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Is Trader Joe’s Cheaper Than Price Chopper? (Explained)

Is Trader Joe's Cheaper Than Price Chopper

Trader Joe’s and Price Chopper are two grocery chains based in the United States. When shopping for groceries, prices are important to determine which chain would be cheaper. Between Trader Joe’s and Price Chopper, which one is cheaper?

In general, Trader Joe’s is cheaper than Price Chopper. Certain products are cheaper at Price Chopper than they are at Trader Joe’s, but the overall cheaper grocery store is Trader Joe’s. Along with that, the Trader Joe’s return policy is more forgiving than Price Chopper, meaning any product you have that you aren’t happy with, you can return and get a full refund.

The rest of this article will cover Trader Joe’s and Price Chopper price comparisons, comparisons of saving opportunities, and tips for finding affordable groceries.

Trader Joe’s And Price Chopper Price Comparisons

Trader Joe’s and Price Chopper have fair pricing on their goods. Neither of the two are too expensive. Trader Joe’s is cheaper than your average grocery store.

Recent surveys suggest Trader Joe’s is about ten to twenty percent cheaper than your average grocery store.

Price Chopper is overall more expensive, but it still offers good prices for very high quality products. Along with that, they have a wide variety of products you can choose from.

At Trader Joe’s, buttermilk pancake mix is $3.99 while at Price Chopper, it is $4.29. This is one example of Trader Joe’s having a slightly lower price than Price Chopper. This is how most of the products differ between the two stores.

There are multiple factors that influence prices, however. For example, Price Chopper tends to have larger portions, making the price automatically higher.

When calculated by the ounce, the products are still cheaper at Trader Joe’s, but the product size is a factor to consider.

Another factor is location. In states with higher minimum wages, prices will be higher than they are in states with lower minimum wages.

Pancakes may be $3.99 at one Trader Joe’s, but the price will vary based on the minimum wage of the state the Trader Joe’s is. The same applies to Price Chopper.

Comparisons Of Saving Opportunities Between Trader Joe’s and Price Chopper

Price Chopper has plenty of saving opportunities while Trader Joe’s does not. The main con of Trader Joe’s is that they don’t offer any frequent-shopper discounts via loyalty programs. They also don’t offer coupons for private-label brands.

Price Chopper is the opposite. Price Chopper has a rewards program where you earn points for every dollar you spend. From there, you can redeem rewards like a free item, lower prices on certain products, coupons, and more.

Price Chopper also has plenty of sales. You can’t walk around the store without seeing sales all over the place. You can save a lot of money by signing up for the rewards program and searching for items on sale.

However, Trader Joe’s has the superior return policy. Trader Joe’s has one of the most lenient return policies of any grocery store. You can return any product, even food, whether it was opened or not. And even better: you can return it with or without a receipt.

If you return the product(s) with a receipt, you will get an exact refund. If you return them without a receipt, you will get a full refund based on the market price of the products. If you want a higher refund, return the products with a receipt.

In general, Price Chopper has more saving opportunities, but Trader Joe’s has a better return policy if you ever find yourself in a situation where you bought too much.

Tips for Finding Affordable Groceries

Finding affordable groceries is imperative to save money and not overspend on products you don’t need to overspend on. For starters, don’t limit your options to in-person stores. Nonperishable items can be bought online, such as dried fruits.

The reason why is because many online stores don’t have the food tax, which saves you money. On sites like Amazon, you can get free shipping if you pay a certain amount (i.e., $35).

Stockpile on your nonperishable goods by buying them online, that way you can save money.

Another tip is to not buy perishable food items in quantities you won’t use. The last thing you want to do is buy perishable food and not eat it, thus wasting your money.

Buy less perishable food items. Or, if you’re shopping at Trader Joe’s, return the food you aren’t going to use.

The best tip for shopping for groceries is to be a smart shopper. Don’t go into a store uninformed about the saving opportunities and prices. To do this, don’t go on just a store’s website. Look for grocery store reviewers as well.

Reviewers will offer their thoughts on the prices and opportunities that the store’s website won’t. You can also look on food blogs and join food communities.

By joining a community, you can share grocery store experiences and tips on how to save money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Cheaper Aldi Or Trader Joe’s?

Between Aldi and Trader Joe’s, Aldi has the cheaper prices. Trader Joe’s is a very cheap grocery store, but Aldi has their prices beat. The main pro of Aldi is that the prices are great for those on a tight budget.

Trader Joe’s has more variety and higher quality products, but Aldi is cheaper.

Final Thoughts

Groceries are a necessity that you should not spend more than you need to on. Between Trader Joe’s and Price Chopper, both grocery stores have their pros and cons.

Trader Joe’s has cheaper products while Price Chopper has the larger portions. Trader Joe’s also has less saving opportunities than Price Chopper, but it has a better return policy.

As for saving money on groceries, make sure you’re an informed buyer who uses all the resources available. Try shopping online, limiting how many perishable goods you’re buying, and joining online communities.


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