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How to Use Trader Joe’s Artichoke Antipasto

How to Use Trader Joe's Artichoke Antipasto

You’ve doubtless heard of the well-received grocery chain, Trader Joe’s, thanks to it’s abundance of unique product offerings and customer satisfaction. One of the most interesting products is artichoke antipasto, which has a savory but understated, nutty flavor. You may purchase it and wonder, “how to use Trader Joe’s artichoke antipasto?”

Trader Joe’s Artichoke antipasto can be used as a healthy dip for crackers or chips, and can be added as a seasoning component to whole meals. It’s flavor profile pairs particularly well with pasta, eggs, chicken, and some roasted vegetables.

In this article we will go over suggestions on what meals you could use artichoke antipasto in, how to store this delightful ingredient for maximum flavor preservation and safety, and the health benefits of the food. In addition, we will answer some questions frequently asked about artichoke antipasto from Trader Joe’s.

Using Trader Joe’s Artichoke Antipasto Suggestions

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As much as you may love artichokes, this does not necessarily mean that you know exactly how artichoke antipasto can be used. Even if you’ve used it before, maybe you are looking for a new way to incorporate Trader Joe’s tasty product into different meals.

 Regardless of the reason, we believe you’ll benefit from this list of suggestions on how to use your artichoke antipasto!

  • Use in a Sandwich – Some of the best sandwiches to pair this veggie spread with include tomato basil sandwiches or even a nice turkey sandwich!
  • Use as an Appetizer – You can always place Trader Joe’s Artichoke antipasto in the midst of a platter of appetizers as a dipping sauce for crackers, cheese, or other charcuterie items.
  • Use With Salads – Artichoke antipasto isn’t limited to sandwiches and dipping sauces. It can also double as a kind of dressing for salads, upping your vegetable components!

With these interesting ways to eat artichoke antipasto, you’ll be able to wholeheartedly agree that it makes a great ingredient for a variety of dishes!

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How to Pair Artichoke Antipasto With Complementary Flavors

As great as antipasto is, artichoke antipasto in particular comes with a mild, woody, nutty flavor that doesn’t pair with everything in exactly the same way. Not only that, but Trader Joe’s artichoke antipasto is also spicy! To get the most out of your artichoke antipasto, check out the list of methods below:

  • Start Small – As with most spicy elements to a meal, the best course of action to make sure you’re not making your dish inedible out of too much spice is to start small. Add just a little bit of artichoke antipasto to your meal at a time, and adjust depending on how much you find you can handle!
  • Add a Bread Element – If you decide to use your antipasto with a salad or a dipping platter, make sure bread is involved in some way. Breads and even croutons can be a great way to absorb some of that spiciness without subtracting artichoke flavor from the mild antipasto.
  • Try Sweet Pairings – Because artichoke antipasto has the savory flavor of the garlic-like vegetable as well as spiciness, the best things to pair it with are often sweet. Try something like sweet pickles, grapes, or even some sun-dried tomatoes. These types of food will accent the artichoke flavor and offset the spiciness just right!

Tips For Handling and Storing Artichoke Antipasto from Trader Joe’s

As with anything you are planning to put into your body, it is important to store your artichoke antipasto healthily. For a list of the best practices toward that goal, check out our tips below!

  • Use the Original Container – Your original artichoke antipasto containter, whih you purchased the product in, is useful for keeping it fresh. As long as you make sure to tightly close the lid, your artichoke antipasto should be safe from losing it’s kick in flavor or going bad prematurely.
  • Use the Refrigerator – Your refrigerator is helpful in making sure that your Trader Joe’s artichoke antipasto remains safe to consume, though it will lose some of it’s flavor potency if stored in a container that is not airtight. As long as it is sealed, glass, plastic, and bag containers are all acceptable choices.
  • Artichoke Antipasto that Has Been Left Out – If your artichoke antipasto was opened and left in the open air for more than one or two hours, it should be discarded in the trash. This is because it’s ingredients may become oxidized and unsafe to eat. 

Potential Health Benefits of Artichoke Antipasto

Artichoke antipasto may seem like a regular spread to you, but did you know it comes with health benefits as well as detriments to your health? For example, the key ingredient which gives the product it’s name, artichokes, is a known antioxidant.

Not only that, but artichokes are also rich sources of fiber and vitamins C and K, as well as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and iron! 

White onions are one of the other ingredients in artichoke antipasto from Trader Joe’s which have health benefits. For one thing, they help the health of your heart by being a great blood thinner and keeping your blood sugar levels manageable. They are even known to lower the risk of cancer!

With all of that said, artichoke antipasto is not without it’s downsides. Trader Joe’s Artichoke antipasto is high in sodium and fat. These have the opposite effect of their artichoke and onion ingredients: they can lead to terrible heart disease and an increase in body fat if you overindulge. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information? Check out our answers to the questions below!

How Long Does Artichoke Antipasto Last After Opening?

Artichoke antipasto can last for up to 5 days after opening if stored properly in the refrigerator.

What is in Trader Joe’s Artichoke antipasto?

Trader Joe’s artichoke antipasto comes with ingredients like artichoke, white onion, salt, pepper, vinegar, sunflower oil, spices, and virgin olive oil.

Is Trader Joe’s Artichoke Antipasto Gluten Free?

Yes, Trader Joe’s artichoke antipasto is gluten free on it’s own!

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, Trader Joe’s antipasto is just one of the grocery store’s popular, unique products on sale. It is useful for it’s wide variety of complementary foods. Artichoke antipasto can be used to augment full meals like sandwiches or salads, or it can serve as the dipping sauce for various appetizers, such as bread or crackers.

With that being said, artichoke antipasto does contain ingredients that aren’t great for human health. Trader Joe’s brand tends to be high in fat and sodium, making it poor for heart health if consumed too often.

However, in the correct amount, artichoke antipasto is a great addition to Trader Joe’s lineup of products for it’s mild, but delicious, flavor!


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