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Does Trader Joe’s Sell Twine?

Does Trader Joe’s sell twine

Twine is a popular item that has many uses. Use twine to tie plants together, make beautiful gifts, use in arts and crafts, repair nets and other roped items, and the list goes on.

Does Trader Joe’s Sell twine? The answer is no. Trader Joe’s does not sell twine, and they probably never will. Trader Joe’s is primarily a grocery store that focuses on unique products at great prices.

In this article we will be taking a look at Trader Joe’s, items they are known for selling, and a few alternatives you can find in terms of arts and crafts at your local Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s and Who They Are

Trader Joe’s isn’t just your average neighborhood market. Upon first glance, you will notice that they do things quite differently. From their small parking lots, to their unique product selection, Trader Joe’s brings something new and exciting to shoppers.

Expect to be greeted by the friendliest of employees as well as some of the best prices around when it comes to fresh produce and groceries.

You won’t find many brand names inside of Trader Joe’s, but instead you will find just about everything under their own brand name.

Trader Joe’s also believes in bringing healthier products to their consumers. They stand by their products not containing any artificial flavors, dyes, or preservatives.

Trader Joe’s Unique Products

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Shopping at Trader Joe’s is a unique experience all in itself already. But they take it a step further by providing items that you won’t find in any other grocery stores. There are many different types of cuisines available for purchase in their perishable section as well as their frozen section.

Unique sandwiches, ready made meals, and frozen entrees just scratch the surface on what you will be able to find at your local Trader Joe’s.

Understanding Twine

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Twine is a strong thread that is made out of two or more thinner strands twisted together. The strands are twisted together in opposite directions which adds additional strength and helps keep the cord from unraveling.

Twine is usually made out of strong natural fibers like cotton, sisal, paper, hemp, wool, and more. Twine is still very popular today in crafting.

Many arts and crafts stores such as hobby lobby and Michael’s will have twine available in all sorts of colors, materials, and sizes.

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Does Trader Joe’s Sell Twine or Other Crafting Materials?

Does Trader Joe’s sell twine or other crafting supplies

Trader Joe’s does not sell twine in any of their store locations, however it would be tough to say if they didn’t sell any crafting items at all.

Trader Joe’s sells a wide selection of plants, and some of these plants such as eucalyptus make great decorations int he arts and crafts world. Here’s a few plants you can find at Trader Joe’s to brighten up some of your crafts.

Trader Joe’s Eucalyptus – Not only does eucalyptus smell good, but it also makes a great greenery decoration for crafts and gifts. These are sold in small bunches which makes it perfect for just about any project you may have.

Trader Joe’s Baby Breath – Baby’s breath is another beautiful plant that you can use in your arts and crafts. It comes in an elegant white, but Trader Joe’s also sells it in a colorful bouquet.

Hydrangea 3-Stem – The hydrangea is a beautiful flower that can be used to decorate vases and gifts. They start off light, and continue to darken as they bloom.

Final Thoughts

Twine is a versatile string that has a number of different uses. Many use it for arts and crafts, while some use it to repair items. Although twine is a common item in the arts and crafts field, Trader Joe’s does not carry it.

Trader Joe’s is more well known for carrying grocery products such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, drinks, and more.

The flower section at Trader Joe’s is the best alternative you will have to an arts and crafts section as they offer many unique plants such as eucalyptus and baby’s breath that pair well with gifts and boxes.


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