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Trader Joe’s Blintzes Discontinued (Explained)

Trader Joe’s blintzes discontinued

It’s a common customer complaint: just when you find the perfect product at Trader Joe’s, the grocery store chain gods discontinue it. This can leave fans feeling bereft and hunting for dupes for their favorite products that will fill that snack-sized hole in their lives. Some items appear seasonally, while others are gone for good. That’s because the number 1 deciding factor behind discontinuing a product is low sale volume. 

Trader Joe’s axed several food items this year. Are their beloved Cheese Blintzes one of the casualties? While consumers enjoyed TJ’s Cheese Blintzes as late as April 2023, these frozen and fry-able cheese-filled delights no longer appear on their site. Customers also reported a change in taste and quality earlier this year due to a new cheese blintz supplier. Check your local store to see if they’ll stock blintzes seasonally in the future.

Discover what to know about Trader Joe’s Cheese Blintzes discontinued and how to check if the store will bring them back again. This article investigates whether Trader Joe’s has discontinued Cheese Blintzes, which is a popular product favored by many consumers.

Overview of Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is a popular American grocery store chain. Founder by Joe Coulombe in 1958, the brand has grown to include 564 locations across 42 states. 

Trader Joe’s wasn’t always called Trader Joe’s, either. For almost a decade, the small convenience store chain went by the name Pronto Markets. In 1967, Coulombe expanded the store size, added more items, and renamed it Trader Joe’s.

Since then, Trader Joe’s has gathered a cult following among those who love its quirky culture, low prices, and unique foods sourced from all over the world. 

While most grocery stores stock upwards of 40,000 products, Trader Joe’s only stocks 4,000. This enables them to stay a manageable-sized neighborhood market. It also means that TJ’s finds it necessary to ditch items that don’t sell well enough to make room for more potentially popular items.

What are Blintzes? An Overview

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Blintzes are a favorite Eastern European breakfast or dessert item. These sweet and tasty desserts are an important part of Jewish historical customs since they are served as part of the culinary celebration, often for large family gatherings, on Shavuot. 

Blintzes look like a slim pancake, rather like a crepe, that is filled with cream cheese, and then pan-fried to create a signature gold, creamy texture. They are often topped with sugar, berries, or whipped cream.

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How We Gathered Information about Trader Joe’s Cheese Blintzes Discontinued

The research methods used to determine whether Trader Joe’s Cheese Blintzes are discontinued are three-fold.  

First, we checked Trader Joe’s current online products list. Cheese Blintzes (and blintzes in any form) do not currently appear on Trader Joe’s list of store products, although many other sweet and savory cheese items do appear.

We also contacted Trader Joe’s customer support and determined that TJ’s no longer sells Cheese Blintzes.

Secondly, we checked dozens of lists of Trader Joe’s items discontinued in 2023.

Thirdly, we concluded our research on online social media platforms such as TikTok and Facebook, and in consumer posts, podcasts, threads, and subreddits. While Cheese Blintzes may appear in the future, it seems that they’re gone for now. 

Current Status of Trader Joe’s Blintzes

After doing a deep dive into research, we found that Cheese Blintzes are no longer sold at Trader Joe’s as of August 2023.  

This sweet and easy breakfast staple has disappeared from store shelves for now. Since it appears that TJ’s switched suppliers at some point, they may bring the product back if they find a comparable supplier, but the chain hasn’t disclosed if this is the case.  

Here’s What Customers Think

Customers are understandably disappointed to discover that Cheese Blintzes are no longer available at Trader Joe’s.  

Some items disappear seasonally, while others rest in peace, never to be seen again. Whether this item didn’t sell well enough to justify its existence or whether the potential new supplier wasn’t up to scratch, this breakfast dessert isn’t currently available.

According to social media requests and posts, customers would like their blintzes back. It’s possible to submit one-way feedback on TJ’s site or follow their social media presence to make an appeal or watch for updates about the product.

Substitutes for Cheese Blintzes

If you’re missing your blintzes, it’s possible to find alternative blintze products at Whole Foods or Fresh Market.

Walmart also sells Golden Blintzes, while Amazon Pantry has Golden Blintzes, Cheese Blintzes, and Sweet Cheese Pirogis in stock.

While they’re not quite the same, you can check out alternative sweet, creamy products such as New York-style cheesecake or Maple Poffertjes at Trader Joe’s.

Final Thoughts

After in-depth research, we found that Trader Joe’s Cheese Blintzes are discontinued. Those who are looking for a great TJ’s blintz substitute can find Golden Blintzes or other brands of cheese blintzes both in physical stores and online.

It’s always recommended to keep an eye out for Trader Joe’s news, check updated product info on social media, or browse your local Trader Joe’s store to see if these come back into stock on a seasonal basis.


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