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Does Trader Joe’s Sell Baby Formula? (Answered)

does trader joes sell baby formula

If you’re looking for a unique array of groceries and other products that can fit with several diets and offer more organically-sourced alternatives, odds are you’ve heard of Trader Joe’s grocery chain. They also offer some hygiene products, but you may be asking yourself: Does Trader Joe’s sell baby formula?

Trader Joe’s does not, nor has it ever, sold baby formula. In fact, Trader Joe’s is known for having no line of baby products and they do not have a section for baby care merchandise in any of their known locations.

This may sound like a bummer, but don’t worry: in addition to giving grocery shoppers a rundown on the lack of baby products at Trader Joe’s, we’ll also share with you some of our favorite alternatives and their pricing.

Let’s get started so that you can find everything you need, either when shopping at Trader Joe’s or finding somewhere else to get baby products!

Availability of Baby Formula at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s may be quite widely known for it’s enormous variety of food options, especially those which are organically sourced or made with hard-to-find ingredients…but unfortunately, they do not sell any baby formula.

For this reason, it should come as no surprise to readers or shoppers that Trader Joe’s also does not have a baby formula section in their stores.

Baby formula is a type of food which is specifically manufactured and made to feed children who are less than a year old. They are typically made to be prepared in a liquid format for bottle-feeding, and often come in a powder to substitute breast milk. 

The reason you might expect to find this at Trader Joe’s is because formulas are usually rich in nutrients from organic sources.

When finding out that Trader Joe’s does not sell baby formula, you may be tempted to get discouraged of ever finding a baby formula product that is made with the same commitment to unique, organic ingredients as Trader Joe’s other products have.

Don’t worry: we’ve got a few recommendations waiting below so that you can make an informed decision when shopping in places other than your friendly neighborhood Trader Joe’s grocer.

Quality and Price of Baby Formula at Trader Joe’s

Typically, when analyzing any product sold by Trader Joe’s, it is a joy to go over the ingredients used and where the company sources them from.

This is because many products, especially food products, that are sold by the grocery chain are taken from adventurous overseas locations and prepared in an optimal way that makes the whole store different from others.

However, the sad truth, as previously discussed, is that Trader Joe’s does not sell Baby Formula. Therefore, it is no use trying to analyze prices or measure the quality of their baby care offerings.

With that being said, if you are looking to Trader Joe’s for your baby wipes, it is safe to guess that you are searching for a specific type of product.

Since Trader Joe’s is, as aforementioned, committed to providing customers with high-quality products, it stands to reason that you’ll need high-quality recommendations. These can be found in the list below!

Alternative Products For Baby Nutrition at Trader Joe’s

Though it is pretty disappointing to look to Trader Joe’s for help when getting your child formula and find yourself with no baby care products to choose from, there are alternatives. In fact, babies can safely eat other products sold at Trader Joe’s which are not formulas. These are listed below for your convenience:

  • Lentils – Trader Joe’s does offer Steamed Lentils as one of their products. They need to be mashed and diluted a bit with water in order to be healthy, but they are packed full of nutrients for your baby. Just be sure your infant is at least 6 months old before trying this. This product is sold at a little over $3.
  • Sunflower Seed Spread – This is a delicious and nutritious butter spread that can be fed to babies who are 6 or 9 months of age. Bear in mind, however, that you need to thin this dense spread out in order for it to be safe for a baby to consume. This product is sold at almost $6.
  • Creamy Salted Peanut Butter – Again, if you choose to use this Trader Joe’s product to feed your infant, be sure they are over 6 months of age and the Creamy Salted peanut Butter is thinned out significantly before feeding with it. This product is typically a little over $2.
  • Veggie Mashes – Trader Joe’s offers a wide and plentiful range of vegetable products that are famed for being organically sourced and fresh. Some of these, such as potatoes or avocados, can be mashed and carefully diluted with water to provide nutrition to a child 6 months of age or older. These veggies are usually less than a dollar each.

Remember, before using any of these products from Trader Joe’s to provide nourishment for your infant, it is recommended that you check with their healthcare provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still curious about Trader Joe’s Grocery options and baby nutrition? We may be able to help with our answers to F.A.Qs below!

Do They Sell Baby Food at Trader Joe’s?

No, Trader Joe’s sadly does not sell any kind of baby-specific food, including formulas. However, Trader Joe’s does sell some great organic vegetables and nut spreads that can be mashed, diluted, and offered to babies over 6 months of age if their healthcare provider recommends. 

Why Is There No Baby Formula in the Stores?

At Trader Joe’s, baby care products have never been high on the company’s priority list. Trader Joe’s mostly focuses on products for adults and food-interested hobbyists. 

However, if you are struggling to find baby formula in other stores, it could be a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused staffing and supply chain issues at the same time as several popular baby formula products were being recalled.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is sad to admit, but unfortunately true that Trader Joe’s does not have any baby formula available to purchase in any of their locations. In addition, it won’t come as a surprise to further learn that Trader Joe’s grocery stores do not have any dedicated section for baby care products.

Although it can be tempting to immediately search elsewhere for high quality baby formula, you can still buy organic items from Trader Joe’s to feed your child.

As long as the infant is over 6 years of age, Trader Joe’s wide range of veggies, unique nut butter options, and lentils are all great sources of baby nutrition as long as they’re mashed and diluted with water.


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