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Does Trader Joe’s Sell Fish Sauce? (Answered)

Does Trader Joe’s sell fish sauce

Fish sauce is a widely used ingredient that pairs well in many recipes. You can use it in stir-fry’s, soups, marinades, dipping sauces, and so much more. This versatile sauce is made by many brands, but can taste so different. So does Trader Joe’s sell fish sauce?

The answer is yes. Trader Joe’s does sell fish sauce. At this time they sell a popular brand of fish sauce by Red Boat. This is a very popular item and may be hard to locate in at your Trader Joe’s. You can expect to find it near the Asian sauces or even on end caps.

In this article we are going to take a look at what fish sauce is, the availability of Red Boat Fish Sauce at Trader Joe’s, where you can find it in store, as well as the pricing of this product.

Trader Joe’s and What They Have to Offer

Trader Joe’s offers many different products ranging from fresh produce, organic and grass fed meats, frozen food entrees, and even freshly prepared foods. Many of the store items are also branded with the Trader Joe’s name which makes it unique to their store.

Not only do they sell delicious and unique items, but the prices are also affordable. They rival your favorite grocery stores when it comes to prices and even taste.

Once you shop at Trader Joe’s, you will want to continue going back to try new products as they have tons of seasonal items to keep customers on their toes during the different holidays and seasons.

What is Fish Sauce?

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Fish Sauce can be said to be one of the most important ingredients in Asian cuisine. It is widely used in a number of dishes to give both a salty and umami flavor to whatever it is added to. A simple comparison of fish sauce is soy sauce. Fish sauce is essentially soy sauce with anchovies added in.

Now the process involved when creating fish sauce is more complex than just mixing in salt, water, and anchovies.

The process of making fish sauce involves fermentation. Small fish, which are usually anchovies, are mixed in a container with salt.

The process can take anywhere from 12-24 months depending on the manufacturer.

To check the current price and availability of Red Boat Fish Sauce, click here to check the listing on Amazon.

The Condiment Section at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is known for having their own condiments. One of their most famous condiments is their all natural and organic ketchup.

Along with ketchup, you will be able to find many other popular condiments such as steak sauce, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, barbecue sauce, Teryaki sauce, tartar sauce, and much much more.

Trader Joe’s pride themselves in not using artificial food dyes in their branded products. This means sauces like ketchup, mustard, and any other sauces with bright colors are all naturally colored without the use of artificial food dyes like red 40.

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Fish Sauce?

At this time, Trader Joe’s currently sells Fish Sauce by Red Boat. Red Boat is one of the most popular and widely used brands in the fish sauce industry.

They take great pride during the manufacturing process which makes their brand top notch in terms of quality and taste.

Look near the Asian sauces aisle or near the end caps to find this sauce.

Evidence for the Availability of Fish Sauce at Trader Joe’s

There are many online sources stating that they found the Red Boat Fish Sauce at Trader Joe’s. You can usually find it for about $4.99. Sometimes it goes on sale for $4.49.

The best way to ensure that your store has this item available is by contacting them yourself over the phone. An employee will be able to do a quick search in store to see if they have it available.

Lack of Fish Sauce at Trader Joe’s

There have been instances where customers were unable to find the Red Boat Fish Sauce at their local Trader Joe’s. Many have thought it was a seasonal product, but it is not.

If your store stocks the fish sauce, it should be found either at an end cap or near the Asian sauces.

Alternative Condiments at Trader Joe’s

is trader joes soy sauce kosher

If your local Trader Joe’s does not have fish sauce available, you can always try a few other alternative condiments that can help add flavor to your dishes.

Trader Joe’s does in fact sell a variety of different Asian stir fry sauces like General Tsao’s and Teryaki Sauce, but you can also substitute fish sauce with more popular substitutes like Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce.

Worcestershire Sauce – Worcestershire sauce contains anchovies which is one of the active ingredients in fish sauce. Using Worcestershire as a substitute to fish sauce can help give your dishes that umami flavor, but without all the extra salt.

Trader Joe’s regularly sells two different brands of Worcestershire sauce. You can find both Annie’s Organic Worcestershire Sauce as well as the famous Lea and Perrins brand.

Soy Sauce + Rice Vinegar – Trader Joe’s sells both their own soy sauce and rice vinegar. Substituting fish sauce with soy sauce and rice vinegar is a popular choice as the saltiness from the soy sauce pairs well with the tang Inness of the rice vinegar.

Final Thoughts

Fish sauce is very versatile in its uses. You can give any dish an extra spark of life by adding it to it. Whether adding it to a soup, a dipping sauce, or using it as a marinade, fish sauce will add a unique flavor to your dish.

Trader Joe’s does sell fish sauce by the Red Boat brand. Although it may be difficult to find at times, you should be able to locate it near the Asian sauces or at the end caps of the aisles.

When knowing whether or not your local Trader Joe’s has this item in stock, the best course of action is to contact your store directly and inquire about the availability of the fish sauce.


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