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Does Trader Joe’s Sell Utensils? (Answered)

Does Trader Joe's Sell Utensils

A very popular grocery store chain in America is called Trader Joe’s. It has a variety of goods for low prices. One common good you see in grocery stores are utensils. Does Trader Joe’s sell utensils?

Yes, Trader Joe’s sells utensils. However, most of their utensils aren’t the utensils you’re used to. If you’re looking for kitchen sets, Trader Joe’s isn’t the best place to go. They have a lot of wooden utensils you can use, especially wooden spoons. If you need a new mixing spoon or prefer wooden utensils, then go buy some from Trader Joe’s.

The rest of this article will cover availability of utensils at Trader Joe’s, alternatives for purchasing utensils at Trader Joe’s, and considerations when purchasing utensils.

Availability of Utensils at Trader Joe’s

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Many of the utensils you’ll find at Trader Joe’s are seasonal. This means they only come out for certain seasons, then you won’t see them again. The wooden spoons they sell there commonly come out during the fall and sometimes winter.

After the colder seasons pass, the wooden spoons are harder to find. However, you can still find different types of wooden spoons around the store.

As for other utensils, they’re also hard to come by. You aren’t going to find your typical utensil kits at Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s is a company more focused on food products than kitchen tools.

You can find cutting boards and insulated bags to help in the kitchen, but otherwise, Trader Joe’s doesn’t have much in the way of kitchen aid. You’ll have to look elsewhere to find that.

However, that doesn’t mean the wooden utensils Trader Joe’s has doesn’t work. The wooden utensils are cute. You can even make your kitchen nature-themed by adding these wooden utensils to your collection.

The wood Trader Joe’s uses to make these utensils looks natural and like it came straight out of the forest. If you’re looking for utensils with a natural feel that are still effective, then try picking up utensils from Trader Joe’s.

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Alternatives for Purchasing Utensils at Trader Joe’s

Most grocery stores do carry utensil packs. Since Trader Joe’s doesn’t have the traditional packs, rather their own brand of wooden ones, you can go to another local store and find utensil packs.

You can find plastic, metal, and other wooden utensils at most other grocery stores. An example of a grocery store that carries utensils is Price Chopper.

If going to an in-person store isn’t an ideal option for you, then try ordering from off of Amazon. Amazon has the widest variety of utensils you can choose from.

Online sites tend to have wider variety because they have more in-stock. Sites like Amazon sell from vendors all over the world, so you will find the utensils that best fit your tastes.

However, if that still doesn’t sound like a great idea, then try making utensils at home.

There are some funny but effective ways to make utensils at home. For starters, chopsticks are the easiest since all you need are two long sticks you can hold together.

Take two pencils, clean them, remove any remaining lead inside them and enjoy your meal. You can also use pens.

You can try breaking off the end of a clothing hanger. Make sure you clean it first before eating. If you have tin foil, create a spoon with a roll of it.

Tin foil utensils work a lot better than you’d think, so if you’re in a pinch and need a spoon, try using tin foil.

Considerations When Purchasing Utensils

When purchasing utensils, there are a few factors you need to consider. For starters, you need to think about how many people you need utensils for.

If it’s just you, then get a smaller quantity so you can save money. Or, get reusable utensils so it’s a one-time purchase for the foreseeable future.

You then need to decide what material is the best for what type of foods you eat. If you eat messy foods that need to be cut often, you should get metal utensils. The metal utensils may be more expensive, but they’re reusable and good for sturdy foods.

There are other options available as well, like plastic and wooden utensils. Plastic utensils are cheap and accessible, but they break easily and can normally only be used once unless you’re an amazing cleaner.

Wooden utensils are reusable as well, and they’re decently sturdy. Trader Joe’s has wooden utensils available for a cheap price. Trader Joe’s is your best bet for wooden utensils since they have cheaper prices than most grocery stores.

Lastly, you need to consider your personal schedule and living situation. How available are you to clean these utensils? You’ll want to buy utensils that are easy to clean, if you’re buying reusable ones. If you’re not, then you don’t need to worry about cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Knives?

With how few utensils Trader Joe’s sells, it’s unlikely you’re going to find any knives there. Like with the wooden spoons, you can occasionally find knives depending on the season, but Trader Joe’s is not your best bet for knives.

Alternatively, you can try other grocery stores or online websites.

Final Thoughts

Trader Joe’s is not the best place for utensils, but they do have some options, particularly spoons. They offer wooden utensils that are sometimes seasonal.

If you look around the store enough, you’ll find a few wooden utensil options. If Trader Joe’s isn’t a good option for you, then try ordering utensils off of Amazon.

Amazon has a wide variety of utensils to choose from since they sell from vendors all over the world. You can find the best utensils that will fit your needs on Amazon or other online sites like it.


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