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Does Trader Joe’s Have Leeks? (Answered)

does trader joes sell leeks

Who can claim that they haven’t at least wanted to check out Trader Joe’s, one of the most sensational grocery store chains in the United States? Trader Joe’s is well-enjoyed by customers thanks to it’s fresh flowers and niche grocery offerings. The question is, “Does Trader Joe’s have leeks?”

Trader Joe’s, a North American grocery chain, has many specialty food offerings and fresh flowers; however, they do not sell leeks. While they do have their own brand of fresh Green Onions in their wide variety of fresh produce, this does not include the popular leek vegetable. 

In this article, we will thoroughly answer the question: “Does Trader Joe’s have leeks?” We’ll do this by providing a complete look at what Trader Joe’s has to offer in terms of products and their categories, and give you our secrets to researching product availability at this popular grocery store. Let’s get started!

Understanding Leeks

If you’re reading this article for the sake of knowing more about the veggies Trader Joe’s offers, it is possible that you’re wondering what a leek even is! A leek is vegetable, loosely related to the onion. 

It also shares a genus, technically, with scallions, Chinese onions, chives, shallots, and garlic. It only lasts about two weeks after being purchased in a fresh state. A leek’s flavor is sweet but mild and has much in common with chives and onions, too. 

Because of this, many people substitute onions in a recipe with leeks. They can create a basic flavor for use in stew, soups, and other dishes that need depth and cook over longer periods of time. Some use chopped-up leek leaves as a mild garnish on the top of dips and other savory dishes, too, for added flavor. 

If you’re hunting the shelves for leeks, remember that you are looking for tubular veggies that start out white near their short, stubby roots and gradually darken into a deep green series of flat leaves. 

People love leeks because they can go with just about any savory dish without upsetting the flavor profile. They are mild enough to be tasty, but not overwhelming. Much like onions and garlic, leeks are a great source for antioxidants and sulfur for the health of the body’s cells. 

Trader Joe’s Product Range

The product range of Trader Joe’s is one of the elements of the grocery store experience that customers absolutely adore.

Trader Joe’s manufactures and distributes many of it’s own brands, especially when it comes to food items. What this means is that many of their widely popular foods can only be found at Trader Joe’s, and not at any other grocery store. 

Trader Joe’s, by and large, is a grocer that sells food. This food includes pre-packaged meals, ingredients from all different cultures and cuisine, and offerings that fit into just about every dietary walk-of-life under the sun. 

That said, they also sell beautiful flowers and herb plants that can be bought and even brought back to the store by happy customers. Trader Joe’s has begun to branch out into offering a lineup of limited skincare products, and they also allow customers to try one of their two supplement candy flavors. 

Still, one of the all-stars in their product category lineups is definitely their Fresh Produce category. This is divided into plain categories of fruits or vegetables.

Customers can generally find packaged but organic vegetables in mixes, like the spring mix of herbs and ruffage, or individually, as is the case with their Green Onion product. 

Researching Trader Joe’s Leek Availability

When you set out on an epic quest to get leeks for a family meal or a potential cooking adventure, you certainly don’t want to waste time at a grocery store with no hope of finding that important veggie. At Trader Joe’s, going in blind is a particularly tricky game to play. 

You see, Trader Joe’s prides themselves on being different from other chain grocery stores. They organize their stores in an eclectic way, with fun, farmhouse-style signage that is almost never the same way twice between locations. This encourages customers to find what they’re looking for while they casually browse.

Though associates are happy to help customers find a product right away, if you go in without doing research or planning, you could easily spend hours looking for a product and wondering if you simply missed it in all the fun of neighborhood-market-style organization!

We recommend using Trader Joe’s more user-friendly website to find out if they have what you’re looking for. Using your Zip Code, the website combs through the stores closest to your location for products like leeks. It may offer one or two substitutes or related products, but it will not usually claim a product is there when it isn’t. 

In addition to this and asking a Trader Joe’s associate for product availability directly, consider going online to do additional research.

Customers take to blogs, social media pages, comment sections, and of course, forum discussions, to answer questions about product availability and help one another out. All of this information is just a search away!

Alternate Vegetable Options

Truthfully, Trader Joe’s does not sell leeks, specifically, even though their other vegetable selections could be called wide in variety.

If Trader Joe’s ever does decide to sell leeks along with their other vegetable offerings, it may be hard to find them thanks to the previously-mentioned marketing and labeling habits of the eclectic store. 

If you’re looking for a substitute for leeks at Trader Joe’s, you won’t necessarily be disappointed. For example, Trader Joe’s sells a popular bunch of veggies known as Green Onions. These not only look similar to leeks, but have a very similar flavor to substitute into leek-based recipes. 

Green Onions from Trader Joe’s often come in their Fresh Fruits and Veggies Section in a closed plastic package, sold at $1.49.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we examined the fact that although Trader Joe’s offers a huge variety of niche groceries, including fresh vegetables, leeks are not among them.

Though Trader Joe’s does not have the healthy and easily-incorporated leeks, they do have other veggies. If you really need mild, sweet, antioxidating vegetables from Trader Joe’s, try their Green Onion product!


Shane is a fitness enthusiast who also has a passion for trying and cooking new foods. His favorite stores to shop at include Trader Joe's, Wholefoods Market, Sprouts, Stater Brothers, and Target.

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