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Does Trader Joe’s Sell Velveeta? (Answered)

does trader joes sell velveeta

What do Trader Joe’s and Velveeta have in common? Well, both of them are true American icons that are able to bring plenty of joy. However, the two don’t exactly intersect.

You won’t find the original Velveeta at Trader Joe’s, but the store offers several alternatives. For example, they have plenty of mac and cheese options, cheese dips, and a cheese blend that is easily meltable.

What made the processed cheese product so popular and will it ever be sold at Trader Joe’s? Let’s find out!

What Is Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s is a chain of grocery stores in the United States. Currently, there are over 560 stores across the country, and the number is constantly growing.

That’s because the chain is incredibly popular among customers who value reasonable prices and incredible customer service. Furthermore, Trader Joe’s has a wonderful product selection, including gourmet foods and ‘alternative’ food options.

The majority of items at Trader Joe’s are sold on its own private label. This is done not only to make the packaging look more unique, it also allows the chain to skip the middle man and buy directly from vendors which, in its turn, allows Trader Joe’s to keep its prices as low as possible.

Fantastic customer experience is another reason why a lot of people adore Trader Joe’s. The stores take their clients’ feedback extremely seriously, and if you decide to share your thoughts with the employees, you can rest assured that your ideas will be taken into consideration.

Trader Joe’s Cheese Selection

The stores have an impressive selection of various cheeses for reasonable prices. Slices, wedges, wheels, creamy cheeses – Trader Joe’s has all that and a bit more!

Here are just a few examples of what you might be able to find in your local store:

  • Crumbled Goat Cheese ($2.99/4 Oz)
  • Pizza Bread Cheese ($1.99/6 Oz)
  • Chevre with Honey ($3.29/5 Oz)
  • The Cheese Party Tray – perfect for those who don’t want to spend time coming up with their own charcuterie board ($5.99/16 Oz)

What Is Velveeta?

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Velveeta is actually a brand name, not a separate type of cheese. It is a shelf-stable cheese product that is somewhat similar to American cheese and is mainly known for its orange color and smooth consistency.

Velveeta is generally made of such ingredients as milk, milk protein concentrate, whey, canola oil, modified starch, and cheese culture.

Fun fact: the product was invented over a century ago by a Swiss immigrant who tried to conserve waste from broken cheese wheels.

Originally, Velveeta was made from real cheese, but it is no longer the case. The item is classified as a ‘pasteurized process cheese product’, and that’s one of the main reasons why Velveeta has a fluid texture and can easily melt.

To check the price and availability of Velveeta Cheese, click here to view the selection on Amazon.

What Can You Eat Velveeta Cheese with?

Velveeta is usually used in recipes where it’s important for the cheese to melt completely and smoothly.

It’s perfect for mac and cheese, various dips, and soups (like ham and cheese or a cheeseburger soup, for example). You can even use Velveeta to make chocolate fudge!

To melt the ‘cheese’, all you would have to do is cut it into small cubes, melt some butter in the pan, and then add the Velveeta.

Once the cheese melts, add some milk, and continue stirring the dip to achieve a smooth consistency. After that, you can add your favorite spices and enjoy the yumminess.

Is Velveeta Available at Trader Joe’s?

The Velveeta Cheese Company was purchased by Kraft way back in 1927. And though some of Trader Joe’s items are in fact made by the same manufacturers behind the big brand names, Kraft and Velveeta are not one of them.

With that being said, Trader Joe’s is constantly introducing new products in the stores, and they might end up bringing out something very similar to Velveeta in the near future.

By the way, you can always consult the friendly staff members if they have anything Velveeta-like available in the store. Or you can even make a suggestion that would be taken into consideration by the Trader Joe’s team.

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Velveeta?

Though the stores do not sell Velveeta, you might be able to find some similar products at Trader Joe’s. For example, if you need Velveeta only to make mac and cheese, then you might want to give Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Mac and Cheese ($3.69) which features a four cheese blend a try.

Other mac and cheese options include Hatch Chile Mac ; Cheese ($2.99) with cheddar cheese and Joe’s Diner Mac n Cheese ($2.99) with a four cheese blend.

If you’re more into cheese dips, then you might like the Pimento Cheese Dip ($3.99) or the Syrah Soaked Toscano Cheese Spread ; Dip ($4.99).

If you’re looking for an actual cheese alternative for Velveeta, then you might like the Organic Shredded 3 Cheese Blend. It features Trader Joe’s most popular cheeses (Monterey Jack, Cheddar, and Mozzarella) and has superior meltability.

Do bear in mind that all of the products mentioned might not be available in your specific store or they might get discontinued by the time you read this article. So, make sure to check the availability of your cheese of choice on the official website beforehand.

Where Else Can You Buy Velveeta Cheese?

You might not be able to find authentic Velveeta cheese at Trader Joe’s, but there are plenty of other stores that sell this product. And the best part is that no matter where you decide to place an order, you will receive the same exact Velveeta.

  • There are tons of Velveeta items available on Amazon
  • Target sells the Velveeta Original Prepared Cheese Product for $8.49 for 2lb
  • Walmart features the Original Melting Cheese Dip ; Sauce 16-ounce block for $5.48
  • Ralph’s sells the same 16-ounce block for $7.49

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, Velveeta can not be bought at Trader Joe’s, but the store has a lot of alternatives to this orange deliciousness.

You might want to try out Trader Joe’s mac and cheese options or their cheese dips, and if you don’t like them, you can always get a block of original Velveeta at your local Target or Walmart.


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