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Is Trader Joe’s Cheaper Than Amazon Fresh? (Explained)

Is Trader Joe’s Cheaper Than Amazon Fresh.

Two popular grocery stores are Trader Joe’s and Amazon Fresh. Both stores have a wide variety of prices and products. Is Trader Joe’s cheaper than Amazon Fresh?

In general, Trader Joe’s is cheaper than Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh does offer good deals and prices, but Trader Joe’s is known for their low prices. There are certain products, like shredded cheese, that Amazon Fresh offers cheaper options in. Overall, Trader Joe’s has the cheaper products.

The rest of this article will cover comparing prices at Trader Joe’s and Amazon Fresh, which is cheaper, cost comparison, saving money on groceries, price comparison, and frequently asked questions.

Comparing Prices at Trader Joe’s and Amazon Fresh

Trader Joe’s and Amazon Fresh have similar prices on numerous products. For example, their prices on frozen peas are very close. Amazon’s cheapest frozen peas option is $0.78 and Trader Joe’s is $1.29. 

There are also a few products where their prices are identical, such as with Hass avocados. On Amazon and in Trader Joe’s, the price is $0.99.

If your personal budget is small, Trader Joe’s is the better play thanks to their cheaper prices. However, if you have a larger budget, Amazon Fresh is the better play thanks to their delivery.

Which Is Cheaper?

In general, Trader Joe’s is cheaper than Amazon Fresh. A huge reason why Trader Joe’s received popularity is because of their cheap prices. You can get ten potato pancakes for less than three bucks. 

Meanwhile, on Amazon Fresh, finding premade potato pancakes is nearly impossible. You can find box sets, but the cheapest ones are almost four dollars. That makes Trader Joe’s the cheaper brand in comparison.

Cost Comparison: Trader Joe’s Vs. Amazon Fresh

The cost of Trader Joe’s is cheap, but it’s cheap on Amazon Fresh as well. If you compare the prices, you’ll see they’re very similar except Trader Joe’s has a few cheaper products. One of these products is eggs. 

At Trader Joe’s, eggs cost $1.49. At Amazon Fresh, they cost $2.59. Strawberries are the same way.

At Trader Joe’s, strawberries are $2.99 while at Amazon Fresh they’re $3.99. The costs tend to vary by about a dollar, making Trader Joe’s cheaper in the long run.

Saving Money On Groceries

Trader Joe’s is the better option if you want to save more money on groceries. However, if grocery shopping is inconvenient for you or takes up too much time, investing in Amazon Fresh is the better option.

If you don’t mind shopping in-person, go to Trader Joe’s. If you want to save time, go for Amazon Fresh. If you order from Amazon Fresh, make sure to order enough to meet the minimum free shipping requirement.

Your personal budget is a huge factor in which grocery store you choose. While both have their pros and cons, the bottom line is someone who has a smaller budget should go to Trader Joe’s, and someone with a larger budget should go to Amazon Fresh.

Since Trader Joe’s is overall cheaper, they’re better for smaller budgets. Amazon Fresh is more convenient, but it’s a bit more expensive because of shipping and Amazon Prime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trader Joe’s and Amazon Fresh are two popular grocery stores. Since they both have their similarities and differences, there are plenty of questions about them.

Who Has the Better Quality: Trader Joe’s or Amazon Fresh?

Both grocery stores have high quality items; however, Amazon Fresh has the higher quality meat and seafood. Amazon Fresh is actually known for their high-quality meat and seafood products.

This doesn’t mean Trader Joe’s has poor quality meat and seafood, but Amazon Fresh has the edge on them in this category. When it comes to selection, Trader Joe’s has the greater selection of meat.

Who Has More Items: Trader Joe’s or Amazon Fresh

Overall, Amazon Fresh has Trader Joe’s beat in this category by a lot. Amazon Fresh has hundreds of thousands of products at their disposal whereas Trader Joe’s stocks about four thousand items thanks to them relying on their brand.

Amazon Fresh, on the other hand, has over five hundred thousand products available in all categories. They have a wider array of items by a long shot. Compared to most grocery stores, Trader Joe’s has a lower capacity.

However, thanks to the lower capacity, Trader Joe’s has a more lenient return policy. All of their products are labeled as theirs, meaning customers can return opened or unopened products with or without a receipt.

Although Amazon Fresh has more items, there are more reports of frequent stock issues. Random products, such as “Giant” and “Family” size Cheerios, are sold out consistently. Otherwise, Trader Joe’s has more products.

Who Has More Variety: Trader Joe’s Or Amazon Fresh?

In this category, Trader Joe’s and Amazon Fresh are equals. Although Amazon Fresh has more products, Trader Joe’s does a lot with the few products they have. For example, they have full sections dedicated to kosher and gluten-free products.

Amazon Fresh does as well, but not to the same extent as Trader Joe’s. The prices for these special products are cheaper at Trader Joe’s as well. When it comes to variety, both Amazon Fresh and Trader Joe’s have it.

The difference between the two is that Trader Joe’s has the cheaper variety products, which means they’re the better option if you’re someone on a stricter diet.

What Are The Amazon Fresh Shipping Policies?

One of the benefits of using Amazon Fresh is the shipping. However, not all shipping is free. For Amazon Prime members, the shipping will be the best since it’ll automatically be free to orders over thirty five dollars. If you’re using Amazon Prime, Amazon Fresh is a great option for you.

If you aren’t an Amazon Prime user, Amazon Fresh is not the best choice since you will be forced to sign up for Amazon Prime.

You can only use Amazon Fresh if you have an Amazon Prime account. If you do not want the extra cost for Prime, then avoid Amazon Fresh.


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