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Does Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough Have Eggs? (Answered)

Does Trader Joe's Pizza Dough Have Eggs

If you are a vegan, there are plenty of products that you can’t touch. Standard pizza is one of them. However, vegan pizzas exist. You need to start off with a good base, though. So, does Trader Joe’s pizza dough have eggs?

Trader Joe’s pizza doughs do not have eggs in them. It is incredibly rare that pizza dough does have eggs. However, you may want to check the product packaging to see whether the dough has any chance of eggs accidentally being added during the production process.

Let’s explain in a bit more depth.

Introduction to Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is a leading grocery chain in the United States.

The company aims to produce quality products at a very low price. Almost all of the products sold under the Trader Joe’s banner will be own-brand products.

The company is famed for its commitment to offering as many products for special diets as possible. This includes Gluten-free diets and, as we will discuss on this page, vegan diets.

Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough Selection

Trader Joe’s offers a variety of pizza dough products. In the fresh section, you will find standard pizza dough, herby pizza dough, and wholewheat pizza dough.

In the frozen section of the store, you will find gluten-free pizza bases and cauliflower pizza bases. 

All of these options are egg-free.

As with all of the products in their range, Trader Joe’s goes to huge lengths to ensure that they are sourcing quality doughs. This means that their doughs are produced with only the essential ingredients and the minimum of preservatives.

Since their pizza doughs do need to last a little longer than homemade pizza doughs there will be a couple of extra bits and pieces in them, but they are never going to contain eggs. 

Egg Content in Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough

There is no egg content in Trader Joe’s pizza dough.

Their pizza doughs are made only from the essential ingredients. So flour, salt, water, oils, and a few minor preservatives. Nothing too crazy. 

It is worth noting that Trader Joe’s products may have been produced in factories that also deal with eggs. However, this shouldn’t be anything that you need to worry about.

It is highly unlikely that there will be egg content in your pizza dough and, if there is, it likely would be such a negligible amount that you wouldn’t even notice it.

Tips For Choosing Egg-Free Pizza Doughs

Since all of the pizza doughs at Trader Joe’s are egg-free, then you should really have your pick of pizza doughs to choose from.

If you want to roll the pizza dough yourself, then we suggest that you head to the fresh food section and pick up your dough there. The option you go for will be based on your needs:

  • The fresh standard dough will just be like any old pizza dough.
  • The whole wheat dough will be made from whole wheat. It will be lightly brown in color. It is perfect for a healthier option.
  • The herby dough is the normal pizza dough with a few herbs added to the mix for a bit of extra taste. You can read the product packaging to find out what those herbs are. 

If you are fine with readymade pizza dough, then head to the frozen section in Trader Joe’s. You have two options here.

The gluten-free dough is the one you want to go for if you are following a gluten-free diet.

The cauliflower pizza dough also contains no wheat. It has been made from cauliflower. This makes it an incredibly healthy option.

However, do bear in mind that the taste is going to be ever so slightly different from a standard pizza dough due to the ingredients that it has been made with.

If you want to check whether something contains eggs, then you should always look at the label. The ingredients list will tell you whether there is egg inside.

Of course, in some cases, there may also be a warning label that says it contains eggs. 

Alternatives for Pizza Dough at Trader Joe’s

Cauliflower pizza dough is probably going to be the biggest alternative that people go for here.

This is because it is made to be incredibly close to actual pizza dough in taste and texture, although it may taste slightly unique the first time that you try it.

A lot of people have also enjoyed making pizza with the naan breads that Trader Joe’s offers. These also contain no eggs.

Do bear in mind that they are going to be a bit smaller than the frozen pizza dough products, which means that they may be better for more personal-size pizzas.

The extra herb content in the naan bread is something that people really love.

Of course, you could also make your own pizza dough. It isn’t too difficult to do. You won’t need to use eggs, and all of the ingredients that you need can be found on the shelf at Trader Joe’s. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Ingredients in Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough?

It will be dependent on the product that you buy. Most of them are just flour, oil, and water. There will be a few preservatives on top of this. Check the ingredient list for more information.

Is Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough Vegan?

Yes. All of the pizza doughs sold by Trader Joe’s will be vegan products. You can check the ingredient list for evidence of this.

In fact, any pizza dough should be vegan. It is incredibly rare that egg or milk will be added to a pizza dough.

Final Thoughts

Trader Joe’s pizza dough does not contain egg.

There are many different types of pizza dough at Trader Joe’s. You can pick it up either fresh or frozen. None of the pizza doughs in their range will contain egg.

If you want something a bit different, then you could potentially use the naan bread options from Trader Joe’s to make a similar, albeit more herby, pizza.


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