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Does Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil Expire? (Answered)

does trader joes vitamin e oil expire

Vitamin E oil comes with many health benefits, and if you can purchase it from Trader Joe’s, which is widely highly thought-of by shoppers everywhere, all the better! However excited you are about making the most of vitamin E oil, the fact is we all can get too busy to take advantage of it. You might be curious: does Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil expire?

Although no Vitamin E Oil, including Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil, is actually able to expire and become dangerous to use, it can still become less effective over time. Like most supplements to the diet, the ingredients used to make Vitamin E oil are only effective for around a year after being opened. Before opening, it will remain potent for 3 years.

Reead on to discover where Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil displays it’s expiration dates, the best way to understand if the oil itself has expired, if you should use it afterward, and even some answers to other queries on the subject! Let’s get right into it.

Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil Packages Expiration Dates

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What if you purchase Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil and, for whatever reason, aren’t sure you will be able to use it before it expires?

Even if “expiring” only means that your Vitamin E oil will not be as useful or potent, this is still a valid concern. Perhaps you’re wondering what the best, most reliable way to tell if your product has expired is.

Truthfully, the answer to that question is that Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil actually comes with a printed expiration date on the package itself.

This date is worthy of your trust, because Trader Joe’s manufactures the product and is committed to making sure customers know when a product is useful and when it has outlived it’s usefulness.

This expiration date, in the case of Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil, is usually located opposite to the logo on the package and is printed in small black letters. It will display the month, year, and day that your Vitamin E Oil should not be used after. 

If you really want to be sure that your Vitamin E Oil is still effective and worth using, locate this expiration date and trust it’s information!

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How to Know If Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil Has Expired

Perhaps you are unable to find the expiration date we’ve been discussing, or you would just rather know with absolute certainty whether or not Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil has expired.

If either of these scenarios is true for you, do not worry; there are other ways to tell if your product has outlived it’s use to you!

Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil does contain the actual Vitamin E, which means that this product is protected just a bit from a process called oxidization.

Oxidization means that your oil is slowly being broken down by exposure to elements such as light and temperature, but the main issue is oxygen itself.

Once your Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil has been opened, the Vitamin E within will keep it effective for around one year or twelve months.

However, after this, you may notice one of two things that can indicate your Oil has become oxidized and is no longer worth using.

Firstly, the Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil may smell a little foul. This is thanks to the breakdown of the oil in the air. Secondly, you will notice that the effects of the oil are no longer noticeable. 

This is because even Vitamin E, the key ingredient in your Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil, can break down and lose its effectiveness after a year.

Since a year’s time is usually the same as the expiration date printed on your Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil packaging, you can save a lot of time and disappointment by trusting this number.

Storing Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil to Lengthen Shelf Life

There is very little that you can actually do to keep Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil from expiring once it has been opened.

As soon as the oil is exposed to a change in air, temperature, and light outside of it’s sealed packaging, oxidization begins and the effectiveness of the vitamin begins to decline.

However, there are a few things you can do to make sure it at least lasts longer than a year if that is your preference. These tips are listed below:

  • Do Not Open – This is the absolute best way to prolong the shelf life of your Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil. As has been stated previously, opening your Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil essentially starts the year-long clock for your oil’s effective lifespan. However, if you don’t open the bottle at all, it will remain good for another three years.
  • Leave in a Cool, Dark Place – Again, one of the types of issues that causes Vitamin E oil to oxidate more quickly is light, with which comes warmth. When this happens, even Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, can naturally begin to break down.

Using Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil After Its Expiration Date

It is possible to use Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil after it’s expiration date, but the real question you would need to ask yourself is: why?

After the oxidization process begins, your Vitamin E works hard to keep it’s properties, but eventually they break down. 

You may not experience any adverse side affects from using Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil after it’s due date, but it will not do anything for you, either.

Considerations for Using Expired Vitamin E Oil

The only thing necessary to consider when using Vitamin E oil that is past it’s expiration date is that you will be rubbing oil on your skin that does not have any beneficial properties.

This is not going to harm your skin, and is very unlikely to cause rashes or anything unpleasant. It may even still smooth your skin out. 

However, you will not be getting any of the Vitamin E health properties, and therefore you may not find your oil as valuable.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your curiosity on this subject isn’t quite satisfied, read our answers to questions that are asked frequently:

Does Vitamin E Oil Go Out of Date?

Vitamin E Oil does eventually go out of date, making it less effective.

Does Vitamin E Oil Need to Be Refrigerated?

No, most vitamin E oils do not need refrigeration.

Does Vitamin E Cuticle Oil Expire?

Yes, cuticle oil does expire, though this does not mean that it will cause you harm if you use it after the date has passed. It simply means it will be less effective.

Is Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil Blend Good For Face?

Yes, Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil blend can be used on the face with no harmful side effects very effectively!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil is a great product for the health benefits within. However, after an expiration date passes, the vitamin will lose it’s potency.

This means that while you can use Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil after a year of it’s being opened, it will do little more than temporarily smooth your skin. It may even begin to smell poorly.

If you are interested in Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil, be sure to use it within the first year of opening it and go by the expiration date to be better safe than sorry!


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