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Does Trader Joe’s Sell Q Tips?

Does Trader Joe’s sell q tips

Q tips are an essential toiletry item that you can find in just about any household. You can use them to clean your ears, apply makeup, and to clean various objects.

Does Trader Joe’s sell Q tips? To the surprise of many, Trader Joe’s does not sell Q tips. A standard household item like Q tips are not stocked in any of their store locations and probably never will be.

In this article we will be taking a look at what Trader Joe’s is, what they sell in store, and list many of the toiletry items that they do in fact sell.

Trader Joe’s Grocery Chain

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Trader Joe’s is a grocery store chain that has been expanding at a rapid rate.

What exactly is Trader Joe’s, and what makes them different? Trader Joe’s strives to bring customers a unique experience with both items and customer service.

Their Hawaiian themed stores along with the extremely friendly employees are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Trader Joe’s brings to the table.

Shopping at Trader Joe’s, you can expect a unique experience. You will find one of a kind items that are both delicious and reasonably priced.

Trader Joe’s also stands by their products not having artificial dyes, flavors, or preservatives. Also rest assured that any items that Trader Joe’s does not sell gets donated to help those in need.

Product Selection at Trader Joe’s

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Trader Joe’s sells many of your household favorites like milk, eggs, cheese, cereals, sandwich meats, beef, poultry, lunch entrees, frozen entrees, desserts, and more. What makes them different is the type of items the serve.

You will find items that are branded uniquely with the Trader Joe’s Brand. Many of the frozen food entrees, desserts, and perishables are unique to Trader Joe’s. I love shopping for new types of food every week.

They have different types of cuisines that vary from Italian to Mediterranean. With their always changing inventory, you will never get bored of finding new combinations to try.

Due to their small space for inventory, you will only find unique items that bring value to us customers. This is the main reason why you don’t see standard items like Q tips or some of your other favorite brands on their shelves.

Brief Overview of Q Tips

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Q tips is actually a brand name for these small cotton swabs. These small cotton swabs are usually cotton on both ends of either a plastic, wooden, or paper shaft depending on the brand and quality you decide to purchase.

These small cotton swabs have more uses than you think. Use them when doing nails, makeup, cleaning up around the house, cleaning electronics, and to clean your ears. Q tips aren’t marketed as use for cleaning ears, but that is a majority of their use with consumers.

Q tips can be found in just about every household due to their abundance of uses.

To check the current price and availability of Q tips, click here to view the listing on Amazon.

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Q Tips?

Trader Joe’s does not sell Q tips of any type, not even their own brand of cotton swab. For the most part, when Trader Joe’s puts an item on their shelves, they expect it to bring one thing unique to their customers.

There’s just nothing special that you can do to make a cotton swab any better or healthier for the environment. This is mainly the reason you won’t be able to find Q tips on their shelves now or even in the future.

Just because Trader Joe’s doesn’t have Q tips in their store doesn’t mean that they do not sell other toiletry items.

Toiletry Items You Can Find at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s actually sells many of their own toiletry items that I actually use on a weekly basis. Here is a small list of toiletry items that you will be able to find in their stores.

Trader Joe’s Bath Tissue – This toilet paper is extremely reasonably priced, is unbleached, and made out of 100% recycled materials. It’s 2 ply and contains 250 sheets per roll with each pack containing 12 rolls. What’s more to ask for? This is a gem and I really recommend you try it if you haven’t.

Trader Joe’s Lemongrass Moisturizing Shampoo – This shampoo is formulated with lemongrass oil and argon oil being its main ingredients. With a little bit of added vitamin e, this shampoo helps to create healthy and revitalized hair with only the healthiest ingredients.

This shampoo is designed to be safe for color-treated hair and is free from sulfates, phthalates, paragons, and silicone.

Trader Joe’s Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer – This is a water-based gel formula that contains many essential moisturizing ingredients. Green tea, aloe leaf juice, mil thistle extracts, and birch leaf is the secret to this skin-soothing gel.

Final Thoughts

Q tips are among one of the most frequently used toiletry items next to toilet paper. They are most commonly used to clean your ears, apply makeup, or clean different objects.

Trader Joe’s unfortunately does not stock Q tips at any of their stores. Mainly due to the fact that Trader Joe’s likes to bring unique items to their consumers.

Stocking a simple item such as Q tips will just take up much needed space in their store for more important items.


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