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Does Trader Joe’s Sell Trash Bags? (Answered)

does trader joes sell trash bags

Trader Joe’s may be a popular grocery store, but it is well known for steering clear of stocking some of the more essential products. So, does Trader Joe’s sell trash bags?

Trader Joe’s does not stock trash bags, and it is something that they are never likely to keep in their stores. It is unknown why this is the case, especially since trash bags should be a staple item at most grocery stores.

We know that you may be a bit miffed about the trash bag situation at Trader Joe’s, so let’s try and explain it to the best of our ability. 

Overview of Trash Bags

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Trash bags come in all different sizes. You probably knew that already. In some places, they may have different colors e.g. one color may be for recycling, and the other for general trash. However, in the US, that is pretty rare.

The main difference between the different types of trash bags on the market will be bio-degradable and not biodegradable.

If a trash bag says that it is bio-degradable, then this is a little bit better for the environment than your average trash bag. They will break down over time, and they won’t be releasing any harmful chemicals into the environment when they do so.

They will still take several years to break down but, for most people, these are the trash bags that you want to get. Everybody needs trash bags, after all.

If trash bags do not say they are biodegradable, then they aren’t. This means that they won’t break down for centuries. While these bags tend to be cheaper, you need to avoid them. You really don’t want to pollute the environment, right?

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Availability of Trash Bags at Trader Joe’s

Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s does not stock any trash bags in their stores. You would think that they would at least have biodegradable bags, but they do not.

There doesn’t seem to be that much information about why Trader Joe’s does not stock these bags. We can take a couple of guesses, but we have no idea how accurate they are.

As you may know, Trader Joe’s stores tend to be incredibly small. When they are stocking their stores, they always try to load them up with products that they know are going to sell incredibly fast and for the highest profit possible.

While we can imagine that trash bags would sell incredibly fast, we doubt that they are going to be selling for a huge amount of profit.

After all, most people do not need to buy trash bags all that often. They spend a couple of dollars in a month and they are set until the next month. 

We also believe that it may be part of Trader Joe’s drive to have greener products in their stores. This means that they don’t really want to be seen selling trash bags, especially when the company is so well-known for having paper bags in their stores. It is all about their image here.

Unfortunately, we cannot be more specific than that. Trader Joe’s just has never sold trash bags, and we seriously doubt that they are ever going to have trash bags in stock.

It is something that has caused a great deal of annoyance to their customers, though.

A lot of people really wish that Trader Joe’s would stock trash bags because, as it stands, if they want to get their hands on some trash bags then they need to look into other stores in the local area and this is just a lot of extra effort. 

Alternative Options for Trash Bags

Thankfully, trash bags are not some crazy rare item. While Trader Joe’s will not have any trash bags in stock, you will find that every other major grocery store will have a ton of options in stock.

Different colors, different sizes, etc. You will likely even find trash bags down at your local gas station. 

If you are looking for something a little bit better, then we do encourage you to start hunting down trash bags online.

There are some great websites that offer them, and the prices are going to be much, much lower than if you head into your local grocery store.

There are even some fantastic subscription services out there that can let you score a regular delivery of trash bags to suit your family’s waste needs.

Remember, once again, no matter which route you do decide to go down when you are looking for trash bags, you are highly encouraged to make sure that you only buy biodegradable bags. If a bag is not biodegradable, then give it a skip.

We know that you can save a bit of money if you went down the other route, but we really want you to help save the planet. We are sure that you can spare an extra dollar or two! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Doesn’t Trader Joe’s Sell Trash Bags?

It isn’t really known why Trader Joe’s does not stock trash bags. It is likely because they can’t sell the trash bags for a good enough price that they can make some profit on it.

Others have speculated that Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell trash bags because they want to look like they are doing their bit for the environment. 

Final Thoughts

Trader Joe’s does not sell trash bags in their stores. It is something that they have never stocked, and they are unlikely to ever have it in stock. This has irritated a lot of their customers, but there isn’t much that can be done about it.

Thankfully, if you are on the hunt for trash bags, every other major grocery store will have them. Chances are that there will even be a place close to Trader Joe’s where you can pick up your trash bags from.

This means that you can keep enjoying the awesome prices that Trader Joe’s has, but you can still buy some of the other essentials elsewhere. Alternatively, you can order online. 


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