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Does Trader Joe’s Have a Coffee Grinder? (Answered)

Does Trader Joe's Have a Coffee Grinder

If you love coffee, nothing is as enticing as freshly ground beans that you’ve been able to grind yourself at the supermarket. Trader Joe’s offers a wide selection of coffee beans sourced from around the world, but do they have an in-store coffee grinder?

Almost all Trader Joe’s supermarkets around the United States have an in-store coffee grinder that you can use. They are generally located close to the coffee bean dispensers, and sometimes there’s even more than one. 

This article will discuss whether or not Trader Joe’s supermarkets have a coffee grinder to grind your fresh coffee beans. So read on! We have everything you need to know about where to locate Trader Joe’s coffee grinder and how to use it.

Does Trader Joe’s Have In-Store Coffee Grinders?

Trader Joe’s is a supermarket where most people could spend hours wandering around enjoying their vast array of whole foods, snacks, and fairly priced products.

Trader Joe’s is known for having just about any fresh product you can think of, and often at a great price.

One of the most popular sections of Trader Joe’s is its wide selection of fresh coffee beans sourced from various regions worldwide.

But, you may be wondering whether or not you can ground the coffee beans in-store can be ground in store?

You can certainly grind your own coffee beans at almost all of the Trader Joe’s stores around the United States. Grinding your own beans will give your coffee a better overall taste, leaving you feeling satisfied and fulfilled. 

While various people would recommend grinding your coffee at home, sometimes the convenience of going home with a fresh bag of ground coffee is enough, and this is still better than buying pre-ground coffee. 

Where to Find In-Store Coffee Grinder at Trader Joe’s

If you’ve decided that you’d like to grind your own fresh coffee beans at Trader Joe’s either for convenience or because you don’t have a grinder at home, they are easy to find. 

Typically you’ll find one or more coffee grinders located next to or near the various coffee beans dispensaries within the supermarket. The fresh coffee beans are generally located in an aisle not far from the fresh produce section. 

If you’re having trouble finding the in-store coffee grinder, you can easily ask a staff member for directions, and they will take you directly there.

However, if you are in one of their smaller supermarkets, they may not actually have an in-store grinder, unfortunately. 

How to Use Trader Joe’s In-Store Coffee Grinder

If you’re new to grinding your own coffee and you are a little nervous, don’t be. Grinding your own coffee is an excellent choice and it’s relatively simple.

Once you have located the in-store grinder and chosen your specific bean, you’re ready to grind your beans. 

Begin by placing your desired amount of beans into the grinder and place your bag over the dispenser at the bottom of the machine. Bring your own bag, as some stores don’t provide zip lock bags for your coffee.

There will generally be a level to turn on the coffee grinder, and you can begin once you have completed the previous two steps. If you’re having trouble with the process, a staff member will always be happy to help you. 

Trader Joe’s Selection of Whole Bean Coffee

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, then Trader Joe’s wide selection of fresh coffee beans will leave you with a feeling of excitement. At times it can often be hard to choose from the wide selection, so we have listed a few of our favorites below:

Shade Grown Ethiopian

One of Trader Joe’s most popular coffee bean varieties is the Shade Grown Ethiopian bean. This medium roast is an excellent choice for those who enjoy a lighter-tasting coffee. It’s fruity, naturally sweet, and has various floral hints. 

Organic Sumatra 

If you enjoy a darker roasted coffee, then the Organic Sumatra coffee beans may be the best choice for your next cup of coffee. This medium to dark roast has an earthy and chocolate taste that leaves customers returning for more. 

Various people would even go so far as to say this is the best coffee offered by trader joes. 

Colombia Supremo

The Colombia Supremo is an excellent choice if you’re a lover of fresh coffee beans but don’t mind paying a little less than what some of the more premium beans cost. 

This is an excellent choice of daily coffee and comes at a fairly low price per pound. It’s generally seen as a crowd-pleaser, and if you serve a lot of coffee to family and friends, it will surely keep everyone happy. 

Trader Joe’s Coffee Grinding Tips and Techniques

A few tips can help make your coffee grinding experience run smoother when grinding your own beans at Trader Joe’s.

Firstly, always bring your own ziplock bag, as most of the time, the stores may only have paper bags or something which cannot be sealed. No one wants to get home only to realize their coffee has spilled all over the bag. 

Follow the instructions on the machine when it comes to grinding your coffee. While it’s a relatively simple process, if you’re new to grinding your own coffee beans, it can still seem like a nerve-wracking experience. 

If you cannot locate the coffee grinding machine in-store or simply cannot figure out how to use it, simply ask for help. There’s always a staff member who’ll be more than willing to grind your coffee beans for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Grind My Coffee at Trader Joe’s?

Yes, you can choose from a wide selection of fresh coffee beans at Trader Joe’s and then grind them in-store. 

Final Thoughts

So, now that you know that most Trader Joe’s offer in-store grinding, will you try this out for yourself next time you visit the popular supermarket chain? 

Just remember to follow the various tips laid out in this article, such as bringing your own ziplock bag and following the instructions on the machine, and you’ll have fresh ground coffee in no time. 

If you get stuck, you can always ask a member of their staff for help, and they will even grind the beans for you. 


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