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Does Trader Joe’s Have Shirataki Noodles? (Explained)

Does Trader Joe’s sell Shirataki noodles

Shirataki Noodles, also known as miracle noodles, are a popular noodle when it comes to dieting. They are made of glucomannan which comes from the konjac root. This means they are about 3% fiber and 97% water which makes these just about calorie free.

Does Trader Joe’s sell Shirataki noodles in their stores? The answer is unfortunately no. Trader Joe’s does not have Shirataki noodles, however they do sell a few low calorie noodle alternatives.

In this article we will be taking a look at what Trader Joe’s has to offer, what shirataki noodles are, as well as some low calorie alternatives that you will be able to find at your local Trader Joe’s.

About Trader Joe’s

With more than 450 stores in the U.S., Trader Joe’s is growing rapidly and expanding as fast as any grocery store chain could hope for.

Trader Joe’s is different than most grocery store chains. The first time you walk into one, you will be greeted with tons of flowers, as well as their fresh produce section. You will also quickly notice that just about every item sold in their store will have the Trader Joe’s brand name attached to it.

Trader Joe’s works with many popular food suppliers and rebrands it under their own name to help bring cheaper prices to consumers without sacrificing quality.

Products that Trader Joe’s Sells

Does Trader Joe's Have a Buffet

Trader Joe’s is well known for their selection of frozen food entrees, as well as their ready to eat meals. When shopping at Trader Joe’s you can expect to find many of your household staples like meat, produce, fresh fruits, dairy, eggs, frozen food entrees, breakfast items, lunch items, as well as a little bit health foods thrown into the mix.

I like to use Trader Joe’s as an add on to my grocery shopping. I will usually get all my essentials at my local grocery stores such as Publix, or Stater Brothers.

Then, I like to go to Trader Joe’s to get specialty items such as their frozen food entrees, and their fresh fruits and vegetables since they have many unique and delicious items.

Understanding Shirataki Noodles

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Shirataki noodles are a type of noodle made from the Konjac Root. They have a mild flavor, and are practically calorie free as they are mostly made up of water and fiber. Per 100 gram serving of noodles, you will roughly ingest about 9 calories.

One thing to note about these noodles is that they do have a very unpleasant odor upon opening the package. They are kept in a bag with water to help keep their soft and chewy texture.

Be sure to rinse your noodles under cold running water for about 5 minutes to remove the unpleasant odor before cooking.

This step is not required, but I prefer to rinse my shirataki noodles before eating as I do not like the smell fresh out of the bag.

Once your noodles are rinsed, you can simply oil them for 3-5 minutes, or throw them into your favorite stir fry. These are the two most common ways to prepare the noodles.

Be sure not to make these part of a daily diet as the amount of fiber you will be ingesting can be tough on your GI tract as noted here.

To check the current price and availability of Shirataki Noodles, click here to view the selection on Amazon.

Availability of Shirataki Noodles at Trader Joe’s

There were a few ways I validated that Trader Joe’s does not sell shirataki noodles. I’ve been shopping at my local Trader Joe’s stores for years and have never seen them.

I even went up to store employees and asked if they have miracle noodles or shirataki noodles. They looked up on their computers with just about every keyword I gave them, and to no prevail.

The last thing I did was checked the Trader Joe’s website. I tried searching for diet noodles or shirataki noodles in their search bar and also came up empty handed.

But I did find something interesting after searching and digging around the internet, and that is alternatives to the Shirataki noodles that you can in face find in Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s Alternatives to Shirataki Noodles

Trader Joe’s zucchini spirals

Trader Joe’s Hearts of Palm Pasta – Hearts of Palm Pasta is Trader Joe’s take on a low calorie noodle. With only 20 calories per serving, these noodles make a good alternative to shirataki.

This pasta has a mild flavor which makes it great for a variety of dishes. The noodles will take the taste of whatever sauce or soup you decide to use them for.

Trader Joe’s Zucchini Spirals – Zucchini spirals are exactly what they sound like. Spirals of zucchini that you can substitute for noodles in many of your dishes.

With only 15 calories per serving, these noodle make a good alternative to Shirataki noodles. However, since they are zucchini, you will get a different flavor as well as texture that is not very similar to that of a noodle.

Trader Joe’s Kohlrabi Vegetable Pasta Noodles – One of Trader Joe’s newest low calorie noodles is the Kohlrabi Vegetable Pasta Noodles. At 25 calories per serving, these noodles are a great alternative to shirataki noodles.

These noodles also have a mild flavor which means they soak up flavors well. Put them in your favorite pasta or stir fry dish and enjoy.

Where to Find Shirataki Noodles

Sprouts – Sprouts makes it like shopping at a farmers market, but right in your town in the shape of a grocery store.

You can find tons of healthy, organic Whole Foods as well as grass fed and organic meats. Sprouts is no stranger to health food products and you will be able to find Shirataki noodles in their refrigerated section.

Sprouts is personally my favorite store to purchase shirataki noodles as they are always stocked up and also have a low price.

WholeFoodsMarket – Whole Foods market, owned by Amazon, is another great store where you can find tons of fresh organic produce, baked goods, and organic grass fed meats.

Walmart – Walmart is basically your neighborhood hodge podge store. You can buy sporting goods, groceries, electronics, and even car batteries.

Walmart is actually one of the few stores that sells miracle noodles. To find the aisle of where these noodles are located, just plug in your store location on their website.

Publix – Publix is one of the largest grocery chains in the southeast. Low and behold, you will also be able to find Shirataki noodles in their stores.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately Trader Joe’s does not sell shirataki noodles at any of their store locations. However, you will be able to find a few alternatives such as Kohlrabi pasta, hearts of palm, and zucchini spirals.

Shirataki noodles are a great way to have some of your favorite dishes if you’re watching your calorie intake or are on a diet. Although they are not very nutritious, they are very low in calories.

They only contain about 9 calories per 100 grams and do a great job at soaking up the flavors of the dish you throw them in since they are mostly water and fiber based.


Shane is a fitness enthusiast who also has a passion for trying and cooking new foods. His favorite stores to shop at include Trader Joe's, Wholefoods Market, Sprouts, Stater Brothers, and Target.

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