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How Long Do Trader Joe’s Hard-Boiled Eggs Last? (Explained)

How Long do Trader Joe's Hard-Boiled Eggs Last

Trader Joe’s is the prime name in spectacular food offerings for frequent grocery-store shoppers in the U.S., today. They’re famous for offering surprising food selections, including packaged hard-boiled eggs. However, if you don’t have the time or space to eat them in one sitting, you may find yourself wondering: how long do Trader Joe’s Hard-Boiled Eggs Last?

Trader Joe’s sells their hard-boiled eggs pre-packaged. When properly handled and stored with care by re-sealing and refrigerating the bag of Trader Joe’s hard-boiled eggs after opening it, the hard-boiled eggs inside can stay safe for consumption for up to 7 days. After this, the eggs should be thrown away. 

In this article, we’ll provide you with an understanding of what Trader Joe’s is and what it’s like experiencing shopping there. We’ll also go over purchasing hard-boiled eggs from Trader Joe’s and the shelf life of those eggs. We will provide readers with our recommendations for storing and handling Trader Joe’s eggs, as well as our research efforts to answer this question. 

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is a unique experience for any United States Grocery Shopper! They have a splendid layout in each location, emphasizing quirkiness and finding new or interesting foods among their open, home-grown-styled aisles.

Even the associates are often dressed casually, but extremely knowledgeable about all of their store’s offerings and very willing to help. 

Trader Joe’s is known for juggling many different product types that cater to the needs of dietary restrictions of all kinds and cultures.

They also have a great return policy, and associates will even let customers try a snack or product without having to purchase it. 

With so many offerings that usually can’t be found anywhere else, Trader Joe’s is remarkable for having a product like hard-boiled eggs available in a snack-like package. This will be discussed further below. 

Purchasing Hard-Boiled Eggs from Trader Joe’s

When you walk into a Trader Joe’s and find snacks of all kinds, it can be overwhelming. However, one item that will certainly catch your eye is the yellow, 9.3 ounce snack back of hard boiled eggs! This is certainly not something you see in every grocery store. 

However, Trader Joe’s Hard-Boiled Eggs are proudly marketed as “Cage-Free,” with no additional ingredients, being fresh and safe in sealed bags.

It is easy to see exactly how long you need to keep these remarkable hard-boiled eggs around; the front of the bag tells customers to refrigerate the item and use before 7 days after opening the package have run out. 

Additionally, customers can find a description of the hard-boiled eggs, how they are packaged and what the benefits of eating them are, on the back of the bag.

This information is accompanied by a list of the nutritional facts, and of course, a warning to any on specific diets that the product contains eggs!

Shelf Life of Hard-Boiled Eggs

The common shelf life of a hard-boiled egg is an important thing to take note of. Although the very definition of a hard-boiled egg is that you are not consuming something raw, it is still important to know how long you can safely keep pre-packaged eggs around and make use of them. 

The shelf life of all hard-boiled eggs is 7 days. This week-long time period marks how long it is safe to eat hard-boiled eggs; after this, they can start to stink and be unhealthy for consumption.

With that being said, there are some things you can do to prolong a hard-boiled egg. 

If, for example, you do not refrigerate the hard-boiled egg, you will find yourself with eggs that are bad within a few hours of staying out on the shelf.

If you not only refrigerate them, but freeze them, your hard-boiled egg can be safe to eat for a whopping one whole year! 

Storage and Handling Recommendations

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As mentioned above, it is important to the health of a human being not to eat hard-boiled eggs after an extended period of their being out, open to the air, or unrefrigerated. Even after being refrigerated, the eggs only last for as long as a week. 

The process that causes the eggs to become unhealthy is called “oxidation.” When light or oxygen is able to reach the hard-boiled eggs, even though they’re cooked, their whole composition starts to break down. Their flavor and their nutritional value change. 

This is why it is important to seal Trader Joe’s Hard-Boiled Eggs immediately after they’ve been opened when you’re done snacking on them.

Then, refrigerate them. The cold air and sealing will slow the oxidation process so that you can eat the eggs until seven days are up. 

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Researching Trader Joe’s Hard-Boiled Eggs Shelf Life

When it comes to trying to find out how long a Trader Joe’s Hard-boiled egg can safely last, there is little research needed. Trader Joe’s, in characteristic helpfulness to their customers, prints the recommended length of usage right on the front of the hard-boiled egg bag!

This seven-day time period is just as long as the USDA Food Safety rule of only eating hard-boiled eggs within one week of making them and opening them to the air. 

Results: How Long do Trader Joe’s Hard-Boiled Eggs Last?

After using the above methods of research, we have settled on the conclusion that Trader Joe’s Hard-Boiled Eggs only last for 7 days after the bag they are purchased in is opened. This can be extended to a year if the eggs are frozen.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, Trader Joe’s is a grocery store chain that citizens of the United States love for it’s unique food offerings. One of these is their brand of hard-boiled eggs, which is delicious and understandably popular; however, for those hoping to enjoy hard-boiled eggs from Trader Joe’s, it is important to know that they only last for about a week after the package is opened.

Hard-Boiled Eggs are technically eggs which have already been cooked, so there is no danger of eating raw protein and getting food poisoning in the same way. However, there are still concerns of oxidation and bacteria growing on eggs that are hard-boiled, yet stored improperly or consumed after too long. 

To be safe, even with the pre-packaged product of hard-boiled eggs that Trader Joe’s has, we recommend sealing the bag and refrigerating it after opening. Then, only continue to eat from the opened bag for seven days before discarding whatever may be leftover. As delicious as Trader Joe’s hard-boiled eggs are, they’re not worth getting sick!


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