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Does Trader Joes Sell Ziploc Bags? (Answered)

Does Trader Joes Sell Ziploc Bags

Ziploc bags are a great way to store leftover food, transport snacks, or even organize loose items in your home. There are tons of uses for Ziploc bags which makes them a staple item in just about every household.

Does Trader Joe’s sell Ziploc bags? The answer is a surprising no. Trader Joe’s does not sell Ziploc bags under the brand name or even their own brand of plastic zip lock bags.

Not having such a necessary item for sale can leave many wondering why Trader Joe’s would not stock it on their shelves. In this article we are going to take a look at the types of products Trader Joe’s has to offer, as well as some alternatives that you can find at Trader Joe’s when it comes to food storage.

Trader Joe’s: Quick Overview

Trader Joe’s is a leading grocery store in the United States. It can mostly be found in the east and west coasts with tons of locations. They are constantly growing their store locations, so if you don’t have one in your area yet there is still hope.

The popularity of Trader Joe’s has been growing in recent years. The convenience store chain received a 63% popularity rating amongst Millennials, a 59% popularity rating amongst Gen-Xers.

Trader Joe’s and Products They Offer

Why Does Trader Joe's Produce Go Bad So Fast

Trader Joe’s is unique in their own little way, and that’s what makes them so popular. Not only can you find tons of fresh and organic Whole Foods and produce, but you can also find rare and unique flowers at the front of every store.

If that isn’t enough, then you will be surprised to see that just about every item sold at Trader Joe’s will have their own brand name to it. They offer tons and tons of frozen food desserts, entrees, snacks, and even baked goods.

There is enough items in their store that you will be coming back for years to come. They also offer seasonal items which you can only find at certain times of the year which adds to the variety of goods that they have to offer.

Many will complain that the Trader Joe’s stores and parking lots are too small, but if you can get over that fact, it is actually an awesome place to shop at. Their prices are fair and their products are great.

Ziploc Bags: What Are They?

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Ziploc is basically a brand name resealable plastic bag. They are great for storing food, snacks, desserts, toys, miscellaneous items, and anything else you can think of.

They offer tons of different resealable bags in all sorts of types and sizes. You can find bags specially designed for storing food in the freezer or fridge.

The name Ziploc comes from the pinch and seal design of the bags. Your can squeeze and press the top together to create a seal, or you. Can purchase bags that come equipped with a zipper for even easier closing.

Ziploc also has a Tupperware lineup for more heavy duty type of storage. Store leftover meals in their Tupperware, baking supplies, snacks, and more.

To check the current price and availability of Ziploc Storage Quart Bags, click here to view the listing on Amazon.

Availability of Ziploc Bags at Trader Joe’s

At this time you will not be able to find Ziploc bags at any of the Trader Joe’s locations. The closest thing you will be able to find to Ziploc bags are the Trader Joe’s reusable bag lineup.

Many Trader Joe’s items such as the beef jerky and nuts will come in resealable plastic bags. After eating the jerky or nuts, you can simply rinse the bags and use them just like a Ziploc bag.

Other Food Storage Alternatives at Trader Joe’s

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Although Trader Joe’s does not offer any type of plastic sealed or ziploc bags, you will be able to find other types of storage bags:

Reusable Insulated Bags – These reusable insulated bags are great for many uses. Use them when grocery shopping, or use them for picnics. They are insulated which means they will keep your cold foods cold or your hot foods hot.

Reusable Produce Bags – These reusable produce bags are great to use when you are on the go, or even in your own home. Use them to carry snacks with you, or take them to your next Trader Joe’s trip to carry and store your items before checkout.


Does Trader Joe’s Sell Bags?

Trader Joe’s does in fact sell different types of bags, You will be able to find reusable insulated bags, reusable produce bags, and even reusable shopping bags.

Why Doesn’t Trader Joe’s Sell Ziploc Bags?

As we all know, Trader Joe’s stores are fairly small with limited space for inventory. Trader Joe’s strives to bring only the most unique and best groceries available for their customers. Selling ziploc bags would most likely be wasted space as that space can be used for a new or seasonal item to add to their shelves.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately you will not be able to find any type of ziploc or resealable bags at Trader Joe’s. This is mainly due to Trader Joe’s limited inventory space. An item like a ziploc bag can be found at just about any other grocery or retail store.

However, you will be able to find a few alternatives to resealable bags. Trader Joe’s offers a variety of reusable bags like produce bags, shopping bags, and insulated bags.


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