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Does Trader Joe’s Have Handicap Carts/Wheelchairs?

Does Trader Joe's Have Handicap CartsWheelchairs

Trader Joe’s is a very tiny store but they come chock full of great products. Their commitment to healthy eating with foods free of artificial colors, dyes and sugars makes them one of the most sought after grocery stores. But, if you have a disability requiring a motorized cart or wheelchair, you need to know before you go.

So, does Trader Joe’s have handicap carts/wheelchairs? Most stores have one or two motorized carts but they do not usually have wheelchairs. Also, it’s important to note that not every single Trader Joe’s locations will have carts for public use. Therefore, you should call your nearest store to make sure they have them.

Since they only have a maximum of two carts at any given time, you will want to plan your shopping trip accordingly. Obviously, late afternoon and early evenings are going to be busier than when they first open in the morning. So, going once they open will be your best bet in ensuring you’re able to grab one.

Where Can You Get Handicap Carts in Trader Joe’s?

In most Trader Joe’s stores, you can find a handicap cart near the entrance. Some places have this next to the regular shopping carts while others have a separate area.

However, when in doubt, just inform one of the employees and they’ll be more than willing to bring it out to you.

In some cases, you can call right when you arrive so that an employee will greet you with a cart before you go inside.

Does Trader Joe’s Have Motorized Shopping Carts?

Many Trader Joe’s locations have motorized shopping carts. Some have only one while others will have two.

For a few locations, at one time, they had motorized shopping carts but haven’t replaced them at all. So, it’s essential you call ahead to see what the location nearest you has available.

Does Trader Joe’s Have Wheelchairs?

Unfortunately, it’s not a common company practice to have wheelchairs on hand. However, a scant few locations do have a couple.

In other stores, they allow you to bring your own wheelchair into the store, if you have it. But it’s important to inquire prior to arriving since some stores will not allow you to do this.

Does Trader Joe’s Have Handicap Only Lines?

In general, Trader Joe’s doesn’t have handicap only lines. Everyone has the same option of getting into whichever line is open when checking out.

They don’t even have self-checkout lanes because the company prides itself on catering to the best shopping experience for customers and keeping people employed.

Can Employees Help You Load Your Vehicle with Groceries?

Even though the company doesn’t offer very much for those with physical handicaps, the employees are always ready and eager to assist customers with whatever they need.

Therefore, employees at Trader Joe’s are more than happy to help you load your vehicle with groceries.

If someone isn’t immediately available to help you, they’ll ring the bell three times. Someone else will come quickly to provide whatever aid you need in getting your items outside.

However, if it’s extremely busy in the store, it may take some time before someone comes to help.

How Else Does Trader Joe’s Accommodate Handicap Shoppers?

Trader Joe’s dedicates themselves to ensuring every shopper has a great and welcoming experience at their stores.

Therefore, they have additional ways in which they accommodate everyone, especially handicap shoppers. It’s impressive that they not only help physical handicaps but also people with neurological ones as well.

Physical Handicaps

For the physically handicapped, they have disability parking spots very close to the entrance of the store. This comes in conjunction with motorized carts and employee assistance.

If at any time a customer isn’t happy with their trip to any given store, they can contact the support team.

Neurological Handicaps

However, for those with learning and mental disabilities, they also offer a free app to help with an all-around fabulous shopping experience.

For the last couple of years, Trader Joe’s partnered with Magnusmode to provide independence support for people with disabilities like autism.

This app helps people tackle daily tasks and challenges they would normally find too difficult or overwhelming.

For Trader Joe’s, it takes a user through the shopping and checkout process step by step. It removes the guesswork by making it incredibly easy to follow.

Does Trader Joe’s Have Plans to Expand Handicap Services in the Future?

Many people inquire whether Trader Joe’s will begin to include things like curbside pickup or delivery. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have any plans like this for the foreseeable future.

Since they don’t have self-checkout lanes or online ordering, setting up things like this will take a lot of time, money and resources.

In most cases, these sorts of services take years to plan and it’s a huge endeavor that would be inconvenient for a retailer such as Trader Joe’s to undertake.

However, there are some corporate discussions making items available to view online, which will make the shopping experience a little easier.

Final Thoughts

While Trader Joe’s has a great selection of food, it becomes tricky when you have a handicap. The small size of their stores generally means those with a physical disability will have to be careful. While they do have some motorized carts, they do not have wheelchairs. In some cases, they don’t allow you to bring your own.

Even though they don’t have any plans to expand their services to include delivery or curbside pickup, the employees are very helpful. If at any time you require assistance, just ask someone on staff and they’ll help you or they’ll ring the bell to find someone who is available.

Therefore, it’s essential you call your nearest store to see what kind of handicap accommodations they have. Also, you should gauge when your local Trader Joe’s is busiest. This will guarantee you get a motorized cart and without worrying about having to wait too long for checkout.


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