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Does Trader Joe’s Have Fruit Trays? (Answered)

does trader joes have fruit trays

Trader Joe’s has been satisfying customers with things they didn’t even know they wanted, such as their niche snacks or skincare products, since they opened. However, their neighborhood-market mindset leaves little room to stock everything. This leaves some customers wondering about product availability, asking, “Does Trader Joe’s Have Fruit Trays?”

According to their website, Trader Joe’s does not have fruit trays. Though they do sell an array of fresh fruits such as strawberries, oranges, and dates, Trader Joe’s does not sell pre-packaged trays of these fruits, cut up and ready to serve. The closest party-ready product they have to fruit trays is their Cheese Party Tray.

If you’re swamped for time and hoping to contribute something to a party or get-together, it is very important to know whether or not your grocery store of choice can provide what you need in time. That’s why this article will cover the truth about whether or not Trader Joe’s has fruit trays in great detail! Let’s get started.

Trader Joe’s: An Introduction

Trader Joe’s is a grocery store chain that opened it’s doors in the late 1960s. It has always been successful, but the height of it’s popularity began in the early 2000s and has done nothing but increase, especially in the hearts of loyal customers, ever since. Nowadays, Trader Joe’s offerings of products and values are still satisfying customers.

Trader Joe’s emphasizes the fun experience a shopper can have by visiting the store in person. Although they do not offer ordering ahead or online grocery orders, they are famous for their personable, friendly customer service and specialty items.

They often offer free returns with little to no extra information (like receipts) needed. They also allow customers to test or sample products freely as they shop.

Trader Joe’s Product Inventory

Trader Joe’s sells groceries that are fresh, like organic fruits and vegetables, but also plenty of packaged meals that are frozen.

They have shelves full of ingredients and snack foods that you can’t get anywhere else, including many specialty items that they manufacture themselves.

Though Trader Joe’s does not have ready-made food, it is easy to see why customers keep coming back. For one thing, the uniquely sourced foods Trader Joe’s makes cannot be found at competing grocery chains.

For another, the values of the company are clearly seen in what they have to offer their customers. For example, Trader Joe’s takes special care to offer a huge amount of food products that are sensitive to allergies or different dietary needs.

Additionally, Trader Joe’s is never the same way twice. They change their décor as often as they do the products offered, meaning that although their space is usually cozy, it is always changing to include what might be more happily received by customers, or what might improve on their old successes.

Trader Joe’s does not only sell groceries. They also have a line of skin care products like lotions and serums, and they even have one or two types of Health Supplements. Another incredibly popular Trader Joe’s offering is their whole flower department.

Trader Joe’s flowers are available fresh every day. They are not only garden flowers, but also succulents and other types of niche plants. Trader Joe’s accepts returns of flowers, which is a very exciting offer for many shoppers.

Fruit Trays: Purpose and Types

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Fruit trays are typically plastic trays of fruit that come packaged for easy travel. The fruit is usually pre-sliced, with any variety of fruit in side-by-side pockets, and many products also contain a small tub of dip all ready to go within the tray.

These are highly convenient for anyone who is running late or just found out they are supposed to be contributing some kind of snack to a party. Sometimes, fruit trays come side-by-side with cheese or cracker trays.

The fruit is usually pre-sliced by the grocery store offering it, but there are some stores which will have fruit trays shipped in. The downside to these is that they are not normally very fresh, but the good news is that they’re always perfect for grabbing snacks last-minute!

To check the current price and availability of Fruit Trays, click here to view the selection on Amazon.

Does Trader Joe’s Carry Fruit Trays?

The sad truth is, any amount of research will lead you to the conclusion that Trader Joe’s does not carry fruit trays. It can be a little frustrating because Trader Joe’s is certainly a company that is familiar with the concept of party trays featuring ready-made snacks: after all, they do sell a Cheese Party Tray.

However, Trader Joe’s does not prep any food, whether fruit trays or competitor’s popular buffets or salad bars, in-store. Therefore, maybe it should not be so surprising that Trader Joe’s does not carry fruit trays.

If you are hoping to find out for yourself whether or not Trader Joe’s carries fruit trays, we recommend checking their website first.

The Product Page is organized well for easy use; you can find the fruits section with no problem. You can even use the search engine to find keywords related to fruit trays, and the site will check the inventory of the nearest store.

You can also check online resources like forums and blogs to see what other customers have had to say about Trader Joe’s lack of fruit trays available.

Finally, calling the store gets you fast and highly accurate confirmation that no, Trader Joe’s does not have fruit trays.

Alternatives to Fruit Trays at Trader Joe’s

It is not possible to find fruit trays all ready and waiting for you at Trader Joe’s. However, you can always make your own using Trader Joe’s excellent fresh fruit offerings!

Consider slicing up a few of Trader Joe’s oranges and strawberries and serving them alongside Trader Joe’s ready-made Cheese Party Tray. You can also substitute fruit for this Cheese Tray if nothing more convenient presents itself.

Consumer Experiences and Feedback

In general, customers find the lack of fruit trays inconvenient at Trader Joe’s. Online message boards show that they might prefer some other grocery store chains that make fruit trays more easily available to them, such as Whole Foods.

However, by and large, customers appreciate Trader Joe’s food offerings. They know they can get organic fruit and any special snacks they need from Trader Joe’s, so replacing a fruit tray at a party is not too big a deal if you’re already shopping in Trader Joe’s!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Trader Joe’s does not have fruit trays. They do have plenty of organic, fresh fruit products and other ready-made snacks like the Cheese Party Tray.

However, if customers want fruit trays, they either have to make them on their own or petition the company through email contacts and website requests for fruit trays!


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