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How to Use Trader Joe’s Yuzu Hot Sauce

How to Use Trader Joe's Yuzu Hot Sauce

Trader Joe’s is a great provider of a wide, diverse array of food products that other grocery store chains do not have. One of these is the yuzu hot sauce, which is acidic, tart, spicy, and full of citrus notes. That being said, if this is your first time purchasing this sauce, you are right to wonder: how to use Trader Joe’s Yuzu hot sauce?

Trader Joe’s yuzu hot sauce is made with Asian citrus called yuzu, and is full of spice contrasted with a spicy, vinegar flavor. This hot sauce is popularly used with Thai dishes like pad Thai or even miso, but it can also be found in salad dressings or as condiments for oysters. 

In this article, we will make sure to go over a guide on how to use Trader Joe’s Yuzu hot sauce as well as how to pair it’s flavors, how to store it properly, the health benefits that come with ingesting yuzu hot sauce, and even some answers to frequently asked questions! Let’s get started.

Using Yuzu Hot Sauce From Trader Joe’s Suggestions

You may be a spice veteran, or you may be absolutely new to the many joys of using hot sauce in your meals and snacks.

Whichever the case may be, you’ll find several ways to use yuzu hot sauce from Trader Joe’s in the section we’ve prepared below:

  • Marinade – To give your hot, home-cooked meals a slow roast in this uniquely sweet, vinegar-y flavor with an added kick of spice, place yuzu hot sauce in your marinade for roasts, chicken, and even fish dishes.
  • Salad Dressing – This one may not seem obvious to the casual lover of hot sauce, but the citrus notes in yuzu hot sauce from Trader Joe’s actually make a great salad dressing, too!
  • Spicy Seasoning – This hot sauce is diverse enough in it’s flavor profile to be used as a kind of all-in-one seasoning. Try dipping your pizza or spring rolls in it; drizzle some over scrambled eggs for a morning kick; even adding it to a leftover pasta dish can make all the difference.

Balancing the Heat of Trader Joe’s Yuzu Sauce

One of the dangers of purchasing Trader Joe’s yuzu sauce is that you may be so excited to partake in this delicious ingredient that you go overboard and find your palette in a world of spicy hurt. To avoid this issue, check out our tips for balancing the spiciness below:

  • Adjust the Amount According to Taste – The bottom line is, make sure you know your spice threshold! Try a little bit of Trader Joe’s Yuzu sauce at a time to see how well your mouth can handle it. If this goes well, remember that you can always add more.
  • Add to Savory Dishes – Dishes that are high in a savory, or salty flavor, such as fish or chicken, can greatly benefit from Yuzu sauce. This is because although Yuzu hot sauce is spicy and made with some herbs, it also has the sweetness of vinegar and citrus fruit in it’s flavoring. This makes it a great pair!
  • Add to Grains – Adding this hot sauce to rice can take a little of the edge off of the spice while giving plain, base carbs a boost in interesting flavor. 

Handling and Storage of Yuzu Hot Sauce From Trader Joe’s

As is the case with just about anything you eat or drink, knowing how to properly store Trader Joe’s Yuzu hot sauce is very important.

After all, you wouldn’t want to douse your favorite meal in this zesty sauce just to find it has lost most of it’s zip, would you?

To prevent this scenario, check out our guide to the best practices for keeping your yuzu hot sauce fresh and safe!

  • Close the Container – Trader Joe’s packages their Yuzu hot sauce optimally to make sure it stays nice and fresh every time you use it. However, this only works if you make sure to tightly close the container right after using it!
  • Store in a Cool Place – The number one coolest place (No pun intended!) to store your yuzu hot sauce is in an airtight container in the refrigerator. This can prolong the shelf life of your hot sauce without taking away from the actual heat and flavor of the condiment.

Potential Health Benefits of Yuzu Hot Sauce

Did you know that Trader Joe’s yuzu hot sauce is not only delicious and versatile for all kinds of meals; it is also good for you?

The chili peppers made in the base of yuzu hot sauce can provide a better level of health for your heart, drop your risk of getting an ulcer, and even help you lose weight!

The Yuzu fruit zest used in the hot sauce also come with anti-inflammatory properties, can lower your risk of blood clots, help form new blood vessels, and even lower the risk of cancer in the human body!

With that said, as with any hot sauce, yuzu hot sauce can become very irritating to the human digestive tract if you overeat using it. Make sure to take small doses of yuzu hot sauce; few and far between is the safest motto to go by!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Eat Yuzu Hot Sauce?

Yuzu hot sauce can be drizzled over leftovers, dipped in raw, or cooked in sauces and marinades as one of the most versatile ingredients Trader Joe’s has to offer.

Should You Refrigerate Yuzu Hot Sauce?

Yes, refrigerating yuzu hot sauce can make it last longer; be sure to shake it well before using it again!

What Is Yuzu Sauce Used For?

Yuzu sauce is simply an add on ingredient to add spiciness and fruity flavor to already-present meals, like pasta dishes, salads, or even soups.

What Does Hot Yuzu Sauce Taste Like?

Hot yuzu sauce has a citrus-based, sweet, and fruity flavor on first tasting it, which expands and deepens into a rich spicy, savory flavor in the aftertaste.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Trader Joe’s Yuzu hot sauce is so spicy and versatile with it’s combination of spice and sweetness that it can be used on just about any meal.

Whether as a dressing for salad, a marinade for slow-cooking meats, or simply a dip for vegetables, Trader Joe’s Yuzu hot sauce adds just the right amount of kick!

Always be sure you are taking this hot sauce in appropriate doses and pairing it’s spice with something manageable for your tastes. This way, you can avoid the health issues in the digestive tract that may come from overindulging in this delicious hot sauce!


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