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Is Trader Joe’s Chickenless Seasoning Discontinued? (Answered)

Is Trader Joe's Chickenless Seasoning Discontinued

Trader Joe’s may be one of the United States’ most coveted grocery chains thanks to specialized food and grocery options, but they are just as well known for discontinuing products. For example, if you were a huge fan of their vegan seasoning, you may be wondering: Is Trader Joe’s Chickenless seasoning discontinued?

Trader Joe’s Chickenless seasoning was renowned for it’s vegan-friendly ingredients and taste, but was discontinued in the year 2022. The grocery chain has been outspoken about willingly discontinuing even their popular items to make room for newer, potentially better products and to satisfy their customer base even more.

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of Trader Joe’s Chickenless seasoning, and we’ll cover the rumors of the recent discontinuation of this seasoning. We will give you a look into the Trader Joe’s response, as well as insight on consumer reactions to the loss of this beloved seasoning.

Background Information on Trader Joe’s Chickenless Seasoning

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Trader Joe’s Chickenless seasoning was created in 2020 to offer a savory blend of spices to add more depth in taste to any dish. It was notable for including no meat-related products or byproducts, which made it vegan-friendly to those subscribing to that diet.

Additionally, Trader Joe’s Chickenless seasoning was popular among vegan and gluten-free eaters for adding to recipes like soups or tofu-related dishes.

Despite it’s high sodium content, it was difficult to discern any negative aspects of this seasoning. It went well with just about any savory dish it was added to, and was affordable at only a little under $2.

Trader Joe’s Chickenless seasoning included the following ingredients:

  • Garlic Powder
  • Sea Salt
  • Spices
  • Turmeric
  • Onion Powder

Recent Rumors of Chickenless Seasoning Discontinuation

In recent years, specifically since the ending months of 2022, social media outlets have been abuzz with a lack of Trader Joe’s Chickenless seasoning on the shelves.

Blog posts, Instagram stories, and even Facebook Feeds became the sources of an outcry when it seemed that Trader Joe’s Chickenless seasoning was no longer available.

Trader Joe’s is known for having a dedicated customer service workforce, and part of it’s corporate identity is the availability of management and other associates to answer any questions a customer might have.

Therefore, it is no wonder that customer inquiries about this popular seasoning were made and promptly answered. 

It became clear by the end of 2022 that Trader Joe’s Chickenless seasoning was not simply experiencing a product shortage; it had disappeared from shelves in locations all across the country and could not be found on the Product pages of the Trader Joe’s Website.

This was because, sadly, Trader Joe’s Chickenless seasoning was officially discontinued.

Trader Joe’s Response

Trader Joe’s has not been known to issue any official statement regarding their Trader Joe’s Chickenless seasoning product and it’s discontinuation.

However, anyone who checks out the Trader Joe’s website regarding products can see a page entirely dedicated to addressing the frequent discontinuation of beloved products.

On this page, Trader Joe’s explains that they remove products which are not popular enough or selling successfully to make sure customers only have access to the best of the best.

They will even remove products that are popular if they believe that another, similar product can be released as an improvement. 

Trader Joe’s does not stop at offering explanation of their actions, albeit in this general medium on their website. Instead, Trader Joe’s still offers comparable products to their Chickenless Seasoning in the list below:

  • Ajika Georgian Seasoning Blend – This seasoning Blend is beloved by those who enjoy a vegan type of seasoning for savory dishes like pizza or flatbreads. This is because it contains some of the same savory-complimentary flavors as Chickenless Seasoning and contains no meat products.
  • Cuban Style Citrusy Garlic Seasoning Blend – This seasoning blend is vegan because it does not contain any meat products, and it contains some of the same ingredients as Trader Joe’s Chickenless seasoning: garlic, onion powder, and a few extras to create a citrus-style blend. However, it is typically used on meat. 

Consumer Reactions 

Despite the fact that Trader Joe’s has been very up-front about it’s reasoning behind discontinuing products and it’s quickness to provide more for customers in the form of newer or updated products, consumers still are not happy about Trader Joe’s Chickenless seasoning being discontinued.

After all, finding a blend that goes so well with so many different savory dishes without including any ingredients that violate either a gluten-free or vegan diet is tricky!

It should come as no surprise, then, to learn that there are still online petitions for Trader Joe’s to bring this seasoning back. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information on Trader Joe’s Chickenless seasoning and it’s discontinuation? Don’t worry; we have you covered with the answers to some questions that are frequently asked on the internet about these topics!

Why does Trader Joe’s discontinue products?

Trader Joe’s has made no secret that, according to their website, they discontinue products which are not meeting a certain standard of sales and popularity.

Alternatively, even if a product is popular and sells well, Trader Joe’s may discontinue it preemptively to make way for a product they believe will do even better in terms of sales.

What is in Trader Joe’s Chickenless Seasoning?

Trader Joe’s Chickenless Seasoning was created using a range of spices and vegetable-based ingredients, making it vegan and gluten free. These ingredients included Turmeric, Onion Powder, Sea Salt, Spices, and Garlic Powder.

Final Thoughts

True to recent rumors, sadly, the Trader Joe’s Chickenless Seasoning product has been discontinued. Despite it’s popularity as a vegan-friendly, gluten-free product which was easily adapted to enhance most savory dishes across cuisine tastes, Trader Joe’s likely pulled the product from shelves to make room for more potentially-successful seasoning blends.

That being said, it is still possible for Trader Joe’s to bring products back. They have been known to return popular items to shelves if enough of an outcry is made to convince them that the product will be sold successfully when returned. Customers can sign the above-mentioned online petition or contact Trader Joe’s directly with concerns.

In conclusion, it is possible to ask the company to return Chickenless Seasoning to shelves, but Trader Joe’s still has plenty of savory seasoning blends that are allergy or diet-friendly, such as the Ajika Georgian Seasoning Blend!


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