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How to Use Trader Joe’s Dryer Balls

how to use trader joes dryer balls

Love the variety and welcoming customer service of the Trader Joe’s grocery store? Chances are, you have seen their brand of dryer balls! If you have taken the chance on this interesting product which is used to reduce static in laundry loads, you may find yourself wondering how to use Trader Joe’s dryer balls?

Trader Joe’s dryer balls are known for being felted by hand in Nepal using new Zealand wool, and they can be sprinkled with essential oils to scent loads of laundry. To use Trader Joe’s wool balls, simply place them in the dryer prior to loading the clean but wet clothing into the chamber.

In this article, we will establish how to use Trader Joe’s Dryer Balls, what the benefit of using them actually is, whether or not those with allergies or skin conditions need to be concerned, and some answers to questions that are frequently asked on the subject. Let’s dive right into it!

Steps For Using Trader Joe’s Dryer Balls

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If you happily indulged in purchasing Trader Joe’s Dryer Balls, you are in luck! This is a fantastic product with many benefits for your clothing and your health, as we’ll see later on in this article.

However, you may not be aware of how to use Trader Joe’s dryer balls to get the most out of the product.

For that reason, we have prepared a step-by-step guide below:

  1. Add Balls Based on Load Size – When your load of laundry comes out of the washer, determine whether or not it is a large, small, or medium-sized load. A large or medium load can be thrown into the drier with all four or even 3 of the drier balls for great effect, while a small load should only get 1 or 2 dryer balls.
  2. Add Essential Oils – If you love the smell of your essential oils and wish you could wear them all the time, no worries! Trader Joe’s Dryer balls are specifically manufactured to hold essential oil scents and transfer them to your clothes as they dry. Add a drop or two to each dryer ball before running the cycle for best results.
  3. Clean the Dryer Balls – The great news about Trader Joe’s Dryer Balls is that they are very easy to clean. Though leaving them in the dryer for too many cycles in a row can cause them to build up too much clothing fiber, running them through a washing machine on a hand-wash, hot water cycle will solve the problem.

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Benefits of Using Trader Joe’s Dryer Balls

Generally, Trader Joe’s products are optimized for performance and customer satisfaction. But what does that actually mean when it comes to their Dryer ball products?

Some of the best benefits of these dryer balls is that they actually act in direct competition with fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

Dryer sheets are meant to help your clothing load dry with speed. However, wool dryer balls like trader Joe’s product do this even faster, holding on to heat in their wool material and transferring it to wet clothing. 

Additionally, fabric softener is meant to soften clothing, but often comes with cloying scents or chemicals in the process. Dryer balls made of wool do not have this downside, and they manage to smooth out the fibers of your clothing just as well. 

Above all, the sustainability of dryer balls is better than either drier sheets or fabric softener. Each of those products must be added in again and again in loads, while drier balls can last for as many as one thousand loads or a full year before needing to be replaced!

Considerations for Those With Sensitive Skin or Allergies

When you have allergic reactions to the substances found in many of the modern day laundry products sold at grocery chains, you may be tempted to avoid Trader Joe’s dryer balls.

However, this would be a mistake, since Trader Joe’s dryer balls are actually hypoallergenic!

Using wool actually manages to benefit the management of conditions like eczema that sometimes plague sensitive skin, too.

Even if you would like to avoid the use of wool products altogether, linen strips are similar to wool dryer balls in all their above-mentioned benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you hoping to learn even more about Trader Joe’s Dryer balls, or the use of dryer balls as compared to other laundry products in general?

Don’t worry; we have you covered with our answers to these frequently asked questions below!

How Many Times Can You Use Trader Joe’s Wool Dryer Balls?

Trader Joe’s Wool Dryer balls can be used for at least 1,000 loads, and have been known to last for as long as a year before any signs of a lack of effectiveness occur.

After three or four back-to-back loads, all you need to do is add your wool dryer balls from Trader Joe’s to a gentle, warm-water wash cycle to get them back into working order!

How Do You Use Dryer Balls for the First Time?

The best way to use dryer balls for the first time is to simply add them to a wet load in the dryer, then start the load on the appropriate cycle for your load of clothing.

Make sure not to stuff the dryer so that there isn’t enough space for the balls to bounce around, and you’re good to go!

How Many Dryer Balls Should I Use?

For a large or medium load, use three or four drier balls; for a smaller load, use

Final Thoughts

To sum everything we’ve learned up, Trader Joe’s dryer balls are a great product for sustainable laundry care.

They do not break down after each load and can last for a full year, minimize static cling, soften fabric, and increase drying speed with every load they are added to!

With that said, Trader Joe’s Dryer balls benefit skin conditions such as eczema rather than irritating them, and their wool material is hypoallergenic.

Finally, you can even add essential oils to each drier ball to not only dry clothing quickly and smoothly, but leave it smelling fresh and clean!


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