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Does Trader Joe’s Have Microwave Popcorn? (Answered)

Does Trader Joe's Have Microwave Popcorn

We don’t know about you, but we love Trader Joe’s snacks. The company has always worked hard to come up with awesome flavors. Their popcorn range is no different. But, does Trader Joe’s have microwave popcorn?

Trader Joe’s does not sell microwave popcorn. They do have ready-popped popcorn in a few different flavors, though. So, if you are looking for some popcorn in Trader Joe’s, you’ll find a few options but nothing that you can prepare yourself. 

On this page, we are going to discuss more about the popcorn options at Trader Joe’s. As well as give you advice on researching the popcorn selection in-store. 

Trader Joe’s Product Range

Out of all the grocery stores, Trader Joe’s has one of our favorite selections of snacks. This is because while Trader Joe’s has basic chips and the like, their main focus is on unique flavors.

It fits the business model of Trader Joe’s perfectly, we suppose. This company sources great-tasting products that you can’t find anywhere else. This is why people head to Trader Joe’s. They simply crave the flavors in-store. 

Trader Joe’s covers a ton of different product categories, including prepared meals, snacks, soft drinks, and more. They even have alcoholic beverages in some of their stores. But, today, we’re here to talk about popcorn.

As we said, Trader Joe’s doesn’t stock microwave popcorn, but they do stock readymade popcorn, so it is ready to tuck into as soon as you leave the store. At the time of writing, you have five different options:

The first couple of flavors probably isn’t going to be a surprise to you. While they are not staple flavors, most people can imagine what they taste like.

The ‘Popcorn in a Pickle’ may be a bit more unique, though. Surprisingly, this is one of the more popular popcorn products at Trader Joe’s.

They only have it in stock for a few months per year, and it sells out incredibly quickly. Apparently, Trader Joe’s struggles to source more than a few bags per store. 

The ‘Popcorn in a Pickle’ is popcorn (very large popcorn kernels, in fact), mixed with a very tangy pickle seasoning. It is odd, but it tastes great. We aren’t surprised it manages to sell out so quickly! 

Understanding Microwave Popcorn

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In the past, if you wanted to make popcorn, you’d need to pop it on the stove. Grab a nice pot, add a dash of oil, add your popcorn, and then put the lid on.

You then had to keep a watchful eye on the popcorn to make sure it was cooking properly and not messing up your beautiful pan.

Oh, and you had to put up with that terrible noise of popping popcorn smashing against the side of your metal pan. We don’t think there is a piece of home-cooked food that makes more noise than popcorn!

Then microwave popcorn came around. Microwave popcorn is unpopped popcorn kernels in a paper bag. A bit of seasoning is thrown in there too.

You just add the popcorn to the microwave and it cooks perfectly. No annoying sounds. Nothing. It is incredibly convenient and, for many, microwave popcorn is now their go-to way of making popcorn as a snack.

Microwave popcorn (assuming it hasn’t been popped) lasts a long-time too. It isn’t uncommon for people to have a couple of bags in the cupboard ready to pull out for their next movie night or something similar. Bagged popcorn eventually softens up. 

Microwave popcorn is really helped by the vast selection of flavors available. Just not at Trader Joe’s. Although, if you head into another store, you are likely to find just butter and salt options. So, grab some popcorn seasoning and sprinkle over your popcorn to add a bit more flavor. 

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Researching Trader Joe’s Microwave Popcorn Availability

While Trader Joe’s does not currently stock microwave popcorn, they could add it in the future. You can always check the latest popcorn availability at www.traderjoes.com.

You can also reach out to their customer support team to find out more. Customer support listens to customer suggestions, so you can always tell them you want to see microwave popcorn in stock. Although, we are sure that a ton of people have asked already! 

If you are in a Trader Joe’s store, then head down the snack aisle. If they don’t have microwave popcorn there, you’ll be greeted by a ton of different flavors of popcorn. Plus, you can pick up a couple of snacks. 

There are various review websites online dedicated to Trader Joe’s products too. They often announce new product additions and if something as big as microwave popcorn is added to their range, they’ll announce it!

Alternative Popcorn Options

Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s does not have microwave popcorn. We aren’t quite sure why. We suppose it may be because microwave popcorn may be a bit too ‘basic’ for the shelves of Trader Joe’s. This is a company that focuses on original products after all.

As we mentioned a little bit earlier on, you do have other options if you head to Trader Joe’s. They have a great snack selection, and you also have several different flavors of popcorn.

The popcorn will be ready-popped, and it gets great reviews. If it is available, we recommend picking up ‘Popcorn in a Pickle’ flavor. It is the quintessential Trader Joe’s popcorn experience.

Final Thoughts

While Trader Joe’s has a lot of snacks in store, they do not sell microwave popcorn. It is unlikely that they will ever add microwave popcorn to their range. Although, they do have other popcorn options that you can tuck into. It is worth heading here if you want to try out a few more unique flavors.

If you want to find out the popcorn options that Trader Joe’s currently has in stock then head on over to their website. Tap in ‘Popcorn’ and it will list everything for you. 


Shane is a fitness enthusiast who also has a passion for trying and cooking new foods. His favorite stores to shop at include Trader Joe's, Wholefoods Market, Sprouts, Stater Brothers, and Target.

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