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Does Trader Joe’s Have Deodorant? (Answered)

Does Trader Joe's Have Deodorant

Trader Joe’s is rightfully popular thanks to how many great products you can only find at the American grocery store. That being said, Trader Joe’s is always willing to change their product stocks to better suit customers, so it can be tough to find what you need. You can find yourself asking questions like: “Does Trader Joe’s Have Deodorant?”

Because their website clearly states that Trader Joe’s is willing to remove products that don’t sell well in order to make room for better offerings to customers, it can be easy to waste a trip to the store for something they may not have. For example, Trader Joe’s does not have deodorant, even in their category of products “For the Face & Body.”

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know, not only about deodorant, but about Trader Joe’s and their company’s reputation or values. By the conclusion, it will be clear whether or not Trader Joe’s has deodorant and where to get some alternatives. Let’s get started!

Trader Joe’s: An Introduction

Trader Joe’s is an American Grocery store that was founded in the 1960s, but did not reach its height of popularity until the early 2000s. Since that time, the company has expanded greatly, both in the mount of stores across North America and in product offerings!

Trader Joe’s is, before anything else, a grocer store. They take great pains to maintain a vibe that has been described by customers as similar to “a neighborhood market.”

The doors are kept open during most of each location’s operating hours to circulate fresh air, and neither the signage nor employee uniforms are ever the same between more than one location!

Trader Joe’s values a consumer’s experience and desire to keep coming back for quality care. This is modeled by their very relaxed return policy and huge range of diet and allergy-friendly food offerings.

Additionally, it is plain to see that Trader Joe’s knows who they are as a company from their consistent, friendly, and quirky personality on a helpful website.

When you walk into a Trader Joe’s, you’ll probably join the feedback of hundreds of customers online, who claim that you instantly want to explore and try all of their unique products and enjoy the store’s atmosphere!

Trader Joe’s Product Inventory

One thing that helps to set Trader Joe’s apart from other grocery store chains is it’s unique inventory. As previously mentioned, Trader Joe’s often has snacks, fresh fruits and vegetables, and ingredients that cater to the experience of every kind of customer and can’t often be found elsewhere.

For example, Trader Joe’s has a huge amount of grocery products that are gluten-free, as well as sensetive to diet types like kosher or vegan.

This is true within all of their product categories: fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen meals, snacks, and ingredients from all around the globe.

Trader Joe’s mainly sells their own brands, meaning you can only get these foods either at a Trader Joe’s or on third-party online sites, like Amazon.com.

They also have an extensive and beautiful lineup of fresh flowers and plants, joined by a few items made by Trader Joe’s for “The Face & Body.”

These include skincare like lotions and face washes, as well as soaps and scrubs. Compared to their grocery products, though, the “For the Face & Body” section is small.

Trader Joe’s has just begun to get into the health supplements scene, with only two flavors of sucking candy in their Health Supplements section.

Deodorant: An Overview

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Now that we know a bit more about Trader Joe’s, let’s talk about what deodorant is an get a better idea of why Trader Joe’s might offer it. Deodorant is usually a type of powder, rub, or cream that is created to get rid of odor that naturally comes from the human body.

It is important to note that most deodorant products only cover up the smell of sweat being broken down by skin enzymes; they do not actually get rid of or prevent sweating.

Deodorant comes in many different kinds, such as a roll-on stick, a spray, or even a gel. Sometimes the deodorant is made from an opaque compound, and sometimes it is transparent and marketed as “invisible.” Many deodorants contain perfume to mask unpleasant sweating odors.

To check the current price and availability of Deodorant, click here to view the wide selection of products on Amazon.

Does Trader Joe’s Carry Deodorant?

Trader Joe’s does not carry deodorant. In order to discover this information for sure, we did our research. If you’d like to do the same, we’ll share our approach with you!

The best step to take is to search Trader Joe’s official website, first. Their Products Page will optimize the search for a specific keyword in the inventory of stores near your zip code.

If that isn’t reliable enough for you, calling the nearest Trader Joe’s is a great secondary option because customer service will check the shelves for that specific thing on a customer’s behalf in real-time.

Finally, online sources like comments’ sections on social media, blog posts, and forums reveal what other customers have found in recent days.

Therefore, you can come to your own conclusion about Trader Joe’s not carrying deodorant!

Exploring Trader Joe’s Deodorant Offerings

Trader Joe’s does not sell any kind of deodorant; they do not have spray, roll-on, invisible, solid, or gel deodorant of any kind.

This is true despite the existence of their “For the Face & Body” product category. In addition to not selling any of their own brand of deodorant, Trader Joe’s also does not carry any mainstream or alternative deodorant brands.

Instead Trader Joe’s carries shampoo and serums for the skin or the hair that may have some scent-masking capabilities. These include their Peppermint & Tea Tree Shampoo Bar or their Almond Ginger Scent Oatmeal Bar.

Each of these might be able to cover up the smell of sweat, but it is not designed with the same permanence or optimization of this goal as deodorant brands.

Consumer Experiences and Feedback

Despite their current status of carrying no deodorant whatsoever, a quick search of the aforementioned online resources reveals that Trader Joe’s did, at one time, have a type of deodorant.

Trader Joe’s carried a product called “Trader Joe’s Unscented Doedorant With Cotton.” It was wildly popular with customers for it’s scentless ability to mask the smell of sweat, and it’s sensitivity to skin conditions.

However, the product has not been available since the early 2010s, much to the dissatisfaction of customers. Generally, comments on pages involving this product are full of customers asking the company to return their deodorant to shelves.

Final Thoughts

 In conclusion, Trader Joe’s does not have deodorant. They canceled their once-popular unscented deodorant product and have not replaced it, either with other brands or a new one of their own.

You can still get plenty of products from Trader Joe’s “For the Face & Body” product category that mask odors, though. If you need something to cover the smell of sweat or leave you with a pleasant scent, we recommend their Peppermint & Tea Tree Shampoo Bar, or their Refresh Citrus Body Wash!


Shane is a fitness enthusiast who also has a passion for trying and cooking new foods. His favorite stores to shop at include Trader Joe's, Wholefoods Market, Sprouts, Stater Brothers, and Target.

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