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Does Trader Joe’s Have NyQuil? (Answered)

does trader joes sell nyquil

Trader Joe’s is a renowned chain of grocery stores that sell food items which can’t often be found anywhere else. For this reason, and the quirky personality and aesthetics of the store, Trader Joe’s is very popular. However, sometimes those same factors can make finding a product difficult. Let’s answer the question: “Does Trader Joe’s have Nyquil?”

Trader Joe’s, a United States-based grocery store chain known for selling niche products, does not sell Nyquil. Despite the fact that many consumers use Nyquil as a treatment for flu or cold symptoms as well as a helpful ingredient on the road to sleeping peacefully, Trader Joe’s does not carry any medical products. 

In this article, we will examine Trader Joe’s as a grocery store and whether or not  they have Nyquil. We’ll provide an overview of their products, some possible substitutes for the Nyquil they don’t sell, and some more information in general on the topic at hand. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Trader Joe’s Product Range

In order to get the most out of a potentially costly trip to Trader Joe’s, one must be prepared to find what they’re looking for.

If you head all the way out to your nearest Trader Joe’s, you could find yourself spending more time than your daily schedule allows for searching for a product that is nowhere to be found.

In order to save time and money, as well as disappointment, we’ll give you a quick overview of Trader Joe’s offered products and their categories.

According to their quirky website, Trader Joe’s is primarily a grocery store. This means you are most likely to find delicious snacks, limited but popular grocery offerings, and other food items. 

That said, Trader Joe’s also has a very small lineup of nutritional supplements consisting of two flavors of supplemental candies, and an additionally tiny section for the wellness of the body. These products are not medical, but they do include some skincare serums and scrubs. 

The last, and possibly second-most popular category of Trader Joe’s products is the availability of flowers. Trader Joe’s sells a beautiful range of plants that are augmented by their unique policy to allow people to purchase entire bouquets and return them, if they like. 

Trader Joe’s Over the Counter Medication Selection

Despite all of these fantastic offerings, the sad truth is that Trader Joe’s has no ‘over-the-counter medication’ section. Actually, they offer no pharmaceuticals at all. This means it is impossible to find NyQuil at Trader Joe’s, currently. 

That being said, if you’re feeling stuffy or experiencing cold and flu-like symptoms, you may find something helpful at Trader Joe’s anyway.

For example, Trader Joe’s does sell their own delicious “To the power of C Organic Juice Blend,” which is famous for offering huge amounts of Vitamin C, which can help fight off sicknesses. 

Even so, if it is something that can lessen symptoms with the speed and efficiency that NyQuil is offering, or a type of medication that you’re looking for, you’ll need to go somewhere other than Trader Joe’s.

Researching Trader Joe’s NyQuil Availability

If your strategy is, as we recommended above, to avoid a wasted trip to the grocery store, there is no substitute for doing your research, first. Trader Joe’s has a very helpful website which offers a complete list of products. 

This list of available products is optimized as soon as you enter your Zip Code; the site will search for a product you enter in the specific stores close to you.

That said, this is not the only way to find out what your nearest Trader Joe’s has or does not have. 

If you want to be extra-sure, you can always call Trader Joe’s themselves. Associates are well known for being helpful and pleasant, and generally, they will check the shelves themselves for the item that you’re looking for. 

Finally, if Trader Joe’s doesn’t feel reliable enough, you can always see what the buzz from other customers is by looking at online forums.

Social media outlets and even blog posts from frequent shoppers at Trader Joe’s can sometimes be counted on to give you a heads-up if your favorite product is not there. This can easily save you a trip!

Understanding NyQuil

Click Image for More Info

The truth is, those who are looking to Trader Joe’s for NyQuil are usually doing so because they need relief. NyQuil is an over-the-counter medication which is offered in plenty of different formulations and variations. It generally comes in liquid form, but there are some liquid gel or even pill-type forms, too. 

NyQuil is it’s own brand, and it’s ingredients always include hypnotics, antihistamines used as sedatives, and alcohol.

These are all used to help a patient sleep while feeling relief from stuffiness and sore throats. It has a counterpart called “DayQuil” which does much of the same without the added factor of drowsiness. 

The first variant of NyQuil is the classic one, meant to cut down on cold and flu symptoms. It can suppress coughs, reduce fevers, and, in the “SEVERE” variant, decongest the nasal cavities in adult doses. 

Another variant called “NyQuil D” contains pseudoephedrine, which is a powerful decongestant. “NyQuil Cough” is similar to other versions of the medication, but without a pain-killing ingredient, and targets the suppression of coughs. 

“NyQuil Sinus” is meant to reduce fevers, pain, and decongest the nasal cavities; it’s worth noting that this product only comes in liquid capsules. 

There are also variants like “Children’s NyQuil,” which is flavored for children and contains none of the controversial alcoholic ingredient, or “ZzzQuil,” which does nothing to hamper sickness symptoms and uses an antihistamine to help a patient sleep easily. 

Because NyQuil can be addictive thanks to alcoholic ingredients, as well as pseudoephedrines, some states do have legal requirements for those who purchase NyQuil. For example, in most places, you need to be over the age of 18 to purchase NyQuil. 

To check the current price and availability of NyQuil, click here to view the listing on Amazon.

Alternative Cold and Flu Remedies

NyQuil is not sold at Trader Joe’s, like all of it’s alternative rivals in pharmaceutical departments. That said, if Trader Joe’s ever did decide to begin selling products like NyQuil, it would likely be found in their “For the Body” section.

If you’re looking for other cold and flu remedies besides NyQuil, you won’t find them in the form of medication at Trader Joe’s. We recommend looking for the following at other grocery stores;

  • Benadryl
  • Zyrtec
  • Chlor-Trimeton
  • Mucinex

An alternative to over the counter medications are natural cold and flu remedies. Some of these remedies include things like honey, lemons, chicken soup, tea, taking a hot shower, sleeping, and more.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, Trader Joe’s is a highly thought-of grocery store chain in the United States which does not have NyQuil.

In fact, when you consider how Trader Joe’s only keeps room for it’s popular niche products and does not even carry many nutritional supplements, it is no surprise that they also don’t carry any over-the-counter medications like NyQuil.


Shane is a fitness enthusiast who also has a passion for trying and cooking new foods. His favorite stores to shop at include Trader Joe's, Wholefoods Market, Sprouts, Stater Brothers, and Target.

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