When they don’t sell, Trader Joe’s likes to have alternatives ready.

Although it’s sad to see cookie products go, Trader Joe’s has such a large selection of cookies that you can find something else to fill the void. That’s the best thing about Trader Joe’s: they have variety. Trader Joe’s prides themselves on having a wide selection of products to choose from.

That’s how Trader Joe’s handles discontinued products. They replace them with other options customers can buy. They also have a spot where you can voice your frustrations with the disappearance of a certain discontinued product.

If you look on the Trader Joe’s website on the discontinued feedback page, you can leave a comment informing them that you miss one of their products. Trader Joe’s listens to customer feedback and considers putting items back on shelves.

For example, they put their chili onion crunch back on shelves after dealing with a supply chain issue for months. Since customers were patient and voiced their concerns, Trader Joe’s found a way to bring it back in stock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cookies are a very common treat, but there are other treats too. Many customers ask about the other treats that Trader Joe’s has discontinued.

Is Cookie Butter from Trader Joe’s Discontinued?

You can still buy cookie butter from Trader Joe’s. However, Trader Joe’s is having supply chain issues since they get their cookie butter from the Netherlands. Flights and shipments have been delayed ever since the pandemic, leading to less supply.

The cookie butter product that got discontinued was the cookie butter cheesecake. This product was discontinued, but the cookie butter was not. However, you can find cookie butter cheesecake recipes from countless websites on the internet.

Final Thoughts

Trader Joe’s has a long history of discontinued products, cookies among them. A very popular cookie product, their chocolate chip sandwich cookie, was discontinued in 2022. Despite customer dissatisfaction, the product never returned.

Even though it’s been several months, there is a continued demand for the return of the famous cookie brand. Customer satisfaction is a necessity since it keeps shoppers wanting to spend money at your business. Thanks to this, you can expect to see new cookies at Trader Joe’s in the near future.


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