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Does Trader Joe’s Sell Labneh? (Answered)

Does Trader Joe's Sell Labneh

Trader Joe’s has been sure, over the years, to include in its aisles the many items that customers need on a day-to-day basis or even occasionally. But does Trader Joe’s also sell Labneh, a thick, creamy, tangy middle eastern yogurt-based dip?

After analyzing the website as the primary source of information, we found that Trader Joe’s did sell Labneh as a regular product. However, the once-available dip was removed from the shelves post-September 2021. The audience can, however, rest assured that the store still caters to its customers’ tastes and choices by expanding the range of spreads they sell. 

The article below tells all you need to know about Labneh and its availability at Trader Joe’s. Read on!

Understanding Labneh

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Labneh is a yogurt-based product that falls under the category of dips and cheese. It is thick, creamy, and tastes similar to American cream cheese but has more flavor, complexity, and acidity. It contains every beneficial probiotic found in cultured yogurt and can be called the ideal blank slate for all your creative toppings!

The best part about Labneh is that it’s easy to make with little to no fuss and can be flawlessly modified according to your taste buds. Labneh is most commonly served as a side in bread-based foods.

Drizzled with olive oil, an optional sprinkle of red chili, and za’atar, the Labneh is scooped with sourdough bread. It can be eaten with roasted or steamed vegetables as the ultimate healthy snack.

Several variations now exist for the dip. However, the classic spread in the past was made from only yogurt and salt, strained for 48 hours, and served as is.

The history of Labneh dates back more than 2,000 years, and it is a product of the Levant, often known as the “fertile crescent.” Many Middle Eastern meals today still start with Labneh.

The table below shows the similarities between Labneh and some popular dairy-based products.

ProductSimilarities to LabnehDifferences from Labneh
Sour CreamThey both have a rich, tangy flavor.Sour cream is made from cream that has been fermented, while Labneh is made from strained yogurt.
Cream CheeseBoth have a creamy texture and are spreadable.Cream cheese is made from cream, while Labneh is made from yogurt.
Greek yogurtBoth are made from strained yogurt.Greek yogurt has a slightly thinner and easy-to-flow consistency than Labneh because it is not strained for very long.
Ricotta CheeseBoth have a firm yet creamy texture and appear in a variety of recipes.Ricotta cheese uses whey as the primary ingredient for its manufacture, while Labneh uses yogurt.

To check the current price and availability of Le Bedouin Labneh, click here to view the listing on Amazon.

Trader Joe’s Product Range

Numerous items from Trader Joe’s have won over the hearts of their customers. Foods, drinks, plants, flowers, household necessities, pet needs, skin and body care products, and medicinal supplements are a few examples of basic categories.

Trader Joe’s has a wide selection of healthy, dairy-based products. These can be placed in several categories, including:

  • Dips, sauces, and dressings: This section includes spreadable and ready-to-eat products made from healthy, protein-containing starters. These include Red Pepper Hummus, Chipotle Roasting Sauce, and Vegan Nacho Dip, to name a few.
  • Dairy and eggs: These include the basics, such as eggs, butter, yogurts, creams, and milk and egg nog.
  • Freshly prepared foods: These include ready-to-cook products such as the 4 Cheese Ravioli and Organic Tofu, salads, soups, burritos, and even ready-to-bake cinnamon rolls. 
  • Snacks and sweets: This section includes snacks with a healthy twist, such as Milk Chocolate Bar with Corn Flakes, Soft and Juicy Mango, and Super Speedy Cheese Snack Bites. These also include dried fruits, nuts, and seeds.
  • Cheese: These include natural cheese that can be shredded or served as is, including Taco Seasoned Gouda Cheese and Sliced Sharp Cheddar Cheese. Some flavored spreads, including Red Bell Pepper, Garlic, Parmesan, and Hot Cocoa Inspired Cream Cheese, are also available.  

Trader Joe’s alternate spreads and dairy products include sour cream, cream cheese, Greek yogurt, ricotta, and mascarpone cheese.

Researching Trader Joe’s Labneh Availability

To satisfy the taste buds of its multicultural and extraordinarily diverse audience, Trader Joe’s did stock up on Labneh for its customer.

The product’s presence was accurate as of September 2021, with a label that read, “A creamy, tangy, extra-strained Middle Eastern style kefir cheese.” 

In recent times, however, the store has stopped selling the spread, as is evident from its absence on the store’s website.

The Labneh had gathered a loyal audience who would visit the store frequently to purchase the product, and it was known as “the most authentic type of Labneh present in the US market.” 

The exact reason for the discontinuation of the product is unknown; however, several factors, including a lack of supply and demand, a lack of profitability, space constraints, and trends in customer preferences, could have been the contributors to this decision.

Regular buyers of the product can only hope that Labneh returns to the shelves after voicing their concerns online.

Alternative Dairy Spreads or Yogurt-Based Products

Trader Joe’s can be selling Labneh under a different name or label when viewed with an eye for detail. For buyers who hold tastes to a very high degree, comparing the ingredients that go into manufacture can help solve this mystery, mentioned at the back of the label.

Since Trader Joe’s has not confirmed this statement, one can hope such a possibility exists and keep a sharp lookout! Some examples of alternative dairy spread or yogurt-based products that Trader Joe’s currently carries instead of Labneh include:    

  • Greek Yogurt: This includes Nonfat Plain, Whole Milk Plain Greek Yogurt, and Greek Yogurt with Honey.  
  • Cream Cheese: These include vegan and flavored options such as Olive and Chive.
  • Sour Cream: Vegan Sour Cream alternative is available for customers.
  • Mascarpone and Ricotta Cheese: Several options are available in this category, including Whole Milk, Part Skim Ricotta Cheese, and regular Mascarpone cheese tubs.  

Final Thoughts

Based on the research conducted, we can conclude that Trader Joe’s once sold the famous Labneh dip. However, the store no longer sells this yogurt-based product for unspecified reasons. However, it offers various choices in the form of spread, dips, and cheese that can give the same creamy, tangy, and wholesome flavor as the Labneh.

This article attempted to solve your queries related to Trader Joe’s Labneh availability and to give you knowledge of the Middle Eastern favorite in all its glory.

Visit Trader Joe’s website and navigate through the various tabs to reach the product of your choice if you want the most up-to-date information. The best method to get answers to your questions is to contact a customer service representative from Trader Joe’s.


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