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Does Trader Joe’s Sell Pancetta? (Answered)

Does Trader Joe's Sell Pancetta

Trader Joe’s has been a go-to grocery store for finding unique food items alongside your everyday staples and healthy items. This is true of meats as well. Trader Joe’s has quite a varied selection of proteins, even some you may not be able to find at most of your basic grocery stores. 

Pancetta is one example of a harder-to-find meat that Trader Joe’s is known to carry. It doesn’t seem as though Trader Joe’s has carried pancetta under their own brand name, but they have sourced it from other companies. When Trader Joe’s doesn’t produce their own products, they are extremely careful with what products they choose to stock. 

Not all Trader Joe’s stores will have pancetta in stock at all times, which is not uncommon with the way that Trader Joe’s operates. 

Understanding Pancetta

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Pancetta is pork belly that is often cured but can also be found uncured. It’s a thick and richly flavorful cut of pork that is often compared to bacon in its flavor and versatility. Pancetta is sometimes sliced very thinly and sold as strips or circles in a deli or grocery store. It’s also sold in thicker cubes. 

Pancetta has a lot of uses in the kitchen, though it’s most famously used in spaghetti carbonara. Thin slices of pancetta are often seen decorating charcuterie boards or artisan sandwiches. Cubed or chopped pancetta can be used in a variety of dishes, from salads to soups to omelets and so much more. 

A lot of cured meats have a combination of fat and meat. Pancetta is known to have a higher fat content than some other cured meats which can be utilized in so many recipes to extract excellent flavor. It’s often compared to other pork-based meats like prosciutto, ham, and bacon, though these meats do have quite a few differences. 

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Trader Joe’s Product Range

Trader Joe’s sells a wide variety of grocery items, hygiene and wellness products, and prepared food items. You can also find an extensive array of beverages including alcohol.

Trader Joe’s is famous for its fresh food section as well as its floral department. Each store offers something a little bit different based on numerous factors, much of which are based on the community in which the store is located. 

Trader Joe’s sells a lot of packaged meats and fresh seafood, and they even have a ton of alternative plant-based products designed to be meat substitutes.

As much as possible, Trader Joe’s will source meat that is farmed responsibly and ethically, choosing organic or chemical-free meats when available. They also aim to support local farmers for meat and other items. 

Trader Joe’s updates their stock often, and what may be showing online may or may not be in stores. Similarly, going to the store and taking time to walk through the aisles is the best way to discover something new.

Calling a store will also give you insight into what products they currently have in stock, what they may be expecting in future shipments, and recommendations for substitute products. 

Researching Trader Joe’s Pancetta Availability

Trader Joe’s has been known to stock a couple varieties of pancetta. The pancetta found in their stores tends to be minimally processed compared to other brands.

Being that pancetta is not the healthiest pork product, being able to find pancetta that isn’t overly processed, is free of added nitrites and isn’t laden with artificial ingredients is a bonus. 

If you can find pancetta at your local store, be sure to stock up on it. It’s quite affordable for cured meat, and you can freeze it if you can’t eat it all before it starts to expire. This way, you don’t lose out on this delicious product in case it’s no longer being sold the next time you run to Trader Joe’s. 

When Trader Joe’s has a stellar product, it tends to make it into food reviews and on forums. Doing a quick Google search can give you some amazing insight about products worth trying or can tell you whether a product is discontinued or back in stock. So many of these reviews and forums are created by customers who shop at Trader Joe’s regularly. 

Once again, calling or visiting a store is the best way to get up-to-date information about inventory levels of pancetta. Trader Joe’s staff members are known for being very kind and patient with customers and are trained to help customers find what they’re looking for as best as they can. 

Alternative Cured Meat Options

If you can’t find pancetta at your local Trader Joe’s, it’s very likely that you’ll find a wide selection of alternative cured meats to choose from.

Additionally, you may stumble upon a meat product that may be labeled as ham or bacon but it’s actually pancetta or pork belly. You can typically tell by the product’s thickness or by reading more about the product itself. 

If you need a substitute for sliced or deli-style pancetta, prosciutto is another cured pork product that is very similar in terms of that rich, salty flavor that pancetta delivers perfectly. A thick cut of bacon or even Canadian bacon can give you a similar mouthfeel and flavor profile to pancetta as well. 

Speaking of bacon, Trader Joe’s seems to constantly have a fantastic selection of bacon. You can find both cured and uncured bacon that is sourced from responsible farms and isn’t overly processed. 

Final Thoughts

Pancetta is something that Trader Joe’s is known to carry in their very excellent selection of meat products. Don’t be too discouraged if your local Trader Joe’s is out of pancetta. There’s a chance it’ll come back at a later time, and there’s a chance Trader Joe’s will update its pancetta selections. 

Given that the pancetta Trader Joe’s has sold is featured quite favorably in many reviews and recipes, many locations that have seen success with it will likely continue to bring it back. Staff at Trader Joe’s are also very friendly and willing to help, so call your local store today and see if they have delicious pancetta available. 


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