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Is Trader Joe’s Spring Water Safe? (Explained)

Is Trader Joe's Spring Water Safe

Trader Joe’s has a decent range of spring water in stock. A lot of people love the taste, and Trader Joe’s seems to have gone to huge lengths to source quality spring water. But, is Trader Joe’s spring water safe? 

Trader Joe’s spring water is safe, but only if you consume it within the date on the bottle. Do not reuse the bottle. Water cannot be unsafe unless it is filled with bacteria. However, plastic bottles can leak chemicals into the water, which can be dangerous. This normally happens within a few years.

On this page, we want to give you more of an overview of Trader Joe’s spring water and the impact it can have on your health. 

Understanding Spring Water

Technically, spring water is water that comes from a spring. Not from a reservoir, river, or other body of water. The water must be a spring. Although, the definition from the FDA is a bit more relaxed than this.

The FDA simply requires that the spring water comes from an underground water source. They also require that at least 250 parts per million are dissolved solids. No extra minerals or nutrients can be added to the spring water after bottling.

Proper spring water is loaded with nutrients, especially beneficial metals (magnesium, iron, etc.) that have come from the water naturally filtering through rocks. 

Trader Joe’s Spring Water Products

Trader Joe’s has a variety of spring water products in their stores. They stock both carbonated and uncarbonated spring waters.

They also stock a variety of flavors if you are not a fan of the standard water flavor. You can purchase in both cans and plastic bottles, with the former having a slightly longer expiry date as cans are far less likely to break down. 

Trader Joe’s sources its spring water from a variety of sources in the United States. They do not explicitly state where these water sources are.

Although, because they do have to conform to FDA regulations, you can be sure that the water is coming from a reputable source. 

Do bear in mind that because the spring water is coming from a variety of different sources, the mineral content can vary a little.

You should always check the product packaging to know the exact mineral quantities in the spring water. It can vary from bottle to bottle and can to can. 

As with all of the products stocked at Trader Joe’s, the company goes to huge lengths to ensure that not only are their products of a high quality but are sold at a competitive price. 

Safety Concerns With Consuming Spring Water

Spring water is fairly untreated. It can be healthy because of this lack of treatment, but the untreated nature does mean that there is a small element of risk there.

Because the spring water is being pulled straight from the ground, there is a risk that there could be contaminants in there, particularly if the spring is located in an area that produces a lot of chemicals or pollution. There is also a risk that bacteria could creep into the water from dead animals, etc. 

That being said, this only really applies if you are drinking water straight from a spring. All companies that sell spring water in the United States have to conform to very specific laws about inspecting their products. This means that they have to test for certain chemicals, bacteria, etc.

Do bear in mind that this does not mean that their products have to be completely free of bacteria and other contaminants.

This is why it is not suggested that older people and those with weakened immune systems (including children) do not consume spring or mineral water.

There is not much that you can do here other than ensuring that your spring water is coming from a legit source, like Trader Joe’s. 

Quality Testing and Assurance 

Because Trader Joe’s is purchasing spring water from a third party, they don’t go into a lot of depth on the quality and testing process.

This is because their water will have been inspected by a third party before being sold on to Trader Joe’s.

Rest assured, all of the spring water products sold by Trader Joe’s will meet all of the FDA requirements for spring water. It will be labeled as such on the bottle. 

Consumer Attitudes Towards Spring Water

More and more people are enjoying spring water nowadays, and it went up during the COVID-19 pandemic as a lot of people claimed that spring water was much more beneficial to the body (although, this is debatable)

There are some issues with spring water, though. Many have argued that spring water companies are sapping up water from communities and reselling it for a higher price.

It is a massive problem in states like California where spring water companies have an abundance of water to sell, but farmers and the average person may be struggling. This is always going to be a big point of debate.

Still, people do love the fact that spring water seems healthier and, if anything, it can provide a nice boost in minerals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Trader Joe’s Water Good for You?

All water is good for you. We need water to survive so, yes. 

Does Trader Joe’s Spring Water Have Flouride? 

Their products do not have any additives in them. Trader Joe’s states that its products are fluoride-free. 

Is Trader Joe’s Spring Water Purified?

It is tested, but the only purified water sold by Trader Joe’s will be their alkaline water. 

Final Thoughts

Spring water from Trader Joe’s should be safe to consume, but perhaps riskier for older people and those with weakened immune systems. We doubt you need to worry too much about consuming spring water otherwise.

The only thing that you should be concerned about is bottled water. If it has an odd, bitter taste to it then ditch it. It means BPA chemicals have leaked into the water (from the bottle) and this is dangerous for your long-term health. 


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