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Does Trader Joe’s Sell Liquid Smoke? (Explained)

Does Trader Joe's Sell Liquid Smoke

Liquid smoke captures the essence of flavorful smoked wood and packages it into a bottle. This liquid seasoning has been used to enhance or add flavor to a plethora of dishes, especially alternatives to meat. Since Trader Joe’s is known to sell all sorts of interesting seasonings and sauces, does Trader Joe’s sell liquid smoke?

Trader Joe’s doesn’t usually sell liquid smoke, but they do sell similar products that have received rave reviews. They have a couple of coconut aminos which can flavor foods the same way that liquid smoke does. 

Trader Joe’s is always changing the products that they carry so if you can’t find coconut aminos but want something similar to liquid smoke, you never know when they might decide to add a liquid smoke to their lineup. 

Overview of Trader Joe’s 

Trader Joe’s began as a convenience store in California that transitioned into a grocery store modeled after the founder’s admiration of the tiki bar aesthetic.

The grocery store has been able to expand into a chain because of its unique selection of products and its focus on community and customer service. 

The chain is also excellent at keeping up with food trends, fostering partnerships with community sources of product, and making sure to have offerings for all lifestyles and dietary needs.

The shelves are refreshed with new products often to entice customers to keep coming back so they can discover a new favorite. 

Trader Joe’s Condiment and Sauce Section 

Every aisle of a Trader Joe’s store is curated with care and thought, and the condiment and sauce section is no exception.

In this section, you’ll find your essential sauce and condiment staples and so much more. You’ll find lots of organic sauces and interesting flavor combinations as well as vegan or gluten free versions of essentials. 

The thrill of finding a new sauce or condiment at Trader Joe’s is one of the many things that entices their customers.

The chain will carry a selection of items from multiple brands but they also release their own condiments and sauces under their private label. 

One of the things Trader Joe’s does really well with their own products is they experiment with new flavors and spices to give customers something they’ve never tried before. 

Liquid Smoke and its Culinary Significance

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Liquid smoke is made when woods such as hickory or mesquite are burned at very high temperatures in order to produce smoke particles.

When those smoke particles are gathered up in condensers, they are prepared into a concentrated liquid that can be used as a seasoning. A little bit goes a long way with liquid smoke. 

Liquid smoke tends to be used to make a lot of alternative meats, especially vegan bacon. The smoky flavor it adds helps to make these vegan versions of meat taste a little bit closer to the real thing.

Liquid smoke can also be mixed into other sauces or dressings to transform their flavor. 

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Researching Trader Joe’s Liquid Smoke Availability

If you want to find some liquid smoke, coconut aminos, or a similar type of seasoning product, there are a few ways you can try and locate these products at your local Trader Joe’s.

If you don’t have the time to browse the aisles until you find what you’re looking for, you can ask a staff member to help you search in the store. 

You can also give your local store a call to see if they have any in stock or are planning on getting some in. This will usually give you the most accurate, timely information.

The Trader Joe’s website also lets you search your local store to see what kind of items you can expect to find at that location. 

Results: Does Trader Joe’s Sell Liquid Smoke?

It’s difficult to find liquid smoke available at Trader Joe’s stores right now. As liquid smoke becomes a more well-known condiment thanks to the recognition of its multiple uses, there’s a good chance that Trader Joe’s may consider stocking it on a more regular basis. The chain is known to hop on food trends after all. 

Each Trader Joe’s will have different products, so finding something at one store doesn’t mean you’ll find it at every store.

When you do find something you like, you’ll want to stock up a bit in case the store decides to update their shelves with something different. Typically, stores will change their lineup to stay fresh and based on what sells in their store. 

Another option you have is to go to Trader Joe’s website and submit your feedback about products you want your location to sell.

As Trader Joe’s knows that customers are sometimes sad to see their favorite product discontinued, they’ve allowed a feedback space on their website in an effort to try and listen to their customers. 

Alternatives to Trader Joe’s for Liquid Smoke Purchase 

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Trader Joe’s makes coconut aminos which is very similar to liquid smoke in its uses. Coconut aminos also have some great nutrients that’ll only add to your dish.

Trader Joe’s coconut aminos have been highly rated by customers who keep coming back for this condiment. You also can’t beat the price; a bottle costs about $3, and a little goes a long way. 

Liquid smoke can sometimes be found in grocery stores, but you’ll likely have more luck at a specialty or health foods store.

You can also shop online for liquid smoke on websites like Amazon and Walmart. For a bottle of liquid smoke, you’re looking to spend anywhere between $4 and $7. 

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Final Thoughts

Liquid smoke doesn’t appear to be something Trader Joe’s regularly carries, but there are thankfully a few alternatives available at their stores that can satisfy your culinary needs. If you’re someone who enjoys cooking and playing with sauces to create new flavors, liquid smoke is a must-try. 

Because liquid smoke can be made with different types of woods often used to cook meat, you can easily add a meaty, smoky flavor to all sorts of dishes without adding artificial flavors and chemicals to your food. 


Shane is a fitness enthusiast who also has a passion for trying and cooking new foods. His favorite stores to shop at include Trader Joe's, Wholefoods Market, Sprouts, Stater Brothers, and Target.

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