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Does Trader Joe’s Sell Paper Plates? (Answered)

does trader joes sell paper plates

Maybe you are planning a big party or have plenty of family coming into town; perhaps you are just sick of doing the dishes! If you are in the market for paper plates and hoping to save yourself more than one trip out, you are right to ask yourself: “Does Trader Joe’s sell paper plates?”

Trader Joe’s is a grocery store chain containing many products, one of which is indeed paper plates. The paper plates sold at Trader Joe’s can be identified by the subtle imprint of the grocery store’s logo, and can be found in the paper goods section of the location.

In this article, we will go over an overview of Trader Joe’s as a store and their products, as well as how to find the somewhat elusive paper plates whether you’re online or in the store itself. We will even go over a comparison of brands between Trader Joe’s and other grocery stores like it!

Searching for Paper Plates at Trader Joe’s

When finding paper plates at a busy chain with high popularity and a unique style of products like Trader Joe’s, it can be tricky to know where to begin. First, decide on your method of shopping.

While going to a Trader Joe’s location is a real treat thanks to great customer service, maybe you need to shop online, instead. There are different steps to take depending on your method. Here’s how we did it in-store:

  • Check the signage – Trader Joes has a home-town aesthetic to it’s locations, meaning all of the signs are arranged in an artistic, hand-drawn style on chalkboards and hanging signs in a haphazard way. You may have to look around before you see paper products.
  • Ask For Help – One of the easiest and most sure-fire ways to find what you’re looking for fast is to ask someone who spends their whole day in a Trader Joe’s store and is actively paid to help you! Simply ask an employee where you may find Paper Plates, and if the location is thoroughly stocked, they’ll take you right to them.

Searching for Paper Plates online from Trader Joe’s is a little easier. You may not have the luxury of asking a human being where the paper plates can be found, but a search engine can show you that Trader Joe’s sells paper plates online.

If you are planning on picking paper plates up after ordering them online, follow these steps:

  • Go to Trader Joe’s Website – After going to TraderJoes.com, the website will automatically provide you with information from the store closest to your location.
  • Go to Products – Click on the Products button under the three-line menu sign at the top right corner of the website. This will take you to a page with a search bar.
  • Type “Paper Plates” in the Search Bar – If your Trader Joe’s location stocks paper plates, they will appear and be available to add to your “Shopping List” on the website. However, some locations may not stock paper plates.
  • Use the Toolbar to Search the Internet – Other websites like eBay or Amazon.com may have Trader Joe’s brand of plates for sale even if your local location does not; plus, they come with shipping! You’ll know Trader Joe’s paper plates by the Trader Joe’s logo emblazoned on the plates themselves.

Results of Search for Paper Plates at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s does not have much to offer in the way of variety when it comes to paper plates. They only sell one size of paper plates at around 5 inches in diameter. These are round, white, and sold as “Dessert Plates.” 

Online, Trader Joe’s paper plates come in a count of 1000 per product, which is a bulk deal, and typically sell for around $6 U.S. Dollars.

Comparison to Other Retailers

So Trader Joe’s does sell it’s own brand of paper plates for around $6, and in a bulk of 1000. However, with a lack of variety in shape or size, as well as price, are there better options at other retailers? Let’s compare:

  • Target’s Paper Plates – Target sells paper plates in a variety of brands. You can purchase square edge, beaded plates for a fancy party or simple Dixie dinner plates. Their Smartly Paper Plates come in a 300 count and cost $10.99, making them more expensive in a lower quantity than Trader Joe’s bulk plates found online.
  • Walmart Paper Plates – Walmart is definitely king when it comes to variety, offering over 30 ways to buy 1000 paper plates in bulk. Some have patterns, like the Dixie brand, and some do not, with prices ranging from $28 to over $100 depending on the brand purchased. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions regarding Trader Joe’s paper plates? Check out our FAQ section below!

What is the most popular items at Trader Joe’s?

The Trader Joe’s company does offer a list of the most popular items they sell each year.

Most recently, their Non-Dairy Oat Beverage, Teeny Tiny Avocados, Mandarin Orange Chicken, and Hold the Cone! Ice Cream have been their most popular items.

What Items Are Being Discontinued at Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s most recently discontinued their Pet Food on the whole, as well as favorites like Popcorn in a Pickle, Chili ; Lime Flavored Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips, and Cultured Salted Butter.

Is Trader Joe’s and Aldi’s Owned by the Same Company?

Both Aldi and Trader Joe’s are the property of Aldi Nord, which is a German-based chain, so technically they are owned by the same company.

Final Thoughts

To sum everything we have learned up, we were able to find paper plates as they are sold at Trader Joe’s! We even compared prices of the plates Trader Joe’s has to offer with those that are found at other retail stores, such as Target or Walmart.

Trader Joe’s does offer a healthy helping of plates in bulk, enough to serve large parties on, and the pricing is reasonable. This makes purchasing plates at Trader Joe’s worthwhile. With that being said, some other retailers are a better option.

Walmart offers paper plates in a bulk of 1000 for $28 at a minimum, and Target offers more variety for a higher price in less bulk.  Contrast this with the 1000 bulk package of plates that Trader Joe’s is selling for $6, and it is easy to see that while you’re getting quantity from Trader Joe’s, you may not be getting quality into the bargain.


Shane is a fitness enthusiast who also has a passion for trying and cooking new foods. His favorite stores to shop at include Trader Joe's, Wholefoods Market, Sprouts, Stater Brothers, and Target.

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