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Does Trader Joe’s Sparkling Green Tea Have Caffeine? (Answered)

Does Trader Joe's Sparkling Green Tea Have Caffeine

Trader Joe’s offers a lot of very unique products. One that seems to be really popular, particularly during the summer months, is their sparkling green tea. Obviously, green tea has caffeine in it. Not as much as coffee, but it exists. This begs the question, does Trader Joe’s sparkling green tea have caffeine?

Trader Joe’s sparkling green tea does have caffeine in it, although not much. A single bottle (12 ounces) has just 33mg of caffeine in it. This is on par with the caffeine content of something like Coca-Cola. Although, of course, sparkling green tea is going to be a lot healthier than Coca-Cola. 

We understand that many of the people reading this page may not even be aware that Trader Joe’s has sparkling green tea in stock, let alone the taste of it. So, on this page, we are going to tell you everything that you really need to know about Trader Joe’s sparkling green tea. 

Understanding Sparkling Green Tea

Sparkling green tea is a very unique product. You will rarely find it sold in places other than Trader Joe’s. So, what is sparkling green tea? Well, it is a carbonated beverage, with a hint of green tea and some other flavorings in there.

Trader Joe’s actually stocks a few different types of green tea, with the watermelon ; mint flavor tea being sold virtually year-round.

The taste is unique too. It isn’t going to taste heavily like tea. In fact, the tea taste is almost imperceptible. You will taste sparkling water, mixed with the flavorings.

So, really, it tastes very similar to standard sparkling water, just with caffeine in it. Of course, you may have a different experience when you are purchasing Trader Joe’s sparkling green tea.

Apparently, there may be slight differences between batches. All we can tell you is that you shouldn’t really expect an overwhelming tea flavor. 

Trader Joe’s and Its Products

As we mentioned, Trader Joe’s is one of only a few places where you can likely buy something like sparkling green tea. This is all due to the business model that Trader Joe’s operates under.

You probably don’t need us to tell you that Trader Joe’s is a grocery store. You also probably don’t need us to tell you that Trader Joe’s are quite small.

They barely have any staff working there either. A lot of staple products can’t even be purchased at Trader Joe’s because of the size of their stores. People still love them, though. Why? Because this is a company that dares to be unique.

Trader Joe’s has come up with a huge selection of unique products that you would struggle to find in big supermarkets.

Some of the products sold by Trader Joe’s are highly limited. We are talking ‘blink and you will miss it’ types of deals. People love their products because Trader Joe’s has the right blend of quality and price. 

Trader Joe’s tries to source many of its products from smaller businesses and their products will always be sold under a brand name owned by Trader Joe’s.

Whether you are looking for something unique like sparkling green tea, or fresh or frozen products, then Trader Joe’s is worth checking out. You can’t buy everything here, but it will certainly supplement your weekly grocery shopping.

Trader Joe’s Sparkling Green Tea: Caffeine Content

Trader Joe’s only sells their sparkling green tea in 12oz bottles.

According to their product labels, the 12oz bottle is a single serving. It contains 33mg of caffeine. This is a fraction of what you would find in a cup of coffee the same size (136mg), but roughly on par with what you would find in a similar-size Coca-Cola or Pepsi. 

The low amount of caffeine in the sparkling green tea means that it probably isn’t going to ‘perk’ you up if you are used to coffee.

Although, if you have not regularly consumed caffeine, then you may feel a bit of a buzz. If you drink it regularly, then you may even develop an addiction to the caffeine. However, that issue is going to be nowhere near as bad as if you consume coffee, so we wouldn’t worry about that too much.

Other Options for Caffeinated Sparkling Beverages

Outside of sparkling green tea from Trader Joe’s, you can find Lipton sparkling green teas. You can find that in the likes of Walmart.

Although, their products are canned rather than bottled, which means the taste is going to be slightly different. It also means that you can’t seal it up once you are done drinking it. 

Outside of green tea, you have plenty of soft drinks that have caffeine in them. Perhaps the most notable are Coca-Cola and Pepsi, although these are not really viable alternatives to Trader Joe’s sparkling green tea because they are loaded with sugar and other non-healthy ingredients. 

Best Practices for Choosing Sparkling Green Tea

Choosing a sparkling green tea is mostly going to be about the flavor that you want. Sparkling green teas will always be flavored with some sort of citrus, or other fruit.

So, just choose an option that catches your attention. You may find that the taste of sparkling green tea in a bottle is different from that of a can.

Sparkling green tea will always taste a whole lot better if it is chilled. Don’t put ice cubes in it, though. It will water down the flavor a little bit. A lot of people find that the sparkling green tea makes a good mixer for cocktails during the summer. 

Final Thoughts

Trader Joe’s sparkling green tea has caffeine, but not a lot of it. You will find roughly 33mg per bottle, which is barely going to impact you if you are used to drinking a daily cup of coffee.

You can purchase sparkling green tea from other major stores e.g. Walmart. The caffeine levels will be roughly the same in those products, but the flavor may be a bit different. 


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