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Trader Joe’s Discontinued Cereal (Explained)

Trader Joe's Discontinued Cereal

Trader Joe’s is a popular American grocery store chain known for their cheap products. Cereal is one of these products, and it’s a very common and beloved breakfast food. However, sometimes cereals are discontinued, and the public is left disappointed. Has Trader Joe’s ever discontinued cereal?

Like all other grocery stores, Trader Joe’s has discontinued several of their cereal brands. A cereal called Shredded Spoonfuls was discontinued by Trader Joe’s not long ago, and now customers are trying to find an alternative. Fortunately, Trader Joe’s hasn’t discontinued too many cereals, meaning most of them are still on the shelves for you to purchase.

The rest of this article will cover the history of discontinued cereal at Trader Joe’s, the impact of discontinued cereal on Trader Joe’s customers, and Trader Joe’s response to discontinued cereals.

History of Discontinued Cereal at Trader Joe’s

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Trader Joe’s has been around since 1967, meaning products have grown and changed since then. Cereal is no different.

Trader Joe’s has plenty of cereals to choose from that haven’t been discontinued over the years, like Vanilla Almond Granola and Barbara’s Peanut Butter Puffins.

However, there are many cereals that have been discontinued by Trader Joe’s. Thankfully, there aren’t too many, but enough that it makes customers sad. One example of a discontinued cereal is Maple and Brown Sugar Wheat.

Another was mentioned earlier: Shredded Spoonfuls. The reason these products get discontinued is because of supply chain issues.

Trader Joe’s will say there has been a supply chain issue, then not long after, many of those products don’t come back.

There are also cereals that aren’t discontinued, but put off the market temporarily. Seasonal cereals are a big example of this. Along with that, many cereals sell out fast, like the Nature’s Path brand cereals.

To check the current price and availability of Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfuls Cereal, click here to view the listing on Amazon.

Impact of Discontinued Cereals on Trader Joe’s Customers

Cereal is a beloved breakfast food eaten by tens of millions of Americans. Trader Joe’s has a wide range of cereal to choose from, but there are times when the cereal is sold out or discontinued. When cereals are unavailable, customers often take to social media to voice their sadness.

Reddit is a popular place where customers go to discuss alternatives to discontinued Trader Joe’s products.

There is an entire subreddit dedicated to Trader Joe’s. You can find customers talking about their favorite discontinued cereals on the subreddits.

However, there is hope. Also on these subreddits are links to new cereals and ways to buy the old cereals. If Trader Joe’s discontinues a Barbara’s or Nature’s Path cereal, customers can still find ways to buy them since they’re a separate brand.

Along with that, Reddit customers try to make plans to gang up and tell the company to bring back discontinued products.

With that mass amount of people from various areas asking for products back, there’s a chance Trader Joe’s will respond.

Trader Joe’s Response to Discontinued Cereals

Although Trader Joe’s rarely makes statements about discontinued products, let alone cereals, there is a space Trader Joe’s has for you to voice your desires for a certain product to come back.

There is an entire website dedicated to Trader Joe’s discontinued product feedback. They make no guarantees the product will come back, but Trader Joe’s has publicly stated that they take customer feedback into account when revisiting old, discontinued products.

Trader Joe’s has stated that discontinued products are discontinued because of lack of interest or supply chain issues. So some products will never come back because of a lack of interest, otherwise known as slow sales.

If you miss a discontinued product from Trader Joe’s, voice your want for the product on the discontinued product feedback page. The more voices that talk about the product, the more likely it will come back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since there is such a wide variety of Trader Joe’s discontinued products, there are a few questions people have about them.

Did Trader Joe’s Discontinue Chili Onion Crunch?

Trader Joe’s temporarily discontinued chili onion crunch due to a supply chain issue. However, this is one case where the supply chain issue did not end up causing the discontinuation of a product.

Although it was gone for a while, chili onion crunch is back as of early 2023.

It was discontinued without a set date for it to come back. Now, it has returned to stores. You can pick it up at your local Trader Joe’s. If for some reason you can’t find it, you can actually order it off of Amazon as well.

On Amazon, you can find packages of the chili onion crunch. They sell them individually and even in packs if you want to buy in bulk.

Did Trader Joe’s Discontinue Spicy Crunchies?

Unfortunately, spicy cheese crunchies are one of the discontinued products at Trader Joe’s. In early 2022, it was cut from the shelves. Customers instantly took to Reddit to voice their complaints. The spicy cheese crunchies were a beloved product.

It’s very shocking that Trader Joe’s cut spicy cheese crunchies. However, many products outsold the crunchies, meaning Trader Joe’s didn’t want to waste money on the supply for crunchies that got outsold by similar products.

Now, you can’t find the spicy cheese crunchies in Trader Joe’s stores. On Reddit, customers are still trying to find a solution even months later.

Since there was a white label on those crunchies, customers believe you can find them under a different brand if you look hard enough, but no one has provided links yet.

Final Thoughts

Over the years, Trader Joe’s has discontinued many products. Cereal is a popular product they have discontinued as well. Although they haven’t discontinued many cereals, they canceled enough that customers have taken to popular sites like Reddit to voice their frustrations.

The demand for discontinued cereals continues as customers post on social media. Many posts about discontinued cereals are from the past few weeks, showing this is an ongoing battle.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to every business, meaning with enough voices, Trader Joe’s might bring back discontinued cereals.


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