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Does Chipotle Have Soup? (Explained)

Does chipotle have soup

Unlike a lot of other fast-food chains, Chipotle does not have hundreds of different items on the menu. This allows the restaurants to ensure that no products go to waste and to also offer extremely fresh food made out of high-quality ingredients.

Unfortunately, Chipotle’s menu does not include any soups at the moment. However, they did briefly offer a sample of a posole soup back in 2011 in Denver and Chicago, but it never went past that. But that might change someday as soups are an important part of Mexican cuisine and a delicious and healthy way to start your meal.

Keep on reading to find out if Chipotle used to offer soups and what seasonal items you can try out at the restaurants right now.

What Does Chipotle’s Menu Include?

Chipotle is known for its Mexican dishes, so be prepared to see burritos, tacos, and guacamole on the menu.

By the way, when choosing your salads, tacos, quesadilla, burrito, and burrito bowl, you’d get to pick the protein that will come with it (chicken Al Pastor, chicken, steak, barbacoa, carnitas sofritas).

When it comes to the sides, you might decide to complete your order with some chips, guacamole, a tortilla, salsa, or queso blanco. 

At the moment, Chipotle does not have soups on the menu. But as Mexican cuisine is famous for its soups (which are a fundamental entrée that cannot be skipped), there is a chance that the fast-food chain might introduce such a dish in the future. 

Does Chipotle Have Any Seasonal or Limited-Time Offerings?

Chipotle has a relatively small menu which allows the chain to reduce waste and offer incredibly quick service. As the restaurants stock only fresh ingredients and do not freeze their food products, they do not typically have any limited-time offerings as all the products get sold out long before their expiration date. 

With that being said, sometimes, the fast-food chain decides to change things up a bit.

In 2022, for example, they launched a limited-time protein – pollo asado. Not that long ago, Chipotle also introduced its first seasonal beverage – the certified organic watermelon limeade from farmer-founded Tractor Beverages. 

Did Chipotle’s Soup Have Good Reviews?

The fast-food chain is known for keeping its menu pretty much unchanged for decades. But back in 2011, soup was added to the menu of a few restaurants.

The customers who lived or visited Chicago could sample and then buy pozole soup. The soup is a quick version of a traditional Mexican stew that is best enjoyed when it’s cold outside.

Though the majority of the customers claimed that the soup was delicious, the chain decided not to add the new dish to the menu.

Perhaps, because the entrée was quite difficult to prepare in batches – Chipotle does not have freezers or microwaves, so it might have been too challenging to keep the soup fresh and hot throughout the day.

Do All Chipotle Locations Have the Same Menu?

The fast-food chain offers a focused menu of tacos, burritos, salads, and burrito bowls. No matter which state you live in, the menu at your Chipotle will be the same as that in the other part of the country

But since the restaurants work with local farmers and producers, some ingredients might taste a bit differently. However, the chances are high that you’re not even going to notice that once the ingredients get chopped up and wrapped in a burrito. 

Is the Food Served at Chipotle Healthy?

Chipotle is considered to be one of the healthier fast-food chains mainly because the ingredients that the restaurants use are extremely fresh and do not include any artificial additives. 

Though a lot of dishes still have plenty of calories, it is possible to come up with an option that many dietitians would approve of.

A healthy meal option at Chipotle would typically include a bowl or a salad with brown rice, fajita vegetables, lettuce, guacamole, and/or tomatillo green chili salsa. You can pick whatever protein you like the most and choose either black or pinto beans to get that extra protein. 

Final Thoughts

Though Chipotle does not offer soups at the moment, the biggest fans believe that this might soon change as such an addition would align perfectly with the brand’s identity. 

Just imagine a freshly prepared batch of hot Mexican soup made out of local ingredients that can be enjoyed at your favorite fast-food chain! It might sound too good to be true, but who knows? Maybe, one day…


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