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Does Trader Joe’s Sell Wonton Wrappers? (Answered)

Does Trader Joe's Sell Wonton Wrappers

Trader Joe’s is a great grocery store. You probably know that already. However, you also likely know that while they are great they don’t stock everything that you could possibly need. They would never be your main grocery store. But, does Trader Joe’s sell wonton wrappers?

No. Trader Joe’s does not sell wonton wrappers. It is a product that they have never kept in stock, and it is unlikely that they will ever keep it in stock. This is because Trader Joe’s wants to sell products that sell quickly. They don’t want a product that is too unique, which wonton wrappers are.

Let’s explain.

Availability of Wonton Wrappers at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s does not sell wonton wrappers. While you may be able to buy actual wontons at the store (normally in the freezer section), you likely will never be able to buy wonton wrappers. There is a good reason for this too.

One of the aims of Trader Joe’s isn’t to be a grocery store that sells everything. You already have companies like that out there e.g. Walmart, Costco, etc. Instead, Trader Joe’s aims to be the sort of store that keeps quality products ion stock at a cheap price.

Since they do not have a lot of space in their stores those products also need to turn over pretty quickly. They can’t afford to have products sitting on the shelves.

While we have no doubt that Trader Joe’s could source high-quality wonton wrappers at an affordable price, it is hardly the type of product that is going to sell quickly.

Let’s be honest here. The vast majority of people are not going to buy wonton wrappers. Most people don’t even know how to use them properly.

Because of this, Trader Joe’s would much rather put other products on the shelf instead 

Alternatives For Purchasing Wonton Wrappers at Trader Joe’s

Most big grocery stores should have wonton wrappers in stock. If they don’t, then you can substitute for egg roll wrappers (these are not available at Trader Joe’s either). The taste isn’t going to be exactly the same, but you are going to get something close enough that you probably won’t be too fussed about it.

That being said, when you are looking to buy something like wonton wrappers we do suggest that you avoid the big grocery stores.

This is because Asian markets tend to be a better bet. Surprisingly, Asian stores will not only have higher quality wonton wrappers, but they will tend to be cheaper than some of the big grocery stores too. Of course, not every town and city has an Asian store.

Most should do, though. In fact, you may even have a couple in your area. It is always wise to check them out if you are into Asian cooking. You will be surprised at what they have in stock and the prices!

If you really want to get fancy then you can make your own wonton wrappers. They are just flour, egg, and water. You can find plenty of recipes online.

Once you have tried your own freshly-made wonton wrappers we doubt you will ever want to taste any that you have picked up from a store again. 

Considerations When Using Wonton Wrappers

One of the big things people do when they have a wonton wrapper is overfilling them. You never need too much filling inside a wonton.

It is harder to cook and the wonton wrapper is going to be harder to wrap. At the most, you will need to put about a teaspoon of filling in each wonton.

You may also want to think about how you wrap the wonton. How you wrap the wonton will impact the type of cooking that you can do with it.

Luckily, in the age of the internet, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials that will show you how to wrap properly. However, let’s give you an overview of the most popular types of wrap and what they can be used for.

If you are boiling a wonton or that wonton is eventually going to be mixed into something quite liquid (e.g. a soup), then we suggest that you aim for the bonnet wrap. This is the most traditional way to wrap a wonton.

The diamond is the perfect shape for frying or boiling. 

The scrunch wonton wrapper is one of the easiest shapes to make, but it is not the most stable. This option is best for using the wontons in soups.

You will probably want to use this method if you are dealing with thinner-than-normal wonton wrappers. The scrunch helps to hold the thinner pastry together properly. 

If you are not using the wontons right away then you can freeze them for up to 2 months uncooked. Make sure that the wontons are not touching each other when placed in the freezer. An ice cube tray will really help here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an Alternative to Wonton Wrappers?

Egg roll wrappers are the closest that you will get to wonton wrappers. They are not quite the same thing, but they are close enough if you are not really striving to be authentic with your wontons. They will still taste nice.

Are Potsticker Wrappers and Wonton Wrappers the Same Thing?

No. Potsticker wrappers will be much thicker than wonton wrappers. This is because potstickers tend to have thicker fillings in them. However, in practice, you can substitute the two. Just do not expect them to taste exactly the same.

Final Thoughts

Trader Joe’s does not sell wonton wrappers nor have they ever sold wonton wrappers in their stores. It is a product that they will never stock because they wouldn’t sell fast enough.

Most grocery stores and Asian markets should have wonton wrappers in stock. You could also consider making your own.

When using your wonton wrappers we suggest that you think about the way that you wrap things. How you wrap will have an impact on the way that you cook the wontons. 


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