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Does Trader Joe’s Sell Umbrellas? (Answered)

does trader joes sell umbrellas

Trader Joe’s sells a wide range of various products, including household items. However, the chain does not have umbrellas, so if you ever need one, you might have to visit another store.

Keep on reading to find out how to choose the perfect umbrella and what on earth ‘umbrella etiquette’ is.

What Is Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s is a chain of grocery stores. Practically everything that you’ll find at the store features Trader Joe’s branding.

Here are a few fun facts about the stores:

  • The average Trader Joe’s keeps only around 4,000 items in stock, while the majority of other supermarkets have 50,000.
  • You can ask for free samples of almost anything in the store. Even if no one is handing out samples, the chances are high that an employee would open up a product just for you, so that you can have a taste.
  • The company began sourcing non-GMO products in 2001 which makes it one of the pioneers of the movement.
  • No products are ever put on sale and the selection varies from one state to the other.

What Types of Products Are Sold at Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s buys products and various items directly from the manufacturers and growers. This allows the company to be sure of the quality of the products and to keep the prices as low as possible.

At the stores, you’ll be able to find not only a wide range of gourmet products at amazing prices but also various household items.

The Best Trader Joe’s Brand Products

Some of Trader Joe’s bestsellers include:

  • Ranch Seasoning Blend
  • Chocolate Lava Cakes
  • Fully Cooked Prok Carnitas
  • Chimichurri Sause
  • Frozen Mozzarella Sticks
  • Hold the Cone Mini Ice Cream Cones

Are Umbrellas Available at Trader Joe’s?

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At the moment, Trader Joe’s does not sell umbrellas, but the stores are constantly bringing in new items, so that might change in the future.

Right now, you can shop at Trader Joe’s for other household essentials. Like candles, reusable insulated bags, cleaners, dish soaps, and so on.

By the way, even though the stores do not sell umbrellas, the staff members can hand out a few to the customers that are waiting in line outside of the store.

To check the current price and selection of Umbrellas, click here to view the selection on Amazon.

What Stores Sell Umbrellas?

Walmart and Target have a great selection of different umbrellas. You’ll also be able to find a lot of rain umbrellas at Walgreens and even the CVS Pharmacy.

What Types of Umbrellas Are There?

You might be surprised to find out how many types of different umbrellas there actually are:

  • Golf umbrellas are typically larger than 50 inches (they were designed to be much larger than the other types so that they could protect golfers and their backpacks from inclement weather)
  • Telescopic umbrellas or folding umbrellas are retractable which allows you to easily carry them and even put them in your bag
  • Straight umbrellas or non-folding umbrellas typically range between 38 and 50 inches
  • Patio umbrellas are the large ones that are used in the backyard, cafés, close to the swimming pool, and so on. They are usually fixed in place and are quite difficult to move around as some of them can be as big as 118 inches (or even larger)
  • Beach umbrellas are also quite large, but, in general, smaller than patio umbrellas as the former can accommodate two people

Of course, there are also cocktail umbrellas, Chinese oil paper umbrellas, child umbrellas, and even hat umbrellas, but the ones mentioned on the list are, perhaps, the most common types.

What Factors to Consider When Buying an Umbrella?

The main thing that you should bear in mind when shopping for an umbrella is what the item would be used for.

If you need an umbrella to place in your backyard, then you should certainly look for patio umbrellas made out of durable materials.

When searching for personal umbrellas that you can take with you, make sure to consider the following factors:

  • The frame material – fiberglass, for example, is lightweight and offers increased wind stability
  • The opening system – if you want to be able to open your umbrella by simply pushing the button, then look for an automatic one
  • The handle – it should be big enough for you to be able to comfortably carry the umbrella. Hook handles are usually the most convenient ones but they do take up a bit more space

How to Use Umbrellas and Maintain Them

Though practically all individuals know how to use an umbrella, not everyone is aware of the umbrella etiquette. These few simple tips would help you avoid poking someone’s eye out or causing discomfort in any other way:

  • Open your umbrella only when you are outside on the sidewalk.
  • Raise your umbrella when someone approaches you so that they can easily pass.
  • When holding a dry umbrella, don’t place it under your arm horizontally – you can end up stabbing someone.

When it comes to maintaining an umbrella, the number one piece of advice is to close it only once it’s dry whenever possible. Otherwise, the frame might start to rust and mold would develop on the fabric.

By the way, instead of lubricating the moving parts of your umbrella with oil, you can use hairspray. This hack will help you avoid oil stains on the fabric.

What Are the Best Alternatives for Umbrellas?

If you hate using umbrellas and you’d prefer not to have one even when it’s pouring rain outside, then there are a few alternatives that you might want to give a try:

  • Classic rain ponchos
  • Water-resistant attachable hoods
  • Rainproof hats

If you’re looking for a patio umbrella alternative, then you can go for a patio awning, sail shades, a roof overhang, or a pergola. By the way, trees can offer some protection from rain and sun as well.

Final Thoughts

Trader Joe’s has plenty of wonderful products, but umbrellas are not one of them. You also won’t be able to find any umbrella alternatives in the store, so if you get stuck in Trader Joe’s during heavy rain, you might have to wait for it to end before stepping outside.


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