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Does Trader Joe’s Sell Lottery Tickets? (Answered)

Does Trader Joe's Sell Lottery Tickets

Trader Joe’s is an American grocery chain with over five hundred stores across forty two states. Trader Joe’s is known for being a very cheap grocery store with a variety of products. However, they don’t have every product other grocery stores do, like lottery tickets.

Trader Joe’s does not sell lottery tickets. Instead of selling lottery tickets, Trader Joe’s hosts their own raffles. These raffles happen weekly, and one lucky winner will get a $25 gift card. Other than these raffles, Trader Joe’s does not offer any type of lottery. This is due to the location many the stores are in and the weekly raffle they offer as an alternative.

The rest of this article will cover a lottery ticket overview, Trader Joe’s lottery ticket policy, alternatives for buying lottery tickets at Trader Joe’s, and other products and services offered at Trader Joe’s.

Lottery Tickets Overview

Lottery tickets come in all shapes and sizes depending on the lottery they correspond to. Lotteries are a form of gambling that involve drawing random numbers for a chance at getting a prize. These prizes are most commonly high sums of money.

There are some governments that outlaw lotteries while others endorse and even host them. Lottery tickets are inexpensive, but at the cost of not having a high chance of getting a large prize.

You can get small prizes, like two to five dollars, but the huge rewards have low odds.If someone wins a jackpot prize, they can choose how they receive the money.

For most lotteries, you have one full year to claim your prize while others limit it to half a year. It varies based on what state you’re in and what prize you’re playing for.

Trader Joe’s Lottery Ticket Policy

Trader Joe’s has no policy regarding lottery tickets since they don’t sell them. If you go on the Trader Joe’s website and look for lottery tickets, you won’t find any.

Despite how Trader Joe’s has a variety of products, lottery tickets are not available in-store.

If you want to buy lottery tickets, you’ll have to find alternatives since Trader Joe’s only offers raffles, not lotteries. 

Alternatives for Buying Lottery Tickets at Trader Joe’s

Lottery tickets can only be bought in-person. You will have to purchase them at a designated location that sells lottery tickets. many of these designated locations are small convenient stores or liquor stores. To check out the lottery store ticket locator, click here.

Instead of going back into a store to see if your tickets won, go to the mobile app store for your phone and download the lottery app to check your tickets for free, without the need of going back into a authorized store.

There are also mobile apps that are different types of gambling. If you don’t want to buy lottery tickets, try a gambling app that deals with slots or something similar. These apps have exploded in recent years, and you can find dozens of them on your app store.

If going into liquor stores or other small convenient stores don’t appeal to you, then try out different grocery stores. Most large chain grocery stores offer lottery tickets, like Price Chopper.

Gas stations are also another popular choice. While getting gas, consider stopping inside the mart and picking up lottery tickets.

Other Products And Services Offered At Trader Joe’s

The best part about Trader Joe’s is their amazing return policy they offer. You can return any product, even opened food, and receive a full refund. The return policy is amazing for those who have a tendency to buy more than they need.

Although they don’t have curbside pickup or delivery, Trader Joe’s offers a weekly store raffle. Not every store has it, but go to your local Trader Joe’s and find out if they do. All you have to do is shop at Trader Joe’s to be eligible.

While buying products, fill out a piece of paper with your name and phone number to enter the raffle.

If you win, you will receive a $25 gift card to Trader Joe’s and a signature Trader Joe’s grocery bag. Since it resets weekly, if you shop there often, you should enter the raffle.

As for products, Trader Joe’s is known for their unique products and seasonal foods. They are known for their food because they have such a wide variety. There are whole sections dedicated to foods from around the world.

For example, you can find Korean scallion pancakes, or pajeon, at Trader Joe’s. You can also find countless kosher and gluten-free products at Trader Joe’s as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Are Lottery Tickets?

Since there are so many types of lotteries, there are varying prices for varying lotteries. The Mega Millions lottery is only $1 per ticket whereas other lotteries can charge up to $25.

Most lottery tickets are much cheaper than that, but there are expensive ones out there.

What Are Lottery Prizes?

Like lottery tickets, lottery prizes vary. The prizes can go up into the millions. There are also smaller prizes, such as five dollars. It isn’t much, but it’s most likely more than what you spent on the ticket.

There are also larger prizes that are more common to get than the jackpots. The larger prizes are in the hundreds, where you can get around one hundred to five hundred dollars.

Not all lotteries offer these prizes, so make sure you look at what you’re buying before you get it.

Final Thoughts

Lotteries are a form of gambling that involve scratching lottery tickets and receiving random numbers. Certain numbers have prizes, whether they be big or small. Trader Joe’s is one of the grocery chains that does not sell lottery tickets.

Since Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell lottery tickets, you need to find alternatives such as buying them online or trying other gambling apps.

You can also try other grocery stores or gas stations. Although Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell lottery tickets, you can still find plenty of good products and services there.


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