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Does Trader Joe’s Sell Ice Cream Cake? (Answered)

Does Trader Joe's Sell Ice Cream Cake

Trader Joe’s is a popular grocery store chain in America. It is a small chain dedicated to unique products and seasonal offerings. They have a wide variety of goods including, but not limited to, self-care items, groceries, baked goods, vitamins, beauty products, and more.

Since Trader Joe’s has such a wide variety of options, one of those categories is ice cream. Ice cream is a tasty treat that’s especially good during the summer. Summer birthdays are even better with ice cream and since ice cream is so popular, it’s sold at many chains. But what about ice cream cake?

Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s does not offer ice cream cake out of their wide selection of desserts and ice cream.

Understanding Ice Cream Cake

The appeal of ice cream cake originates from the appeal of cake itself. On birthdays, cakes are delicious treats to celebrate the special day.

However, ice cream cake is an upgraded form of cake not made with traditional batter, and typically served in extreme heat.

Instead of regular cake, ice cream cake substitutes the normal layers with ice cream. Alternatives like cookie crumbles, chocolate, or even butterscotch are also used to add more flavor to the dessert. In general, ice cream cake is served in spring and summer.

Ice cream cakes come in no shortage of flavors. Almost all the flavors you can get with regular cake you can get with ice cream cakes as well. For example, the classics like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry are available for you to consume.

Most ice cream cakes come with a crunchy filling that substitutes the frosting that would normally be in the middle of a regular cake. That crunchy texture makes it fun at parties or birthday celebrations.

These cakes are most commonly seen in America and Australia. They’re seen at pool parties, birthday parties, Fourth of July parties, and any other event that requires outdoor activity in the heat. 

Trader Joe’s Product Range

Like other grocery chains, Trader Joe’s has categories for its items. Some items are listed as baked goods, others as self-care, and others as desserts. Ice cream would fall under the desserts category; more specifically, it would fall under the frozen desserts category.

Trader Joe’s has more than just frozen desserts, however. They have frozen meals you can get for special events or just for a random night at home. However, their desserts are the beloved ones. Although the frozen desserts don’t have quite as much variety, they have high quality.

For example, they have unique frozen goods like vanilla mochi. Mochi is ice cream surrounded by sweet dough. Mochi comes in many different flavors, but Trader Joe’s does vanilla mochi the best.

Mochi is a type of ice cream that makes for a great snack. They’re smaller than actual tubs of ice cream, making them the ideal treat if you want something that won’t overwhelm you. If you want something longer, you can try their quarts of ice cream.

Trader Joe’s never disappoints when it comes to ice cream. They have so many flavors to choose from it’s insane. The ice cream alone carries the frozen food section of Trader Joe’s. One of the best flavors is their mint chip ice cream.

Overall, Trader Joe’s has a wide variety of ice cream you can choose from, whether it be big like a quart or small like mochi.

Researching Trader Joe’s Ice Cream Cake Availability

Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s does not offer ice cream cake. After an extensive look on Amazon, their website, and their stores, it has been determined they do not sell the tasty dessert. However, that does not mean Trader Joe’s doesn’t have alternatives that could be better.

As mentioned previously, they have lots of ice cream options. They have more flavors than anyone can count. They have small and large sizes. However, they offer frozen goods similar to cake.

For example, they have a tiramisu torte. This torte is a sponge cake originating from Italy. Since it’s frozen and similar to a cake, it’s the closest alternative you’re going to get at Trader Joe’s.

If you want a classic, you can try Trader Joe’s ice cream sandwiches. These are classic ice cream sandwiches with vanilla ice cream and two cookies squishing them together. And, of course, chocolate chips on the outside of the ice cream.

Alternative Dessert Options

Beyond the obvious substitute, which is ice cream, there are countless frozen desserts you can choose from. Trader Joe’s has such a wide selection that you can find baked goods and frozen goods everywhere inside. You don’t need to limit yourself to just the frozen treats.

At Trader Joe’s, you can try vanilla ice cream bon bons. These bon bons have a chocolate cookie crust. As implied with the crust, they have a crunchy texture, but they’re cold and refreshing enough that they act as a proper alternative.

You can get macarons too. These look like miniature ice cream sandwiches, except tastier and not as cold. They come in all different flavors and colors, with the color signifying their flavor.

Here’s a small list of alternative dessert options you can try: apple blossoms, lava cakes, and brownie crisps. All three of these products can be found in Trader Joe’s.

Final Thoughts

Trader Joe’s is a beloved chain located in America. It is known for its low prices, variety, and seasonal selections. Trader Joe’s keeps their products fresh and changes up their inventory for every seasonal event, which makes them one of the most unique grocery stores out there.

Trader Joe’s unfortunately does not sell ice cream cake; however, they sell various other products you can use as alternatives. They have plenty of ice cream, including different sizes and flavors. They have unique frozen treats you should give a try.

Since Trader Joe’s is known for their seasonal cuisine, you can expect to see seasonal frozen treats pop up. If you want to stay in the loop, contact Trader Joe’s customer service so you can learn more about their upcoming frozen treats.


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