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Does Trader Joe’s Sell Baby Wipes? (Answered)

does trader joes sell baby wipes

Trader Joe’s is known to be remarkable thanks to it’s in-store products and huge spread of niche groceries. This chain not only offers food, but supplies, too! However, if you’re hoping to make your Trader Joe’s trip a one-stop shop for the family, you may be wondering: Does Trader Joe’s sell baby wipes?

Trader Joe’s does not sell Baby Wipes, although they do have a range of their own cleaning and bodily health products which include facial creams and kitchen cloths. Though they once had a product known as Cucumber and Citrus Face and Body Wipes, these are no longer listed as available products on the official website.

In this article, we will cover the fact that Trader Joe’s no longer sells any kind of wipes that are made to be used on the body, for young children or otherwise. We’ll also go over an overview of the quality of the Trader joe’s wipes that can still be found online, as well as answer a few frequently asked questions!

Availability of Baby Wipes at Trader Joe’s

Baby wipes are used to clean up the face and body of children, specifically infants. This is because babies are not meant to be bathed daily, especially when they are newly born, and have sensitive skin. Baby wipes are made with more gentle ingredients and fabrics for the best care of little humans.

This is why it can be so essential to find a grocery store that will provide baby wipes any time you’re out shopping for other essentials, like ingredients for dinner.

Typically, Trader Joe’s has a reputation for coming through on rare or unique products. When it comes to groceries, they provide foods and options for nearly all diets and tastes.

However, when it comes to Baby Wipes, prepare to be disappointed. Trader Joe’s does not have a baby wipes section, nor does it sell any baby wipes.

In fact, throughout it’s history, Trader Joe’s does not appear to have ever carried or manufactured wipes specifically for babies.

What Trader Joe’s has had, in the past, are their Cucumber and Citrus Face and Body Wipes. Though these are no longer listed as available on the shelves of Trader Joe’s stores according to an investigation of their website, you can still get these wipes using third party websites.

Quality and Price of Baby Wipes at Trader Joe’s

Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s does not sell any Baby Wipes at this time. Though this company is known for cycling out products that are not selling well in order to make space for better ones, you will also not be able to discover any baby wipe products from Trader Joe’s lingering on third-party shopping sites like Amazon.com.

Instead, the only option when it comes to trying to get any kind of wipe that is both meant and safe for your skin is the previously mentioned Cucumber and Citrus Face and Body Wipes.

This product is, admittedly, high in quality, though not technically manufactured as baby wipes.

The Cucumber and Citrus Face and Body Wipes are large enough to accommodate big spots of dirt, grease, or general skin areas on the body.

They do not have any disinfecting capabilities, but they do come in large quantities. Specifically, you can get 64 in one pack.

In addition, The Cucumber and Citrus Face and Body Wipes work great for getting rid of body odor in a natural way: the cucumber and citrus scent the wipes are infused with not only cleanse the skin, but refresh it. 

That being said, they do not have any disinfecting capabilities and shouldn’t be used to sterilize or sanitize any area.

Still, when you’re looking for a quality wipe from Trader Joe’s, searching online and purchasing a Cucumber and Citrus Face and Body Wipe pack is definitely worth the trouble.

Quality and Price of Baby Wipes at Trader Joe’s

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Since we’ve established that Trader Joe’s, sadly, does not actually sell Baby Wipes, you may be at a loss for how to get your baby wipes needs met. Never fear: other retailers are still a viable option.

  • Trader Joe’s Cucumber and Citrus Face and Body Wipes – This is the only kind of wipe Trader Joe’s has offered in recent years for the human skin, and, as previously stated, it is not meant for babies specifically. Now that Trader Joe’s is not the primary seller, you can find this product online for about $13.40.
  • Honest Baby Wipes – What usually appeals to common customers of Trader Joe’s are their products’ quality and use of safe, organic ingredients. Honest Wipes utilize a wipe that is mixed with almost 100% water and plant-based ingredients, and can be found for around $6 at most local grocers or Walgreens.
  • WaterWipes – WaterWipes is another great source for healthy baby wipes when you’re looking for something natural and biodegradable for your baby’s needs. These are sold at a cheaper price of $4, usually at part-grocers like Target or local pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy.

To check the current price and availability of Honest Baby Wipes, click here to view the listing on Amazon.

Alternative Products for Baby Care at Trader Joe’s

Baby care does not appear to be a priority in terms of lines of products at Trader Joe’s. This fact can be gathered by observing that they actually do not have any Baby Wipes, diapers, or other baby care items on their shelves.

However, if you are looking for a grocery store that is both natural and unique in it’s dietary offerings and can also fill your baby care needs, consider shopping at Wole Foods Market.

Whole Foods carries products such as Organic Unscented Magic Baby Balm, or Fairtrade’s Baby Hemp Unscented Soap Bars.

Additionally, while Trader Joe’s may not have what you’re looking for, there are still ways to try and convince the company that baby care products are something they should invest in.

Trader Joe’s offers contact information on their website and even a page for product recommendations if you’re in the mood to change some corporate minds!

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering more about baby wipes and Trader Joe’s? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section:

Does Trader Joe’s Have Wipes?

No, Trader Joe’s no longer sells wipes that are specifically made for the human skin. However, they do sell kitchen-cleaning cloths and their Face and Body Cucumber and Citrus wipes can still be found online via third-party sellers.

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Diapers?

No, Trader Joe’s does not manufacture or sell any diapers according to the products listed on their website.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, to our dismay, Trader Joe’s does not sell Baby Wipes. In fact, they do not sell any baby care products, nor is there any section in their stores devoted to these types of merchandise.

However, Trader Joe’s has, in the past, sold a Cucumber and Citrus Face and Body Wipe which can still be found online for die-hard Trader Joe’s fans, though it is more expensive.

Alternatives that should be considered are WaterWipes or Honest Baby Wipes, which can be purchased at Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, or Target. Also, Whole Foods carries plenty of Baby Care products.


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