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Does Trader Joe’s Have Keto Bread? (Answered)

Does Trader Joe’s carry keto bread

Trader Joe’s is a popular store, known for its selection of products. But if you’re a proponent of the keto diet, you may wonder – does Trader Joe’s carry the basics in keto diets, like keto bread?

Trader Joe’s is known for having a large range of products, however they don’t currently stock keto bread, at least not on their official store website or under their brand name. However, some Trader Joe’s locations have started selling a Carb Saavy Bread which is a lower carbohydrate bread.

They might not officially stock keto bread, but we’ll look at what keto foods they do have, and what options they offer here.

Does Trader Joe’s Have Keto Bread?

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According to the official website and online shopping guides, Trader Joe’s doesn’t officially carry Keto bread. However, that’s not to say you can’t find ketogenic bread, or low-carb options at your local Trader Joe’s if you look for them.

Trader Joe’s is known for their affordable prices and wide variety. A less well-known fact is that Trader Joe’s stocks can vary slightly from region to region, so while the overall Trader Joe’s brand name may not carry keto bread, an individual store in an area with a high enough demand may carry more ketogenic options.

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Why Does Trader Joe’s Not Carry Keto Bread?

There are many reasons why Trader Joe’s may not carry keto bread, or a large array of ketogenic and low-carb bread options. Demand for keto bread may not be high in certain regions, or the store may not have access to a steady supplier. At times, the cost of supplying certain items may outstrip the demand.

There is no one guaranteed answer to this question. However, as the keto diet gains greater popularity throughout the country, the demand is steadily increasing, and there are hopes that Trader Joe’s may soon begin officially offering Ketogenic bread in their stores and online.

What Is The Ketogenic Diet?

The Ketogenic, or Keto diet is a diet involving high fats, moderate proteins, and low levels of carbohydrates and sugars. The goal of the diet is to force the body to burn fats, rather than sugars and carbs.

The Keto diet is used more frequently these days as a way to lose weight, though it was originally prescribed as a dietary form of therapy to help people with various health-related issues.

Can You Eat Things That Are not Specifically Considered Ketogenic?

The ketogenic diet is all about limiting the amount of carbs you ingest over the course of a day. Due to this, you can eat things that are not specifically considered ‘Keto’, so long as they do not exceed the carbohydrate level recommended. 

Exceeding the recommended carbohydrate level can force your body out of ketosis, and it can be difficult to return to that state afterward.

What Types of Bread Does Trader Joe’s Have?

Every Trader Joe’s is different, so what you find on the shelves will vary from store to store. Some of the varieties they sell online, however, include:

• Cheddar Jalapeno Pull-Apart Bread

• Hand Twisted Cinnamon Sugar Bread

• Gluten Free Sliced Sandwich Bread (white and multi-grained wheat)

• Regular Sliced Bread (white and wheat)

• Banana Bread Mix

• Focaccia Bread

• Indian Style Flatbread

These are just a few examples of the breads you can find at Trader Joe’s stores, or on their website.

What Ingredients Make Trader Joe’s Bread Non-Ketogenic?

Different types of bread can have different non ketogenic elements, but the main thing that makes them non ketogenic is the core ingredients. Most breads are made of grains, like white or wheat flour.

These grains are starchy and full of carbs, and the average slice of regular bread can have as many as 23 carbs – far too high for a ketogenic diet.

For any specific type of bread, however, it’s best to check the ingredients labels, as some are more keto-friendly than others. 

Does Trader Joe’s Have Keto-Friendly Bread Options Or Low-Carb Substitutes?

At this time, Trader Joe’s has recently came out with their own Carb Saavy Bread. This bread is made up of sunflower seeds and flax seeds. You may not be able to find it on their website, or in even all of their locations yet.

However, if you take a look at this post from a customer, they were able to find the carb saavy bread at their local Trader Joe’s.

Two slices of the bread contains only 60 calories and 21 grams of carbs per serving. If you have one slice of bread, that would mean you’re only getting 30 calories and about 11 grams of carbs.

Even if your local Trader Joe’s doesn’t have any keto-friendly bread options available, you’re likely to be able to find keto bread, or keto-friendly breads, at your local Aldi or Whole Foods Market.

Does Trader Joe’s Have Other Keto-Friendly Foods Available?

Trader Joe’s does have a number of keto-friendly foods available, with more being stocked every day. Shoppers can find everything from cheeses to meats to keto-friendly snack bars on the shelves at Trader Joes, along with cooking supplies to make several keto-friendly recipes.

Final Thoughts

Trader Joe’s may not officially stock keto bread from coast to coast, or on their website, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find it in individual stores.

And with ketogenic diets becoming more popular and widespread by the day, there’s a good chance that keto bread will be making its way to Trader Joe stores as an official part of the Trader Joe’s brand in the near future.


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