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How Long Do Trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps Last? (Explained)

How Long Do Trader Joe's Jicama Wraps Last

There are few who can deny that if you’re looking for a surprisingly delightful grocery experience, Trader Joe’s is the place to have it! Located in the United States as a chain and brain of it’s own, one of this store’s best examples of quirkiness in foods is it’s Jicama Wraps! The question is, how long do Trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps Last?

Trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps can safely be eaten for up to 7 days after being opened as long as they are carefully placed in a sealable container which is then refrigerated. If the Jicama Wraps are frozen, this time may be extended to up to a year. It is possible to eat Jicama Wraps 14 days after opening them, but this is not recommended. 

In this article, we will cover what Trader Joe’s actually is, what Jicama Wraps are and what they look like, what their all-important shelf-life is, and how we came to that conclusion. By the end of this article, you should be able to eat Trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps with complete peace of mind and safety! Let’s get started. 

Understanding Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is a popular grocery store chain located across America that manages to maintain it’s personality and neighborhood feel no matter how many locations open up.

This vibe is created by casually dressed but highly accessible employees, loose and fun signage, no self check-out, and, most importantly of all, spectacular food offerings!

You will not find ready-made buffets or bakeries in Trader Joe’s, but what you will find are aisles of unique snacks and foods that manage to walk the line between safe for dozens of dietary needs and delicious. Usually, they are also completely unique to Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s is only subject to one criticism, in general: They tend to discontinue their own products frequently, but they are always innovating to create new ones. 

Purchasing Jicama Wraps from Trader Joe’s

Jicama Wraps are one of the most attention-grabbing things you can purchase as a snack from Trader Joe’s, which is saying something in their lineup of impressive snack foods! Jicama Wraps are originally from South America and Mexico. At Trader Joe’s, they are sold in roughly seven-ounce packages. 

Jicama Wraps are a type of tuber that looks and even tastes or feels like an apple, though much more mild in taste.

They are advertised as being a great addition to taco dishes. In addition to this recommendation, the package also offers customers advice: Jicama Wraps are meant to be refrigerated. 

This is to prevent the misconception that their packaging might create: they are perishable! Jicama Wraps have their ingredients (which are simply Jicama) listed on the package, as well as their serving sizes and nutritional details. These can be helpful in the quest to find out how long they last, which we’ll explain below.

Shelf Life of Jicama Wraps

The shelf life of Jicama is important to take note of. Jicama is technically a tuber, meaning it is an organic type of consumable and can decay or go bad, making it eventually unfit to eat. Jicama on it’s own, unprocessed, unshipped, and taken fresh, can last for around two weeks. 

However, when sold by Trader Joe’s, it is safest to consider additional factors and only eat an opened package for seven days. 

Storage and Handling Recommendations

We recommend handling Jicama by keeping it in the sealed package from Trader Joe’s until ready to eat, whether on a taco or as-is. Either way, once the package has been opened, the Jicama within should only be regarded as save for seven days while refrigerated. 

Researching Trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps Shelf Life

It is absolutely important to know how long any kind of food’s shelf life is based on information that is as accurate and factual as possible. Truly, you can’t be too careful how thorough your research is on this matter! With that being said, it is not difficult to learn exactly what trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps’ Shelf Life is. 

The first place to get information on Jicama Wraps’ Shelf life is often the most reliable; the vendor themselves. What does Trader Joe’s have to say about the shelf life of it’s own product? 

The second is to look at the USDA Food approved regulations for the food itself. This can be a little trickier, since you have to look at all of the ingredients of Jicama Wraps. The shelf life is only as long as the ingredient in the wraps with the shortest shelf life. 

We recommend looking on the package of the item itself for information no matter how you decide to make your decision. The ingredients are found on Trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps packaging, as well as the shelf life that Trader Joe’s, the manufacturer as well as vendor, recommends for customers. 

Results: How Long Do Trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps Last?

Trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps are a delicious, nutty, neutral wrap; however, the thing that can spoil all of these great attributes is not paying attention to the shelf life. To avoid this, we did the research, as outlined above. We found that Trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps last 7 days.

 It is possible to eat Jicama Wraps 14 days after being opened without getting sick, but the freshness and flavor will be greatly diminished. If the Jicama Wraps are frozen, they may be edible for as long as a whole year. 

Final Thoughts

To sum everything that we’ve learned up, the Trader Joe’s grocery store line is well-loved all over the United States of America for not compromising it’s excellence in food or in atmosphere to provide an interesting, niche experience for shoppers. One of it’s own brand snacks is the jicama wrap, which lasts 7 total days in the fridge before losing quality. 

Though a Jicama wrap can be eaten two weeks after it is first purchased and opened, this is not what Trader Joe’s recommends.

It is important to carefully place the Jicama Wraps in an airtight container and store them in the fridge for the entirety of the one week-long period after they are exposed to the air. This way, they keep their mild flavor and you keep your health!


Shane is a fitness enthusiast who also has a passion for trying and cooking new foods. His favorite stores to shop at include Trader Joe's, Wholefoods Market, Sprouts, Stater Brothers, and Target.

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