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Does Chipotle Use MSG? (Answered)

Does chipotle use msg

Specializing in Mexican grill (especially Tacos), Chipotle is one of the largest fast-food companies in the world. They got their start in the US, and over the years they have expanded into Canada, the UK, and Germany. A lot of people find their food so addictive that they wonder ‘does Chipotle use MSG?’.

Chipotle does not use MSG in its products. Not directly, at least. Both cheese and tomatoes will include MSG naturally (but in small amounts), but Chipotle is not using MSG as an additive. So, if you believe you are sensitive to MSG, you don’t have to worry too much about going to Chipotle.

On this page, we want to tell you more about MSG, as well as the philosophy behind Chipotle ingredients.

Understanding MSG

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Monosodium Glutamate, or MSG for short, is a type of salt. It occurs naturally in many foods, including cheeses, tomatoes, and in certain seaweeds. However, when most people think of MSG, they think of it as a food additive.

MSG doesn’t really have a taste. When it is used for culinary purposes, the intention of the MSG is to round out the other flavors in the dish. It makes them much more intense. So, when MSG is added to a dish, it makes them taste a lot better.

Because MSG was originally isolated and sold in Asia, a lot of people have associated MSG with Chinese cooking, although it can appear in a whole host of different cuisines. 

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Chipotle’s Ingredients and Food Philosophy

While Chipotle is known for being a cheaper fast-food restaurant, it doesn’t skimp on ingredients. They have a commitment to ensuring that they only use the freshest, realest, ingredients in their food. It is what makes Chipotle so appetizing to so many people.

One stance that Chipotle has always taken is its commitment to ensuring that it never uses anything artificial in its foods. What you taste is what you get. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in their dishes.

Historical Perspective on Chipotle and MSG

It appears as if Chipotle has always taken a firm stance on not using MSG in their products. There seems to be no evidence that Chipotle has ever had MSG in its foods (outside of the naturally occurring MSG). Although, it is fair to say that their ingredients have probably improved significantly over the last few years.

Chipotle actually loves to show off the ingredients it has in its foods. If you head on over to their website, they will list every single ingredient they will use in their products.

There is a total of 53 of them. So, you know exactly what you are getting with Chipotle. If you are in one of their stores, feel free to ask what sort of ingredients you will be getting in the food that you’re about to eat too!

Research and Claims About Chipotle and MSG

It doesn’t appear as if any proper study has been carried out into the MSG usage for Chipotle. Most people seem to assume that Chipotle isn’t lying about the ingredients that they use, so they are fine with that.

Almost all of the research into Chipotle’s ingredients seems to be focused on other areas of their business e.g. the sustainability of their ingredients sources, etc.

Chipotle’s Response to MSG

As far as we can tell, Chipotle has never made an official statement about not including MSG in their products. We assume that it isn’t really something that is necessary considering they are so transparent about the ingredients that they include in their dishes anyway. 

Consumer Perception and Concerns About Chipotle

We hunted around, and it does not appear that Chipotle has ever been majorly impacted by false claims that they use MSG in their products. A few people online ask about MSG, and they are quickly told that the Chipotle foods do not have MSG in them at all. 

The only time it appears that Chipotle had to deal with accusations about their food is when they stated that they do not use GMO products, but a study found that they did.

This hit the reputation of Chipotle for a while. However, they have now updated their statement to claim that they are working toward removing GMO products, and aren’t there yet.

Chipotle’s Transparency and Ingredients Labeling

Chipotle is committed to being transparent about every single ingredient they have in their products. If you head on over to their website now, you can find a detailed explanation of all 53 ingredients that they use.

We feel that this is something that really helps with customer trust in the company. After all, most people like to know what they are putting into their bodies. 

Expert Opinions & Health Considerations Regarding MSG

It is worth noting that there is no scientific evidence that MSG impacts the health of people. At least, the average person. Most of the claims related to MSG seem to come from a false claim made back in the 1960s. Very, very, few people are sensitive to MSG and, when they are, it seems to be temporary. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Chipotle foods are safe to eat. While you may know exactly what you are putting into your body when you eat at Chipotle, you are still going to be consuming a whole lot of fat. Eating takeaway daily is not healthy in the slightest. So, we recommend that you eat at Chipotle as a treat, rather than making it a regular thing.

Final Thoughts

Chipotle does not add any MSG to its products. However, MSG will occur naturally in the tomatoes and cheese that they use. However, this is something that will occur at every restaurant.

If you have a reaction to the foods at Chipotle, it is more likely down to another sensitivity rather than MSG. In fact, there isn’t even any scientific evidence that shows that people are sensitive to MSG anyway.

Do bear in mind that there are other health issues with eating Chipotle regularly e.g. eating loads of fat. 


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