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Does Trader Joe’s Sell Red Beets? (Answered)

Does Trader Joe's Sell Red Beets

Trader Joe’s is one of the latest and greatest names in popular U.S. grocery store chains. It offers a huge range of unexpected products, usually under it’s own brand name, in good and beverages. However, some things are not easy to find, leading to questions like “Does Trader Joe’s sell red beets?”

Despite having a publicly-acclaimed produce category of products, including many organic vegetables, Trader Joe’s does not sell red beets. Customers who want to benefit from the nutritional and recipe-utilized values of a red beet can find other great veggies like carrots and gold potatoes at Trader Joe’s. 

In this article, we will provide a highly clear answer to the question: “Does Trader Joe’s Sell Red Beets?” We’ll dive into why customers could be searching for red beets thanks to their many benefits, and we’ll cover how to research the availability of products and their range at Trader Joe’s. With so much to gather and understand, let’s get started right away!

Understanding Red Beets

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Red Beets are amazing veggies, but a customer who visits this article hoping to learn more about the kinds of foods that Trader Joe’s has to offer may not be aware of this particular vegetable gem. Let’s take a moment to understand red beets and why Trader Joe’s might be a good place to find them. 

Red Beets are typically found in the vegetable section of most grocery stores, though they are in fact part of the root of a beet plant!

They are called by several names (which might contribute to confusion when looking for them) such as garden beet, dinner beet, table beet, or even golden beet!

Still, usually, red beets are named for the red color of the plant’s stem and reddish-brown color of the root itself. They come in several varieties, such as sugar beets or spinach beets. However, the main uses for beets are in cooking! 

Red beets are typically boiled, sometimes roasted, and can be consumed raw, too. This is done in combination with just about any protein thanks to it’s earthy but ultimately mild taste, or sometimes individually. Red beets can be eaten with salad, too. Some cultures regard red beets as delicacies. 

Like most vegetables, red beets can be pickled, or even peeled and used as garnish or a condiment. In fact, in Australia, beets are pickled, sliced, and then used as one of the ingredients in an Australian hamburger! In Europe, on the other hand, it is common to eat beat root soup. 

As you can see, it is the flavor profile and easily-incorporated nature of the red beet that makes it a very versatile ingredient, and therefore popular in just about every type of cuisine. 

That being said, the benefits to stocking one’s kitchen with red beets don’t end  with their taste and easy incorporation into meals. They’re also incredibly healthy for humans to eat!

Beets are chock full of vitamins as well as minerals that the body thrives on; at the same time, they don’t offer much in the way of fat or calories. It’s antioxidant properties lower the risk of diseases of the heart while dropping blood pressure and bumping up a healthy gut!

It’s no wonder customers flock to grocery stores like Trader Joe’s to find these great veggies. 

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Trader Joe’s Product Range

Trader Joe’s product range is wide and as varied as the colors of the rainbow! This is one of the reasons why customers adore the United States grocery chain so much. You can usually find just about anything to satisfy your snack craving among Trader Joe’s specific products, from hard boiled eggs to cookies. 

Additionally, organic groceries and alternatives that line up with certain dietary lifestyles like gluten-free diets or even kosher lifestyles are abundant in Trader Joe’s. You’ll also find plenty of beverages like Almond Drinks, cold brew concentrates, and coconut water at Trader Joe’s. 

Among their candies are a few nutritional supplements, and along with these you’ll find just a handful of excellent, though limited, skin and body care products. 

Finally, Trader Joe’s tops off their impressive grocery store lineup and more modest but beloved skincare lineup with a beautiful array of fresh flowers. If you are looking for great and oftentimes rare offerings to stock your pantry and fridge with, Trader Joe’s is usually the place for you. 

However, they only keep products that are sure to justify taking up space on the shelf, which often means customers expect to find a regular grocery item and are sometimes disappointed. This is the case when it comes to red beets; though they do have many organic vegetables, red beets are not one of the foods Trader Joe’s offers. 

Researching Trader Joe’s Red Beet Availability

Trader Joe’s does have many organic vegetables, and they are almost constantly swapping out old products to make way for new ones. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to want to do your own research and make sure that red beets are truly not currently offered at Trader Joe’s before giving up. We understand, so we’ll give you our best research tips!

First off, check the Trader Joe’s website. By pinpointing your nearest store location through the use of your Zip code, the website will sift through these stores for whatever you search for. It will then list the products closest to your description.

If this isn’t clear or accurate enough for you, we really do think the best path to take next is contacting Trader Joe’s directly. Associates will check the store and save you a trip, answering your question pleasantly.

Don’t forget to check out online resources like forums or even social media pages to see what customers on the hunt for red beets have said about Trader Joe’s recently. 

Alternative Beet Options

If you are at Trader Joe’s hoping they recently decided to start stocking beets, bear in mind that Trader Joe’s does not always label or market their products the same way other grocery stores do.

Consider asking an associate to help cut down on your time spent searching the shelves, which are full of personality but sometimes hard to navigate. 

If you need an alternative to red beets, you can check out Trader Joe’s organic vegetable section. They may not have beets on their own, but sometimes, they carry prepared mixes of cut-up vegetables for salad that may contain beets. You can also find similar vegetables, in flavor, to beets, such as golden potatoes. 

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, Trader Joe’s is a very popular U.S. grocery store, but they do not sell red beets. This is very clear when you use research methods like checking the official website and the store itself, as well as consulting online resources like customer forums. 

However, you can still visit Trader Joe’s to be sure that the store, which is famous for trying to please customers, does not have what you’re looking for as recently as possible. 


Shane is a fitness enthusiast who also has a passion for trying and cooking new foods. His favorite stores to shop at include Trader Joe's, Wholefoods Market, Sprouts, Stater Brothers, and Target.

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