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How to Open Trader Joe’s Paprika

How to Open Trader Joe's Paprika

Trader Joe’s is a grocery store that has received popularity as a chain for giving customers a large variety of products not usually sold at other chains. One of the products that they offer is their own Trader Joe’s Smoked Paprika! However, if you have purchased this delicious seasoning, you may be wondering how to open it. 

Trader Joe’s Smoked Paprika comes in a patterned, tall, rectangular container with a prominent red top and red labels. Occasionally, the spice will come in a can. It can be opened by carefully lifting the plastic lid with your finger; however, if using a can of the seasoning, insert the end of a knife under the edge of the lid and push down to lever it open carefully.

In this article, we will show you a step-by-step guide to opening your smoked paprika, as well as a few storage options for the spice, and some potential uses. We’ll even provide you with answers to some frequently asked questions! Let’s get started.

Step by Step Instructions for Opening Trader Joe’s Paprika

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If you are struggling to get access to that delicious seasoning by opening Trader Joe’s paprika, don’t feel bad; you are not alone!

Although the plastic lid that this product sometimes comes with is relatively easy to lift off, the canned version is much more difficult.

This is because Trader Joe’s wants to preserve the smoky flavor of their paprika without the risk of any of it spilling out and causing an additional mess.

With that being said, both types of packaging can be opened in using the same method, which we’ve provided in a step by step guide below:

  1. Wash Your Hands – The first step to interacting with any food item is to simply wash your hands in preparation! Even with great care, you may wind up touching the seasoning as the lid comes off, and you wouldn’t want to contaminate the inside of the container if you can help it.
  2. Find a Stable, Dry Surface – Your kitchen counter may work to place the paprika container on, but not if it is wet or slippery. You may find yourself using a knife or other thin instrument to pry the lid off, and if the container slips in the process, you may risk injury. Try a firm cutting board, instead.
  3. Can Opener or Knife – Prepare the instrument you’re going to use! A Can opener usually has a prying mechanism on one side, below the gear that is used to open cans. A knife, on the other hand, is easily accessible in most kitchens and has a point fine enough to fit under the paprika container’s lid.
  4. Pry the Lid Off – With the can in a safe place that won’t slip, and your instrument selected, you are ready to get that pesky lid off. Slip the point of the prying mechanism on the can opener or knife under the edge of the lid. Then, press down on the handle, as if flipping a lever, slowly and steadily, until the lid pops free!

This is the most effective way to avoid spills, messes, or injury while quickly and simply getting Trader Joe’s Paprika seasoning open and ready to use!

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Storage Options For Opened Paprika

Once the paprika has been opened, the good news is, you are ready to use it! The bad news it, it is in danger of losing it’s freshness if stored improperly. This is because you’ve effectively broken the industrial seal that the product was manufactured with.

To keep your paprika stored safely, try the following methods:

  • Close the Lid – If you’re using either version of Trader Joe’s paprika packaging, returning the lid to it’s place may be an efficient way to keep the freshness intact. With the plastic lid, apply pressure to all sides to make sure the lid is secure. With a canned lid, you may use the same method, but be careful not to pinch your fingers in the act!
  • Store in a Different Container – You can transfer your paprika to a jar with a tight lid, a plastic container, or even a bag, as long as all remain airtight. 
  • Store in a Pantry – The pantry is the safest place for paprika, because it is dark, cool, and removed from sunlight, which could oxidate your paprika and lead to a loss of flavor.
  • Store in a Refrigerator or Freezer – If you do decide to refrigerate your paprika, an airtight container is needed. Consider using a freezer bag to seal the spice properly and avoid freezer burn.

Potential Uses for Paprika

Once you know how to open your Trader Joe’s Paprika and store it safely, you can focus on the fun and tasty part; actually using it! Below, we’ve compiled a list of ways to use this diverse spice:

  • Rubs – A rub is great for seasoning meats and even vegetables, allowing them to cook in fine coverings of flavor, and paprika can be one of those flavors!
  • Marinades – Just like rubs, a marinade actually soaks into meats or veggies for a much longer period of time, and paprika is one of the most potent spices to add to these.
  • Seasoning Blends – Without the liquid component, paprika works just as well to season meals; simply combine it with flavors as complex as garlic salt or chipotle seasoning for a kick, or spices as simple as salt and pepper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers to more questions about paprika? Look no further than our FAQs below!

How Do You Open a Can of Smoked Paprika?

To open smoked paprika, place the container on a firm and dry surface and place something strong and long under the edge of the lid, like a knife point or a can opener’s prying point.

Then, lever the handle of your instrument down until the point’s movement upward has popped the lid off.

How Do I Use Smoked Paprika?

Smoked paprika works best with wholesome, savory meals that include meat and vegetables and are hot.

It pairs well with other ground spices like garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper, and should be added liberally to cooked dishes.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, if you are looking for a way to use Trader Joe’s Paprika, you are in luck! This is a diverse spice which can be added to any savory meal in the form of seasoning blends for dry recipes, or rubs and marinades for more complex cooking adventures.

However, none of this information is of any use unless you know how to open the container! Simply use a can opener or knife point to carefully lever the lid off of your paprika, taking care to wash your hands and keep the container on a stable, dry surface area.


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